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On 3rd February 2010 when my first post Red Nomad OZ is GO! hit the blogosphere, I had NO IDEA how my life would change.

For the better, of course!!

Now my passion for sharing my travel adventures in the wonderful land of OZ is still going strong.  So strong, it’s spilled over into a RED HOT Book; online interviews and guest posts on other websites and blogs, and contributions to many forums!

Welcome to the RedzAustralia Media page with some of the HOTTEST spots I’ve been seen!

Femail – Daily Mail Online

I got to share some of my favourite Aussie travel photos AND an array of Australia’s most scenic public loos in Daily Mail Online’s profile piece Loos with a View about me, my blog and my book for online magazine Femail.

A Mary Road

I fly the flag for Australia in Mary’s collaboration post Travellers Favourite Travel Songs you should add to your playlist with my top Aussie travel song.  You might have heard of it 😀

50 Shades of Age

It’s always hard to choose just one favourite spot in Australia – but that’s exactly what Kathy asked a selection of Aussie bloggers to do for her post about Top Travel Spots in Australia.  Amazingly, my choice was the only one from South Australia!!

The World As I See It

In Stephanie Mayo’s excellent two part series about Books that Inspire Travel, I choose Aussie author Arthur Upfield whose ability to evoke the landscape of remote and obscure Australian places in his series about mixed race detective Bony, has long been a source of pleasure and travel inspiration.

LifeStyle 50

When lifestyle blogger and writer Jo Castro was asked to give a speech about how travel empowers women to get out there and see the world, she turned to her blog buddies for input.  Luckily for me, she liked my contribution – The 7 Ages of Travel – so much she turned it into a neat guest post!

The Roaming Renegades

I was proud to write about the small Australian town of Hawker – gateway to South Australia’s magnificent Flinders Ranges – in Nic Hilditch-Short’s Ultimate List of Best Adventure Towns in the World!  But it really was a no-brainer …

Rocky Travel

Appearing again on Michela’s great Aussie travel blog to write about Australia Day and what it means to me in her post When is Australia Day celebrated in the World was a privilege and a pleasure!

Discovery Campervans

How could I resist contributing to the Wanderlust Chronicles when I was asked by Scott from Discovery Campervans? I got to write about Innes National Park, one of my favourite Aussie places on this Travel Blogger Q & A series as well as my Aussie travel credentials.


I was honoured to appear on Anne’s list of Top Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs for 2016.

Adventures All Around

I was the flavour of the month on Amanda’s great travel blog in September.  First of all she interviewed me for her fabulous Ten Questions segment (where I gave GREAT interview, even if I say so myself); and then I’m in GREAT (but ultra-weird) company as a contributor to The Craziest Things Travel Bloggers have Eaten!

Life in Australia

When Karol asked me to become a regular contributor to his blog Life in Australia, I jumped at the opportunity to promote travelling in OZ to a different audience!  So you’ll find posts by Red Nomad OZ on Life in Australia, and you’ll find a summary and link to Life in Australia on RedzAustralia!

16 Red Hot Australian Travel Blogs!

OK, Ok, ok … it’s my own list, so of COURSE I’m on it!  But there aren’t that many travel bloggers out there who write exclusively (or a LOT) about travel in Australia.  I’m proud to be one of them!

Hidden Valley Tourist Park

Even though I’m a loud and proud RED Nomad, I’m first on the list of Top 10 ‘Grey Nomad’ Retiree Travel Blogs in 2015!  So I guess that makes it OK to be classified as ‘older’; ‘grey nomad’; and ‘retiree’!  I guess it also means my blog has broad crossover appeal 😀

FABULOUS online magazine Femail’s readers are treated to an informative and eclectic array of articles across a range of genres.  So an article about ‘Aussie Loos with Views!’ featuring an interview with ME fitted right in!

Namoi Valley Independent

Gunnedah’s ‘Lyrical Loo’ – one of my all-time favourites featured on my blog AND in my Loo Book – made it into the Namoi Valley Independent. Who knew this loo would rise to national prominence AND that I would make it happen?!

2GB 873AM

Writing a book about loos meant I got to talk about loos a LOT!  Glen Wheeler interviewed me about my favourite loos, and other Loo-related business – tragically the interview is no longer available on the 2GB website.  But I really DID get interviewed – HONEST!

Journey Jottings

Some people have all the luck.  My two previous Guest Posts on Linda’s awesome blog Journey Jottings weren’t enough to put her off featuring my book Aussie Loos with Views! in a wonderful blog post Aussie Outback Dunnies!  Amazing!!

Get in the Hot Spot!

My little book about Aussie Loos hit Annabel Candy’s Hot Spot when she came up with a FAAAAABULOUS blog post title – Awesome Aussie Outhouses:  5 Places to Pee Before you Die!  All I had to do was write her a guest post to fit that title!


Anne included my blog post about climbing Australia’s highest mountain in her blog post about the Mt Kosciuszko climb on her wonderful travel blog, Pretraveller!  She even put it FIRST 😀

Weekend Sunrise

When my book came out in mid-2014, I was lucky enough to be interviewed on Weekend Sunrise in a live cross from the Lismore Turf Club Racecourse. Was my one and only TV appearance (to date!) a media triumph?  OR a massive embarrassment??  Take a look and decide for yourself!


It’s always nice to find oneself and ones blog featured in unexpected locations.  So I got a HUGE thrill when I discovered the article Top Traveller Bloggers Quest for Australia’s most Scenic Public Loo featured on the website of Strategic Consulting firm Brighthouse!  They even gave my Pinterest boards an honourable mention!

Travel Inspired

My Aussie adventures crossed the ditch (read: travelled to New Zealand!) when Adam from Travel Inspired contacted me about featuring my 12 TOP Australian Coastal Hot Spots post on his blog.  Of course I said YES!


The amazing Anne from PreTraveller gave me a chance to prove (or not!) that I really CAN give good interview when she asked me a few questions about how I escaped the Corporate Wilderness to become a blogger, traveller and photographer!

Get in the Hot Spot

It’s always an honour to be included in top Aussie travel blog lists – and especially an honour to make top Aussie blogger Annabel’s list – 55 Australian Travel Bloggers Hot Listed in 2014 – for the 3rd year in a row.

Rocky Travel Blog

Undaunted by my first guest post for Rocky Travel about remote Outback town Thargomindah, Michela came back for more.  Of course I welcomed the opportunity to showcase one of my favourite Aussie travel destinations in my guest post Explore South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula in 7 days!

Journey Jottings

After seeing the Journey Jottings products I adore in many places around Australia, I offered to write a guest post with the 2012 highlights as a follow up to my 2011 My Journey Jottings Aussie Odyssey post.  Only problem was getting round to it …  By the time I DID, it was April, so my 2013 Joining the Dots with Journey Jottings post covered 6 HOT places in 5 OZ states I’d been in the last 12 months!

Get in the Hot Spot

Thanks again to the fabulous Annabel for including me in her list of 43 Australian Travel Blogs and Bloggers to watch in 2013!

Carnamah Historical Society Blog

Too many coincidences is the sign of a poor writer, isn’t it?  But my 2012 visit to the West Australian wheat belt town where my mother was brought up was FULL of them!!  Not least of which was finding George, the Carnamah Historical Society president who knew more about my family history than I did … so it was my pleasure to write a guest post for the Carnamah Historical Society blog:  All Roads lead to George

Explore Australia

It was an honour to write another guest post for Explore Australia.  As if they hadn’t already had enough punishment!  Being a seeker of solitude made finding 5 Summer Beaches away from the Crowds too easy – because I’d already done the research!!

Glove Box Blog

It was my privilege to be interviewed by the fabulous Fiona for Argus Car Hire’s travel blog.  The Glove Box Interview regularly features travel bloggers and writers – and I used the opportunity to plug Australia to the max!  If the link to my Glove Box Interview was still there, you’d get the answer that pressing question:  Do I, or do I NOT give good interview?!?!?!

City Daily Photo

The wonderful Julie Storry from The Sydney Eye was kind enough to encourage me to join the City Daily Photo community AND be interviewed for her ‘In Focus’ feature!  Oddly enough, she makes specific mention of the necessity for editing out exclamation marks … weird, huh!  Not everyone appreciates how much of a heavy burden being the Exclamation Mark Queen can be!!  Read the Introduction, then go to the Detail if you DARE!

Get in the Hot Spot

When Annabel Candy visited Central Australia for the first time, she fell in love.  So she asked me to write about the 5 Hottest Travel Spots in Outback OZ to show the rest of the world how RED Australia can get!  But I went one better and wrote a companion piece on my blog highlighting the 5 Cool BLUE OZ Top Spots!  Read them both, and decide for yourself what’s best!!

Explore Australia

I can’t thank the Explore Australia team enough for giving me the chance to tell the world what’s wrong with my blog!  But you can avoid my mistakes – all you have to do is read Confessions of a Tween-Age Travel Blogger!!

52 Perfect

What a thrill to be asked for an article about a perfect day in Australia by predominantly US-based site 52 Perfect Days!  But how to choose just one perfect destination from OZ?

I settled on Cairns, Far North Queensland for A Perfect Day Up North Downunder!

Explore Australia

In 2011, I was nominated for the Explore Australia Road Trippers Hall of Fame award AND ended up a finalist!  Explore Australia interviewed me for their blog:
Interview Part 1We chatted with Red Nomad OZ …
Interview Part 2Travel Tips and Favourite Spots

Get In the HotSpot!

Inspiring, intrepid and intriguing traveller Annabel Candy featured Amazing Australian Adventures in her blog post – 25 Australian Travel Blogs and Bloggers to Watch in 2012!

Journey Jottings

I LOVE Journey Jottings uniquely Australian map journals and other products, and I’ve seen them in some weird and wonderful places!  Linda published my guest post My Journey Jottings Aussie Odyssey listing some of the interesting spots I saw her products in 2011.

Holes in My Soles

I was honoured to be featured on Jim’s wonderful Holes in my Soles blog – My FavouRED Things #2 coincided with a colour theme!  RED Rocks!!


When I first encountered hockey wife Texa’s blog, she was living in Germany with Canadian hubby.  Her Frackin’ Friday posts were required reading for her international audience to learn cuss words and slang from many different languages – even more when she moved to Finland!  Here’s my contribution – Aussie Barbecue slang!!

Rocky Australia Travel Blog

I’ve learned a lot about how other people see Australia from non-Aussie Michela’s excellent Australian travel blog.  So I was honoured that she published my guest post about possibly the ultimate ‘Australian’ destination – Thargomindah!


As blogger and photographer Jidhu Jose’s 35th victim interviewee, I answered the same 6 questions he asks everyone!

Jidhu interviews me HERE!

An Ache for the Distance

My first ever guest post – and it just HAD to be part of my Australian Scenic Public Toilet series!!

Weirdly, blogger Stuart seemed to like what I revealed the mysteries of the Thargo Thunderbox!  And it stopped me from having #13 on MY blog …


Thank you for visiting the RedzAustralia Media Page.  If you’ve seen me somewhere that isn’t listed above, please let me know!

For further information or to discuss collaboration opportunities, contact me at red.nomad.oz[@] (after removing the [ and ] from around the @).

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