Weird Stuff #3 – Quorn, South Australia

Last Updated on November 14, 2015 by Red Nomad OZ

Desperately seeking sewage ponds (as one does!), we whizzed down a dirt road behind Quorn, in South Australia’s mid-North, only just keeping ahead of the clouds of dust we were generating.

And the squalor of the sewage pond? Does that quantify Quorn’s quintessence?? Of course not! Our quest will be no surprise to quantities of inquisitive birdwatchers who regularly add to their quota while lurking near what is often the only wetland for miles. Or kilometres! But I digress …

As our quest took us deeper into the quiet countryside, a not-quite-right shape silhouetted against the October-blue sky (that’s the SA spring weather for you! Or at least it was in Quorn, 2010) intruded into my consciousness.

‘Stop the car!’ I squawked without a qualm, an instruction with which Pilchard acquiesced, thinking (quite incorrectly) that I’d spotted a new/rare/unusual bird – like a quail with a thirst to quench…

No bird, but this bearded dragon quiescent amongst the quandongs (actually, that’s a bit of alliterative license, it was more like a thornbush), a couple of metres (6′) above the ground taking the sun and Quorn country air. Sadly, his pitch about to be queered by the clouds of dust about to catch up, as we quashed the quest for our previous quarry to take this shot!!

And was I qualified to quarrel with Pilchard’s suggestion we quit our quest and return to Quorn to quaff a Quornish pastie?? Of quorse not!!

HHHMMMmmm… maybe I’d better quit while I’m ahead!!

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  1. @RJ Fry – thanx! It was a first for me too – just glad it didn’t decide to descend while I was taking the photo!!

  2. Shades of Sesame Street! The letter for today is….*drum roll*….Q. Ha Ha.
    I didn’t know bearded dragons climbed trees.

  3. @LV – even the sewage ponds are scenic here!!!
    @JallieDaddy – welcome! Your psychic powers are remarkable – no quorn manufacture here, it was named after Quornden, Leicestershire by the then governor. Why? Because his private secretary was born there, of course!! Come back & visit anytime!! Oh, and PS – the lizard climbed the tree – this lot don’t glide!!

  4. I lizard in a tree? Wow! I guess it’s 1 of thsoe gliding lizards, right? Great spot!

    I’m guessing that Quorn isn’t actually where Quorn comes from; is it?

    Great post

  5. Of all the beauty nature has provided your country, I do believe I would find something besides a sewage pond. I realize the birds make for a interesting sight, but I would have to pass on that. I am happy when you think of me.

  6. I’m impressed… a big lizard in a tree. Now that’s something you don’t see in the West US. I think I’d rather meet it in the tree than on the ground. That picture is the best. Your blog is such a fun way to be educated.
    Love and peace.

  7. @L’Aussie – no, I’m usually moving in the other direction if they’re on the ground!
    @Andrew – There’s a theory just BEGGING to be tried out … now, where can I find a sucker to test it for me?!?!
    @Mary – quite! Just wasn’t able to legitimately work ‘quince’ into the text though…
    @Kath – and they wonder why the non-BW populace think they’re a little weird …

  8. @Dave & Shell – Pilchard was torn between elation (great shot!) and devastation (no new bird)!!
    @Jayne – and no sign of vertigo, either!
    @Mags118 – welcome back, thanx for following! No predators in sight except us – and he was well & truly up the tree before then … I think he was just sunning himself!
    @Windsmoke – sadly, people often think I’m drunk AND telling tales!!

  9. I think my father might have been one of your ‘inquisitive birdwatchers’. He’s up in the Flinders any chance he gets and I’m also sure that he’s enjoyed his fair share of Quornish pasties as well 🙂

  10. Hmm, maybe you should quit while you’re ahead, ha ha. Must have been a fun time! Not often you get a good snap of a Bearded Dragon though!


    L’Aussies Travel Blog

  11. That’s a rare sight and photo, i’ve only seen Bearded Dragons on the ground or on posts. At least you have the photo as evidence when you tell people about it or people will think you are drunk or telling tales :-).

  12. Hi,
    Yes I agree a great shot, don’t you love being a the right place at the right time.

    I also have never seen a bearded dragon at the top of a tree like this, it’s amazing, I wonder if he was actually trying to get away from another predator.

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