Australia by Red Nomad OZ

OZ Top Spot #7 – Bowra Sanctuary, South Western Queensland

With 200+ bird species over several diverse habitats in its 14000 hectares, Bowra Sanctuary puts out for all all elements of a truly excellent outback experience – spectacular scenery; wonderful wildlife – in this case birds; and eccentric characters – in this case human! But while these elements make it a perfect outback hideaway, Bowra is only 16km from South-western[…]

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Lake Tinaroo Caravan Park, Atherton Tablelands, QLD

Traveller SHAME Files #5 – The Kitchen Sink!

    Living Quarters? Hotel on Wheels?? Holiday Accommodation??? Nah, none of those quite fit. But if you’ve read Lonely Planet’s excellent guide*, you’d know our camper trailer would make a perfect mobile MICRONATION! Our only constant when travelling, we’re cocooned inside at night when the world shrinks to the size of our living space. But, Brigadoon-like, we awake to[…]

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Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #11 – Stansbury, Yorke Peninsula, SA

Australia’s beaches don’t all look like the pre-tropical-cyclone-Yasi* paradisical wet dream of white sand, palms and crystal clear water! While this may fill some reader’s hearts with dismay, there’s no way the southern beaches, especially those of South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, could be mistaken for their northern counterparts! But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – Stansbury’s stretch of beach[…]

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Traveller SHAME Files #1 – The Dingo Trap

During my travels I’ve observed – and been on the receiving end of – some odd behaviours.  Of course during this time I’ve more than likely caused many a ‘what the …’ moment myself …  The shame files aren’t about ALL travellers – they’re about the ones who indulge in behaviours that annoy, aggravate and irritate fellow travellers most of whom[…]

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How to tell if you’re a Grey Nomad

Hi again! My blog makes it clear I don’t identify as a Grey Nomad (GN) and I also claimed there were some general features that made GNs easily identifiable. Now I’ve been asked to put my money where my mouth is – exactly what constitutes a GN? Only thing is, there’s so many different ideas about GNs that it’s actually[…]

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Red Nomad OZ is GO!

Hi there! Welcome to my New Year’s resolution (albeit a little late) – actually, the blog is the 2nd resolution, the first being to get a home computer … yes, sad I know! Now, finally, those who care can access an online update about where I am/what I’m doing without endlessly waiting for those collectors edition email updates. But wait![…]

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