How to tell if you’re a Grey Nomad

Last Updated on September 15, 2014 by Red Nomad OZ

Hi again!

My blog makes it clear I don’t identify as a Grey Nomad (GN) and I also claimed there were some general features that made GNs easily identifiable. Now I’ve been asked to put my money where my mouth is – exactly what constitutes a GN?

Only thing is, there’s so many different ideas about GNs that it’s actually quite difficult to settle on just one definition. So I haven’t!

If you’re wondering whether or not you are a GN, or display any GN tendencies, wonder no more! Complete my easy quiz below by giving yourself a point for each statement below with which you agree!

How to tell if you’re a Grey Nomad:

  1. You have non-standard wording somewhere on your rig (eg ‘Adventure before Dementia’; ‘At my age I’m happy to be driving ANYTHING!’; ‘SKIN – Spend the kid’s inheritance NOW’ etc)
  2. You have your names (eg ‘Don & Donna’) and/or the name of your rig (eg ‘Beatzwurkin’, ‘Wannabego’) and/or a mission statement (eg ‘Livin’ the Dream’, ‘The Old and the Restless’) somewhere on your rig
  3. The model name of your van (eg ‘Horizon’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Sun Cruiser’) appealed to you, and may have even been a contributing factor when choosing it
  4. You have at least one pet that travels with you
  5. It takes at least an hour, usually more to set up on site – but it’s worth it to have all your home comforts around you
  6. One of the first things you do after setting up is sweep the slab
  7. Another thing you do after setting up is find out when/where happy hour is
  8. For you, the caravan park and Visitor Information Centre are end destinations – sightseeing is less important
  9. There’s at least one dingle on your rig from reversing it onto your site when no drive through sites were available
  10. The laundry is a great information exchange – you collect/leave tourist brochures there and discuss where to go/not go with other park guests when doing your washing

So how did you go? Tally your score and compare with the guide below! And remember … this is MY quiz, so it’ll give you MY idea of what makes a GN. If you don’t agree, that’s fine!
Score Guide:
0-3: HHHMMMmmm… you’ve got some work ahead of you to become a true GN
4-6: It’s a start – you’re well on the way to being a GN. Maybe after your next trip!
7-10: Congratulations! You’re a GN through and through!

Now before you get started on me, there’s nothing actually wrong with any of the above – these are just indicators that I’ve noticed on mytravels over many years! Let me know if I’ve missed anything, or misunderstood!
See you next time!

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  1. Hi G& J! Yeah, I immediately knew who it was – I’ve looked at your blog a few times! I’d love to put some piccies there too and will, just as soon as I work out a) how to connect my printer/scanner; b) how to use my printer/scanner; and c) how to use the above without a CD drive on the Netbook! Maybe I’ll get an external one? When I have worked it all out, I’ll post some – even retrospectively if I have to! See you soon!!

  2. Hi There

    Glad to see that you are finally up on the internet! Woo Hoo.

    Love to see some pictures of you both and your travels.

    When you work it out! LOL!!

    Gerri & Jim (Yes WTSF is me!!)

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