WIN! Your chance to win a Hema HX1 Navigator valued at $AUD699! Check out my Post for the Competition Entry Page HERE!!

Your chance to WIN a Hema HX1 Navigator!

Hema Maps HX1 Navigation Unit

Why YOU need a Navigation Unit AND your chance to WIN one!

Giving a brand new navigation unit to a blogger who actively resists electronic gadgets and openly prefers to use actual paper maps could have been a risky move for Hema Maps. AND … giving that blogger TWO brand new units would have been downright foolhardy! What were they thinking?? Hema Maps meets RedzAustralia When Hema Maps contacted me about collaborating

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Latest Travel Stories

Gnylmarung Retreat, Cape Leveque, Western Australia*

14 TOP Secret Aussie Hot Spots

I’ve been a BIG fan of maps since forever.  So when Hema Maps wanted to collaborate on a post about Australia’s hidden hot spots, I agreed straight

One of Red’s Favourites!

White Crocodile, Victoria River, Northern Territory

7 Crocodile Hot Spots in Australia’s Top End

Crocodiles are a weird combination of Aussie ‘Big Thing’ and perilous prehistoric predator. Maybe our fascination with crocodiles in Australia is what makes this my most viewed post of all time*. Or maybe it’s because of the awesome photos and superlative writing … read on, and decide for yourself 😀 But before you do, PLEASE NOTE this WARNING: Crocodiles are VERY dangerous and

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