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Last Updated on July 31, 2017 by Red Nomad OZ

Welcome to my latest update – what’s RED HOT with Red right now?  Glad you asked!  Read on …

Well, I FINALLY got over the euphoria of my first guest post … But now the excitement is back with a vengeance!!  Why??

RED HOT Interview:

If you care, read my interview on  Jidhu Jose’s Blog ‘Reflections’ – although you MIGHT appreciate this a bit more if you are Annabel, Amy & Tom, Manzanita, Marie, Mary or Alessandra …why not go over there RIGHT NOW and see why!  Leave Jidhu some love as well to make it worth his while …

But wait!  There’s more …

RED HOT Guest Spot:

You might also be interested in checking out TexaGermaNadian’s ‘Frackin’ Friday’ post – if you don’t like my contribution, I’ll bet you almost anything you’ll find something else over there to laugh about!!
No spoilers here … you’ll have to go on over and check it out for yourself!!  Leave Texa some love too – and she might even invite me back again one day!


Click HERE for the closest I’ll ever get to being ‘Miss May’!  No, I’m not moonlighting as a dodgy calendar girl – believe it or not!! – I’ve been chosen as the May entrant for the Explore Australia Road Trippers Hall of Fame!!

Awesome, huh?  Will I win?  Head on over and have a look at my competition …

RED HOT Updates:

And if you’re worried about missing a post (or two), why not follow me on Twitter – @RedNomadOZ?!

BUT … be warned!  My technophobia means this link might not work, so you’re probably better off using the Twitter ‘follow me’ button just above my profile on the right of my blog.  Just between you and I, it IS possible to fake joining the 21st century …

And finally …

RED HOT Awards:

Two lovely bloggers have been kind enough to award my blog – embarassingly, now quite some time ago.  My apologies for the extraordinarily late acknowledgement – is ‘late’ really better than ‘never’??

Firstly, the ‘Lovely Blog’ award from Divine in Time!  Ms Divine’s most recent post The Family Tree, where she takes a closer look at an old photo that belonged to her grandmother is hilarious …

Secondly, the ‘Versatile Blogger’ award from Jim at ‘Holes in My Soles’!  Jim’s most recent post (at the time of writing) Hazards While Driving in Botswana where he depicts the challenges faced by tour vehicle drivers is also hilarious …

Thanx to you both – my interview at Jidhu’s blog will give you several things you don’t know about me, and also links to some great blogs you might want to explore further …

RED HOT Readers:

I lied.  THIS is the final section!!

To all my wonderful readers (and ESPECIALLY those who leave comments!!), thank you for your continued support – you’re RED HOT too!!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. @Pearl Maple – Thanx! And it’s my pleasure …
    @Mary – I’m not counting on it … but it’s nice to get the recognition!! Thanx for your support!
    @Oz Troopers – My pleasure! Always fun to read what you’re up to!

  2. Cheers for the plug, really appreciate it, that’s very kind of you 😉
    I’ll be sure to return the favour if I’m ever given such the opportunity 😉

  3. You have been a busy gal :-). Congratulations on all the praise, but a special high-five for your nomination. I’m cheering for you. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. How cool, so many red hot things are a happening!
    Congrats on everything
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog earlier

  5. @LauraX – Welcome, and hi to you too! Come back anytime!!
    @SFlaGuy – Thanx; but c’mon! I bet you say that to ALL the bloggers!!
    NJAMB – Thanx to you too!! Great to have you drop by!

  6. Great interview. So this is not your real job?? I don’t know how you find the time to travel, research, write, and comment. It’s as much as I can do just to keep up with you.

  7. so nice to meet you, I read your interview at Jidhu’s place, thought I’d stop by and say hello.

  8. @Jim – Hey, that’s got possibilities!! And how could I refuse TWO red posts?? Will be in touch!!
    @Windsmoke – Thanx, and have a good weekend!
    @PDP – I’ve actually got no idea how to win! All I got was an email saying I’d been selected and a link – but apparently there ARE real prizes. Maybe there’s something on Facebook which I’m not a member of??
    @EM-M – sorry, I’m Australian. I shorten everything. Don’t take it personally … As for being right, well … I generally find that to be the case! Happy birthday!!

  9. Ok Red I’m all set to email my vote for you as the ‘Miss May’ haha! Explore Australia Road Trippers Hall of Fame, good luck you’re the perfect candidate!!

  10. Like the new format RED, and the theme of RED playing through the post. You’ll have to think of a good post to Guest on my Site. Something with a REDDISH tinge might be nice. Meantime, I have several very RED pics of sunrises in Botswana I could swap a post with. So hope you don’t refuse the swap post invite because that might leave me RED faced

  11. @Magsx2 – You’ve already seen the best of RED! I’m not on F-Book – all my pix are right here on the blog!! Twitter is just a recent addition …
    @Ann O’Dyne – AAARRRGGGHHH! Thinking of you in the cold – I’m sitting outside in Richmond, QLD, and its 26 degrees… Sorry!
    @Alessandra – haha, very good! And the ‘A’&’M’ thing? Weird, huh?! But total coincidence!!
    @Andrew – Then my work is done!
    @Manzanita – Smart Aussies, huh?! Are there any other type?? Thanx for leaving comments – and thanx for your patronage of my blog! Sadly, if I have to do swimsuit, I’ll lose for sure …
    @Michelle – Thanx! I guess that means it’s all downhill from here …

  12. congrats on the guest post and all the awards! what a great start to july! 🙂

  13. Hey Red, Hope you and hubby are spreading the joy on this Holiday weekend. Cody is almost pushing me off the chair, she’s sticking so close to my legs. Distant drums of fire crackers. Big guard dog. But she’s a smart little Aussie. She heels perfectly beside me off leash.

    You do honor me with your mention and I thank you. It was really a Red Hot Interview and you made it sparkle. I applaud you for all your Hot success in blogging. And congrats on your Road Trippers Hall of Fame. I haven’t read it yet but I’ll pop in on it and see if you have to do a swim suit competition. 🙂

  14. Your red hot news are cool 🙂 (no need to laugh, my husband often looks at me laughing by myself and wonder what the joke was! -I think he is just envious when I am more funny than him!).

    I noticed that the letters A and M are prevalents among your cited readers. I’ll let you analyze that over the weekend, if you like 🙂


  15. Hi,
    What a shame I’m not on facebook or twitter, I assume you had some lovely photo’s on facebook, I’m hoping that I have already seen some of these in your blog. 🙂

    Sounds like you certainly are enjoying yourself, and that is what life was made to live for.

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