Magnetic Hill South Australia

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The Magnetic Hill Magnet, via Orroroo, South Australia
The Magnetic Hill Magnet, via Orroroo, South Australia

A Taste of the Paranormal

Magnetic Hill South Australia promised to be a little bit weird.  Up to now, my discovery of the Daleks of Khancoban in a remote Snowy Mountains hideaway had been the pinnacle of my paranormal participation in the world of real-life Australian sci-fi.
Now, the sign in front of me detailed a strange and bizarre extrasensory experience.  It was clearly pushing for a place in the paranormal pantheon.  But it also raised a few questions.
Magnetic Hill sign
Magnetic Hill sign via Orroroo, South Australia
Would we be able to stop the Magnetic Hill tractor beam from sucking the car off the face of the earth?  And maybe even into some interplanetary vortex?
Or at the very least, off the edge of the hill?
Which way would a hip-replacement recipient roll?
And … perhaps most importantly – what WAS our car really made of?
Magnetic Hill, South Australia
Ready to ROLL, Magnetic Hill, South Australia

Ready to Roll

Putting aside the real possibility of being beamed into another dimension, we followed the instructions carefully.

In the interests of full disclosure I offer the following disclaimers:

  • Pilchard SWEARS he didn’t touch any of the car controls
  • The angle of the shot doesn’t fully capture the slight incline behind the car
  • Out of the force field the car behaved quite differently
  • The tremor visible on the footage is caused by either the magnetic force field OR the excitement of this extraordinary experiment …
  • The resulting video quality may mean some features of this exciting moment have been lost forever …


Just between us, my first thought was that the car must really be made of plastic.  I was clearly standing at the wrong angle to see what was really happening.

So I shifted around the other side.  Yes, definitely better.

The Mystery of Magnetic Hill

SO … is Magnetic Hill South Australia an elaborate prank?  A real touch of the Paranormal?  Or is the explanation a little more prosaic?  YOU decide!!

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  1. Yes Red, these hills are everywhere. And yes, there is a boring explanation but it’s nowhere near as interesting as “seeing something with our own eyes”. The one near Woodend in Victoria delivers a fortune to the local newsagent in road-map sales – the doodles and directions he provides are very straightforward.

    The idea of the Magnet and signs shows the Orroorooans have a great deal of drive and initiative in finding ways to attract visitors to the area! A great find:)

  2. @TMWH – But if the children are invisible, how does anyone know it’s children who are doing the pushing?
    @Go Camping – Just follow the signs!! And if that fails, ask anyone in the area!!
    @River – Oops! Sorry – I snuck it in because it only went for 14 seconds!
    @Dianne – It’s worth a visit – and if all else fails, Maggie’s Rendezvous in Orroroo serves a killer quandong cheesecake!
    @Chris – Well, if you were down here, you’d be using a hire car, right?!?!?!
    @Mary – Just call me the Divine Miss Red!!! Any function of mine that’s divine is a joke!!
    @PDP – My pleasure! Just call me a little ray of RED sunshine … and thanx re the header!
    @SFlaGuy – Just wait ’til I’ve updated it!!!! There’s WAY more where those came from …
    @Jill – The slope is deceptive … and thanx! Appreciate you noticing my header, let alone liking it!!!

  3. @Iris – Ah yes, but how do you know I’m not beaming in my blog post from another dimension?!?!
    @Saucy – And love having your comments, girlfriend!!! There’s a few places like this around the world – the strangest thing is that they all seem to be called ‘Magnetic Hill’!
    @Filip – Hahaha! Luckily, the magnetic zone isn’t very long …
    @eileeninmd – Maybe this is a foolproof way to test the metal content of ALL new cars??!!
    @SFlaGuy – Ah, c’mon! You’re just jealous as hell of all the good stuff down here … but your version seems to be the only one of its kind NOT called ‘Magnetic Hill’!
    @Mrs Tuna – HHHMMMmmm… maybe the Bermuda Triangle should be renamed the Magnetic Hill of Bermuda!!!

  4. @Andrew – Hahaha! Water, cars, eyes – they’re all unpredictable!
    @Arija – HAhaha! But just think what stories I could blog about beyond the portal …
    @Stefan – The car really DID move of its own accord, I just wasn’t convinced it moved uphill!
    @TFG – I am also a sceptic … although the car moved a helluva lot faster than it normally would on such an incline. And when I drove it out of the hot zone, it didn’t move at all on the same incline. Make of that what you will!
    @Sallie – There are apparently spots like this all over the world. The REALLY weird thing is that most of them are called ‘Magnetic Hill’!!
    @Rose – Hahaha!! Yes, nothing is too much trouble to entertain my readers!!! Just btw us, I’d be disappointed with a prosaic explanation …

  5. OK – When did you add tabs to the top of your blog. I especially like the “Red on the Web” tab. Who knew my best friend downunder was so famous.

  6. Haha! I just knew if I clicked over here you would cheer me up Red, every time….:( merci beaucoup.

  7. Magnetic Hill??!!! Sounds like a lot of fun. I love these places that most people don’t know about:) My car is mostly plastic so not sure if it would work:(

  8. Usually I stay away from people who seem to be fulfilling some divine function, but you do it with amusement flickering.

    Anytime anyone SWEARS, I am suspect. ~Mary

  9. I’ve never been to Magnetic Hill … Must take a spin up there and see what my car’s made of. Most probably plastic!

  10. We actually have something similar here in San Antonio. A railroad crossing. There’s a ghost story to go along with it, about invisible children who push the cars over the tracks. Fun on Halloween!

  11. Being an empiricist, I would want to use my builders’ level before I would believe it was really up hill. Both of these are wonderful finds. Thanks for the humorous post.

  12. The magnetic hill sounds like an interesting place to visit. Are most new cars made of plastic now a days? I enjoyed this post, have a happy week!

  13. I think it could be an optical illusion of the land – you are actually going downhill, rather than up?? I know we have a “Magnetic Hill” in Moncton New Brunswick and it really an optical illusion. I like the huge magnet in the first photo. You have such a great variety of posts – luv reading yer stuff girlie 🙂

  14. G’day Red, I much prefer to think that you as an intrepid blogger and your sidekick Pilchard put yourselves right out there for paranormal consequences (rather than the prosaic explanation) Plastic, the car is def plastic….;)

  15. Just as well you did not disappear into the black hole, considering you were already beyond the black stump.

  16. I was in a tram travelling along a street with many substantial houses and it was raining. To my amazement the non metalic water in the gutter was running slightly uphill. I subsequently took a good look, and it was an illusion, a very convincing one.

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