About Red Nomad OZ

For nearly six years as Red Nomad OZ, I’ve shared stories and photographs; the highlights AND lowlights of my many years of Australian travel adventures to every Aussie State and Territory.
Apart from visiting Yourambulla Caves in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges (above) I’ve watched cane toad racing, dodged deadly snakes and been bitten by a wombat. I’ve been seen on beautiful beaches, incredible islands, in the remote outback, next to lots of Aussie ‘Big Things’, in magnificent world-heritage wilderness – and in an unbelieveable number of bakeries.
I’ve climbed Australia’s highest peak and the world’s smallest mountain; dug up fossils and (tragically) a lot of worthless gemstones. I’ve seen crocodiles on Australia’s wildest river, seen the highest tides in the southern hemisphere and followed the longest unbroken line of cliffs in the world. I’ve seen Australia from A-Z; at its most magnificent AND most bizarre.
And I’ve found some of Australia’s most scenic loos!  Like the most Glamorous Little Outhouse in OZ (above)!
My Red Nomad OZ alter-ego also stands in for me on my Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr and Google+ accounts too.
But now it’s time to blow my cover!
I didn’t intend to hide behind an alias for so long. But when I first started blogging, it was safer to keep my utterly humourless then-employer from knowing my true identity.  That’s why I like this nicely blurred photo of me at the You Yangs near Melbourne!
Even though I moved on from that life long ago, the qualifications, skills and life experience gained from my several past lives as educator, office administrator and project manager left me with the ability to tell tall tales!  And when I’m not playing farm girl at home in my spare time, those skills are essential to the other part of my life – Aussie traveller, blogger, photographer and raconteur.
And author!
My first (!) book – Aussie Loos with Views! – continues the proud tradition of aggressive alliteration, tongue-in-cheek humour, non-professional photos and exclamation mark overload that already characterises RedzAustralia. Although I’ve overcome my struggle with brevity – just this once – to make this awesome gift book an easy read.
And both my alter-ego and real identity appear on the cover.
So the ‘go-to’ girl for Aussie Loos could be known as either Red Nomad OZ OR Marion Halliday! I’m not sure whether that title is comical, complimentary or just downright embarrassing … but whichever it is, I’ll be continuing to bring you the absolute best of Australia.
Because my Aussie Adventures won’t be finishing up any time soon!
Revealing my real name doesn’t mean I’m about to break my ‘Red Nomad OZ’ habit! My social media accounts (see my homepage for social media links) will continue under the Red Nomad OZ brand – and if you need to contact me, my email is red[dot]nomad[dot]oz[at]gmail[dot]com.
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    I hope you’re having a great day!
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  2. id love to send you an invitation regarding the new Outback Bucket list event celebrating Priscilla Queen of the Deserts Birthday Bash in the heritage mining city of BrokenHill – it s the BROKEN HEEL FESTIVAL ! Sept 9-10-11, 2016

  3. Hi there!

    This is Dominic from Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre. I was looking through your website and I found your blog extremely interesting. So would you consider posting a guest post on your blog if it meets your guidelines?

    If you think there is a possibility then please let us know, so that we can start coming with up with some ideas. Thanks for your time and hope to get a response from you soon.

  4. Thank you so much. My name is Karen and my long life soul mates name is Steven. We are about to endeavourer on our first around Australia trip…You have allowed it to be much more exciting than we expected and we are a lot more prepared than we would be thanks to you. You have given a much better sign into what is to be expected and what we are about to look forward to in our travels. I praise you for all your effort and time you have taken in doing this site and want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart…Karen

    1. You are very welcome, Karen and Steven – and your comment makes it all worthwhile for me. That is exactly why I set up this blog and I’m excited for you! Do you have a website? I’d love to follow your adventures, and I’m sure other readers would too!

  5. Hi Marion,

    We are in the process of launching Nomadness. Our vision is to make camping simple. We will do this by offering a range of information, products and services in one place.

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