Traveller SHAME Files #4 – The Hills are Alive!!

Last Updated on November 14, 2015 by Red Nomad OZ

I can’t wait to see the most recent addition to South Australia’s ‘anti-hoon’ laws enacted! For those unfamiliar with laws peculiar to this sometimes draconian state, legislation penalising certain automobile related behaviours – such as drag racing, laying rubber and doing burn-outs – can result in the offender’s vehicle being impounded or confiscated.

That’s the simplified version, anyway. And while not explicitly stated, the legislation clearly targets a particular population demographic! Go on – look me in the eye and tell me you didn’t immediately think of young males!!

BUT … playing loud music in one’s car is now also a punishable offence!

So add the city and suburban Saturday night ‘DOOF-DOOF-DOOF’ to the list of no-no’s and who’s the likely target? Young urban males, I hear you say??

Not necessarily …

Picture, if you will, a multi-faceted landscape, with views from the highway to the horizon. Happily, there’s a car park, picnic table and lookout to enhance your viewing pleasure…

Actually, do MORE than picture it – check it out right here! This shot from the roadside lookout between Hawker and Quorn, may prove or disprove the concept that it’s virtually impossible to take a bad photo of the Flinders Ranges, but you’d agree that it looks like a quiet, restful spot, right?

Think again!

Imagine the view with a soundtrack. A car, doors and windows ajar, is sprawled across most of the available parking spots. The state of the art stereo system is getting a workout. One of the occupants is out taking a photo. The other is still inside reading a magazine. The photographer calls out something unintelligible to the reader in the car. ‘WHAAAT?’ she shrieks back. ‘I can’t hear you!!’

NOW – think about it, and describe them!

Yes, of course! It’s a Grey Nomad couple, unable to correctly park their huge new 4WD while recreating the ‘wall of sound’ by playing ABC Classic FM at full bore!! In fact, so loud as to preclude all rational thought!

I BET that’s what you were thinking, right? And no, I’m not joking. It really WAS a GN couple as described above.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Classic FM, or listening to the radio or any other music, for that matter. But I want to choose when, where, how or even IF I listen to it. And I certainly don’t want to have it shoved down my neck when I’m sightseeing, touring or in a caravan park.

SO … I can’t wait to see South Australia’s laws enforced, and this thoughtless couple’s car impounded!!

What do you think my chances are??

Happy travels!

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  1. Hi River! Agreed!! Maybe your neighbours need to know what kind of person they’re dealing with!! Bring on the country music!!

  2. I think your chances are zero to nil.
    I have my own version of doof-doof. My i-pod dock speakers get quite loud, I’ve never yet turned them up fully, I don’t want to scare the neighbours. (country music….)

  3. @Toni – I don’t give a flying fig what’s played, as long as it’s not in my face! So I’m sure your guilt is misplaced … isn’t it??!!

    Thanx for dropping by!!

  4. *puts hand slowly up*
    I’m occasionally guilty…..

    although I have the sense to turn the music OFF once I’m no longer actually on the road.

  5. @Hilde – welcome and thanx for becoming a follower! I hope my little blog inspires you to visit one day!!
    @Andrew – yes, there’s a whole other blog post about campground music! And one up all up if you’re next to someone in a caravan park who just HAS to listen to the news at 6:30 in the morning AND they’re a bit deaf (demographic giveaway there!!)

  6. The laws probably only apply to those of a certain age, driving a certain type of car and driving along a certain Adelaide street. Victoria has had these laws for a long time. Are they enforced? Not that I can see…..well hear. Playing loud music is very anti social, unless you are doing it yourself and it is music you like.

  7. Excuse me, my post had some errors and I wanted to correct them. So here I am again.
    I bumped ‘accidentally’to your blog, it seems a very interesting one and from now on I become a ‘follower’! I also love walking and hiking … and exploring beautiful places in our little country that’s Belgium (Europe). Most of all we (my husband and I) enjoy travelling during our holidays: we have been almost everywhere in Europe and now we are beginning to explore the rest of the world (did not yet have the opportunity to come down under to Australia, -maybe one day we will- but with your pictures I can already dream a bit about Australia!). My list of ‘countries I still like to see’ is a long one!
    Many greetings from rainy Belgium! Happy travels, Hilde

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