Australia by Red Nomad OZ
The Ultimate All-Australian Travelling Cafe sets up at Dales Gorge Campground, Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Red & Pilchard’s Ultimate All-Australian Travelling Café

It doesn’t matter where we are. Or how far we’ve travelled. Or how hot it is. Or cold. Or what time of day. Whether it’s time for a snack, a meal, a nightcap, morning tea or midnight feast. We can always drop in to Red & Pilchard’s Ultimate All-Australian Travelling Café! Because it’s ALWAYS open. For us … … and[…]

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Crops on Southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

“Red and Pilchard’s Day in the Country” by Red

My Story by Red Nomad OZ Today we went for a drive in the country on the Yorke Peninsula. The fields were all dry but the sky was very blue. We stopped to look at flowers. There were lots of white everlastings. We had to look for snakes but we didn’t see any. That was good. There was just a[…]

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1942 ex-Fire Tender, Edithburgh, York Peninsula, South Australia

2 Million Miles … and counting!

Anything RED will catch my eye. An interesting history will hold my attention. But it takes more than hue and back story to boggle my mind! And this ordinary looking 1942 truck sitting inside an old shed behind a Yorke Peninsula country town museum with magpies roosting on its rusting railing delivered that boggle in spades. Because this ex-army, transport[…]

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Red Hot RED!!!

Welcome to my latest update – what’s RED HOT with Red right now?  Glad you asked!  Read on … Well, I FINALLY got over the euphoria of my first guest post … But now the excitement is back with a vengeance!!  Why?? RED HOT Interview: If you care, read my interview on  Jidhu Jose’s Blog ‘Reflections’ – although you MIGHT appreciate this a bit more[…]

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Lake Tinaroo Caravan Park, Atherton Tablelands, QLD

Traveller SHAME Files #5 – The Kitchen Sink!

    Living Quarters? Hotel on Wheels?? Holiday Accommodation??? Nah, none of those quite fit. But if you’ve read Lonely Planet’s excellent guide*, you’d know our camper trailer would make a perfect mobile MICRONATION! Our only constant when travelling, we’re cocooned inside at night when the world shrinks to the size of our living space. But, Brigadoon-like, we awake to[…]

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Weird Stuff #3 – Quorn, South Australia

Desperately seeking sewage ponds (as one does!), we whizzed down a dirt road behind Quorn, in South Australia’s mid-North, only just keeping ahead of the clouds of dust we were generating. And the squalor of the sewage pond? Does that quantify Quorn’s quintessence?? Of course not! Our quest will be no surprise to quantities of inquisitive birdwatchers who regularly add[…]

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Traveller SHAME Files #4 – The Hills are Alive!!

I can’t wait to see the most recent addition to South Australia’s ‘anti-hoon’ laws enacted! For those unfamiliar with laws peculiar to this sometimes draconian state, legislation penalising certain automobile related behaviours – such as drag racing, laying rubber and doing burn-outs – can result in the offender’s vehicle being impounded or confiscated. That’s the simplified version, anyway. And while[…]

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Traveller SHAME Files #2 – The Cleaning Fairy

It’s amazing to me that rational people who stopped believing in Santa and/or the Easter Bunny well before reaching adulthood apparently still believe in the Cleaning Fairy.  I say ‘apparently’, because while no one’s actually TOLD me they believe in the Cleaning Fairy, I’ve observed a number of giveaways clearly showing that some people do! Unsurprisingly, many of these clues can be found[…]

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