Only in OZ #5 – The Musical Ship, Cooktown, Cape York, Queensland

Last Updated on March 3, 2017 by Red Nomad OZ

While it’s not quite a replica of Captain Cook’s vessel when he explored the north coast and disembarked where Cooktown (geddit?!) now stands, the musical ship is completely landlocked in the linear park along the mouth of the Endeavour river. 

Perhaps the kindest way to describe the array of noise making apparatus (apparati??) lining the interior would be ‘found percussion instruments’, however the more unkind may prefer ‘instruments of torture’!!

But lets not forget how confronting it can be to embark and make ‘music’ (that’s how us no-talent wannabees describe it, anyway!) in a public area.  After all, who knows when ‘real’ musicians may happen along?

But there’s no rules aboard the good ship – maybe a cross between the ‘Endeavour’ and the ‘Lollipop’? – not even about taking turns!  So while no ear plugs are supplied, by all means stay and play as long as you please!!  That’s if your musical talents don’t embarrass you too much first …

Stay tuned up!!

PS  Our visit to the Musical Ship in mid-July 2010 was one of the rare days without rain when we travelled to Cooktown.  Read more about our adventures there by clicking HERE if you care dare!  But wait!  There’s more!!  Cooktown also has the dubious distinction of the most bizarre sign seen on our travels!!

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  1. @River – it could be even more recent, looks like the whole foreshore has been redeveloped since then and it’s certainly very attractive!
    @Kath – how brave are you, giving away your age like that!! The closest we’ve come to Cooktown b4 bitumen was a foray down the Cooktown/Cape Trib coast rd (the one Joh B-P did for his developer mates) 12 yrs ago-it was like a very badly made driveway! Thanx for dropping by …
    @Jayne – stop, I’m blushing!! Just wait till you see the next signs I’ve unearthed – a follow up to this one!!

  2. The last time I went to Cooktown was as an eleven year old during our family’s ‘Big Aussie Trip’ in 1979. The road was unsealed in those days, so we had to leave our van behind and blew three tyres on the way. Once there, though, I particularly remember the interesting history (esp the Chinese miners’ perspective), old buildings and how utterly desolate the place must have been for those early arrivals…

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