Aussie ABC – F is for Fossils!

Plesiosaur at the Stone House Museum, Boulia

The ancient landscape of OZ, eroded by time, long disappeared sea beds and a harsh climate has given rise to weirdly unique and bizarre creatures. Well … their remains, anyway! I knew this. But I DIDN’T know the present day Outback fossil fields near northwest Queensland’s Richmond, would engender a creature more fantastic than any of them. And I was

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Signs #4 – Loud and Proud!

You gotta love a town that puts its money where its mouth is!  This sign, at the Barcoo River crossing into Isisford, Central Western Queensland, leaves visitors in no doubt as to the town’s allegiances. Regular readers will already know Isisford as not only the historic site where Isisfordia Duncanii was discovered, but also a massive embarassment for me – read about

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Incident at Isisford, Central West Queensland

OMIGOD!!!!  Today is the beginning of a new phase in my life – and I’m feeling that old double-punch of horror and excitement! My partner and I were in Isisford – which you will immediately recognise as the site where Isisfordia Duncani – the crocodile fossil from which all modern crocodiles descended – was discovered.  But more on that in a future post. 

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