Australia by Red Nomad OZ

Random Adventure #1 – Isabella Falls, Cape York, Queensland

 The Cape York Road The customary morning rain had finally let up. Even the locals had remarked on this dry season’s uncharacteristic wet spell – normally by mid-July they’d have the sprinklers going to kill the dust and save the lawns. But 2010 was an aberration. Of course! Now the sun turned every drop to sparkles in the Endeavour[…]

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Only in OZ #5 – The Musical Ship, Cooktown, Cape York, Queensland

While it’s not quite a replica of Captain Cook’s vessel when he explored the north coast and disembarked where Cooktown (geddit?!) now stands, the musical ship is completely landlocked in the linear park along the mouth of the Endeavour river.  Perhaps the kindest way to describe the array of noise making apparatus (apparati??) lining the interior would be ‘found percussion instruments’, however the[…]

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Signs #2 – Huh???

Other Australian signs may have more punchy graphics and wording, but this sign, found on a fence in Cooktown, definitely wins the ‘Huh???’ award. The fence surrounds a plot of land with an unremarkable building next to a service station on the outskirts of town, from which the sign is clearly visible.  At first glance, it looked like a pretty standard ‘keep[…]

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