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Cairns from the harbour, en route to Green Island!

Road Trips, Sea Treks and your next Aussie Adventure!

I was WAY too young to remember much detail from my first Aussie road trip. I’m a road-tripper from WAY back! But the photo of me and my sister on the Mt Kosciuszko summit in the good old days when you could actually drive almost to the top of the highest point in OZ is a dead giveaway. That trail-blazing

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One of Red’s Favourites!

The road to the Horn, from the Horn lookout, Mt Buffalo National Park

7 Random Alpine Adventures – Bright, Victoria

1. Happy Campers – Bright Big 4 Caravan Park From the expletives, it appeared the rain-lashed grey nomads repeatedly jack-knifing their massive van into the bushes around their campsite as thunder rumbled thorough the night were NOT “Livin’ the Dream” their van proclaimed. Although their inadvertent behavioural benchmark reinforced the pact between Pilchard and I. ‘If I ever …’ Pilchard

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