“Red and Pilchard’s Day in the Country” by Red

My Story by Red Nomad OZ

Today we went for a drive in the country on the Yorke Peninsula.
Crops on Southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

The fields were all dry but the sky was very blue.
We stopped to look at flowers.
There were lots of white everlastings.
We had to look for snakes but we didn’t see any.
That was good.
There was just a dead one on the road.
That was good too.

The sky was very blue down by the beach too.
En Route to Troubridge Point, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
Pilchard said there were lots of small birds that flew here all the way from Siberia.
Red-necked Stint
He said they are called Red-Necked Stints.
But even they haven’t travelled as far as the Fire Truck in theEdithburgh museum.
Troubridge Point Coastline, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

It’s weird to think how far those birds come just to escape winter.
Maybe people who live in, say, Switzerland, Hungary or even Texas might like to come here for winter too.

Then they could see the red brick lighthouse called Troubridge Point Lighthouse.
Troubridge Point Lighthouse, Southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
It is round. The bricks are a special shape to make it round. It is the only lighthouse like this in the world.

Spectacular coastline at Troubridge Point, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

We stopped to look for seals but there weren’t any. They are all at Kangaroo Island. We could see Kangaroo Island across Backstairs Passage. I don’t know why they called it that. Then Pilchard said we had to go because there might not be any vanilla slices left at the Yorketown bakery.

Suicide Point, Southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

It was scary driving along the edge of the cliff because it was very windy. The sky was very blue but the sea was even bluer. When we got to Suicide Point it was the bluest of all. But that’s because I made my camera do a trick.

Salt Lake, Southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

On the way to the bakery the sky was very blue. Then I saw a salt lake. It was very white but it turned blue where the water was still in it. That made the whole picture very blue.

Pilchard was right about the vanilla slices being gone. So he made a mess of his bakery food on the plate. It looked like fresh roadkill. But he said it tasted great.

When we got back to Sultana Point the sky was still blue but there were bits of pink in it. It was still pretty. Tomorrow the sky will be very blue again.

Sunset at Sultana Point, Southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

The end.
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  • Thank you for the bedtime story Red. I liked this story very much. I hope you tell me another story soon. I like picture books, especially ones with lots of red and blue! Your friend, Sallie ;>)

  • Sallie [FullTime-Life] has a lovely writing style as well as you, Red.

    An exceptionally good series of fodos.

  • @Saucy Kod – I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that you haven’t lived … although perhaps you know them as custard slices?? And white chocolate is perhaps TOO well known downunder …
    @Filip – The sky is endless … but there’s usually a great beach at the end of it!!!
    @Aleah – Thank you!! It was a delight to take them!! Most lighthouses in OZ are now automated – this one has no public access and no one lives there, more’s the pity!
    @Les fous du cap – Well, why not come down to OZ? You could follow the wading birds …
    @Friko – Sadly, he’s not fussy – it’s not just the BLUE that gives him an appetite!
    @Ann O’Dyne – The red only appears when they’re in breeding plumage! Just another little birding trick to fool the non-birders … So maybe I should post a pic of a vanilla slice, d’you think??
    @Shalu Sharma – Thank you! Plenty more – drop in anytime!

  • What a lovely place. Nice photos.

  • I cannot see any red on the neck of that Stint. They must be like Red Back Spiders where the red is only on the non-lethal male spider. It may be a lethal Stint.
    Poor SaucyKod not knowing the gooey sticky pleasure of thick custard between pastry slices. My ancestors stopped at his place on their way from Ireland to Bendigo, back in 1850.
    Gorgeous photos – thanks RedOZ

  • Pilchard had the right idea. All that blue gives one an appetite.

  • Hi !
    Your landscapes are beautiful, it makes you want to come and discover 😉
    Céline & Philippe

  • Wonderful, wonderful photos, Red. The sky’s so clear, a photographer’s dream! Love the lighthouse too! Did you ever get to go inside and up? Are there people living near there?

  • What a view, open fields. Thinking of what is at the end of these landscapes.


  • I have never had a vanilla slice, however, have had white chocolate? In fact, never heard of valilla SLICE, till just now. Love the colours and the shaped bricks at the lighthouse, as lighthouses are very dear to those in the Maritimes – Atlantic Canada. We do have the largest lighthouse I think in the world at Partridge Island, up in Saint John, approx 1 hr drive from here. Love all the colours of the different bodied waters and intriguing name Suicide Point. Cheers, Eh.
    p.s. glad you didn’t see any snakes either.

  • @Andrew – Haha! ESPECIALLY if it’s a ‘RED-NECKED’ stint!!! Yes, the lighthouse is purpose-manufactured red brick.
    @EG Camera Girl – Thank you! Of course it helped that it was a perfect day … don’t always get that clarity of light and colour!
    @River – Just wait ’til I get to Innes National Park!! AND … your young neighbour isn’t the only one who’d have the pants scared off by snakes …
    @eileeninmd – OZ has 9 of the world’s 10 most venemous snakes!! Lucky us!! Hope you made it through the next storm OK – thinking of you!
    @TMWH – I was quite satisfied with my Ned Kelly pie and mini-cream-donut. Pilchard made do with several other selections and pronounced them mighty fine, despite his vanilla slice disappointment. Every cloud has a silver lining!
    @MurciaDP – Thank you!! It’s not always like this … so I grasped the chance while I could!

  • @SFlaGuy – HAhaha, yes – that’s EXACTLY why I put my ‘childrens story’ on the INTERNET!!!!! Seriously, I absolutely agree.
    @ladyfi – Thank you! But it’s pretty hard to take a bad pic down here …
    @Windsmoke – Haha! None more so (almost) than those of the Yorketown Bakery!!
    @AWTY – I’m SO with you on the snake thing, girlfriend!!
    @Jim – If you say so!! Thanx!!

  • I love all that very calm pictures. Great!

  • What a lovely trip! Sorry about the vanilla slices, though. That must have been a disappointment.
    But still, those beautiful photos make up for the missed pastries a little bit!

  • Wow, what a beautiful trip. I would like to see all of these places. The beaches and the lighthouse are wonderful. And the bakery sounds like a sweet place to stop. Not too sure about the snakes though, are they poisonous? Gorgeous scenery and photos. Have a lovely weekend!

  • Once again I am stunned by the beauty of our coastline. I have my map out and I’m following you along the peninsula.
    Sad that you missed the vanilla slices.
    We had a brown snake sighting right here in the gardens surrounding the flats today, scared the pants off a young girl hanging her washing.

  • Unusual lighthouse, that’s for sure. I like the contrast here of the sand , sea and sky. So pretty!

  • In my book, the only good snake is a dead snake.

    Great pictures. You had a wonderful day in the country.

  • Re the Stint, shouldn’t we decide who lands on our shores? Btw, is the lighthouse made of brick? I can’t quite make it out.

  • Bonza photos and vanilla slices are very yummmy.

  • What clarity and rich colours! Gorgeous.

  • If you are moving from calendars to children’s book you are certainly going in the right direction. Children need to get away from the computer, game box, and silly TV cartoons. The real world is much more interesting.

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