Australia by Red Nomad OZ

Chainsaws of the Sky

I’m going to slap the next person who tells me how peaceful living in the country must be. Peaceful, huh?? Yeah, nothing much disturbs the equilibrium in the country! Like the other night. The open window directly above the bed didn’t just let in the cool night air – the weird sounds of the night came streaming through too! ‘What’s[…]

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Traveller SHAME Files #2 – The Cleaning Fairy

It’s amazing to me that rational people who stopped believing in Santa and/or the Easter Bunny well before reaching adulthood apparently still believe in the Cleaning Fairy.  I say ‘apparently’, because while no one’s actually TOLD me they believe in the Cleaning Fairy, I’ve observed a number of giveaways clearly showing that some people do! Unsurprisingly, many of these clues can be found[…]

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