Australia by Red Nomad OZ

Aussie Outdoor Art #1 – Blackall, Queensland

The Australian landscape has provided the inspiration behind many creative and artistic endeavours. Some, for example, use their powers for good, and write poetry, books or music. Others, on the other hand, produce blog posts about Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets. BUT … there are those who capture the essence of OZ by creating artistic installations that reflect and define the[…]

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Weird Stuff #4 – Blackall, Queensland

Declining interest and waning attendance rates are the curse of Country shows around the nation.  But I’ll bet gun shearer Jack Harvey’s winning performance in the 1934 Blackall Show ‘Quick Chop’ Championship drew the crowds!! After all, who would pass up the opportunity to see someone shear, kill and partially eat a sheep in under 8 minutes?? The above extract from[…]

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