RED Alert #9: RED turns to BLUE in Geneva!

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Kath and Sapphire ... in Spain, so they can't be goofing off, right?  RIGHT???
Kath and Sapphire … in Spain, so they can’t be goofing off, right?  RIGHT???

I first ‘met’ my RED Alert guest KATH through her blog Gone Chocco, now sadly inactive BUT required and compelling reading for anyone with more than a passing interest in the wonderful world of chocolate. Of course this led me to her non-food-related blog, Blurb from the Burbs, which with a enviably cunning and deft sleight of hand was reborn as Goofing off in Geneva when she, husband Love Chunks and daughter Sapphire moved to … well, yes, I’m sure you get the picture.

Of course I ‘followed’ her halfway across the world to see what happened. And when Kath commented that I’d made her cry on a blog post about South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula (I hope due to homesickness, rather than poor photo quality) she became one of my muses. Not that I deliberately try to make her cry.

But I DO sometimes think of Kath when I’m choosing photos …

RED:  Kath, welcome to RED Alert. What’s your favourite colour?


RED:  Thank you! That concludes today’s interview!!! Only kidding … I guess we can take a break from RED if you want, so I selected this Yorke Peninsula loo photo especially for you …

Port Clinton Public Amenities Block, Yorke Peninsula
Port Clinton Public Amenities Block, Yorke Peninsula

RED:  Although I’m sure you’ll agree the touch of RED sets it off superbly! As do the roses in your pic of Sapphire’s FAB BLUE fingernails!  Do you find it disturbing that she MAY be moving away from RED?

No WAY is this Goofing off in Geneva!!!
No WAY is this Goofing off in Geneva!!!

KATH:  She’s always been a green and blue girl and her bedroom (which is very tastefully done) is testament to this. Perhaps red clashes with her blue eyes…? Plus, what teenager wants to wear a colour that her MOTHER favours?

RED:  Hahaha … and yet your favourite colour is … what was that again?? Maybe BLUE is the new RED! Or maybe combining them is the fashion statement of the twenty-teens?? Why ISN’T RED your favourite colour?

KATH:  RED always seemed too bright and commanding and, being so white, it always highlighted any time I blushed or felt hot or had a new pimple forming on my fluorescent face….

Fashion Accessory? Or Going CHOCCO?!?!  YOU decide!!
Fashion Accessory? Or Going CHOCCO?!?!  YOU decide!!

RED:  So it’s logical that you’d choose Easter Eggs as a fashion accessory! Would you recommend them?

KATH:  Yes, but only in cool climes. As someone who once ‘forgot’ that she had a bag of mini eggs in her pocket, it only ends in tears and a poo-brown coloured crotch that’s impossible to explain.

RED:  Hahaha, I bet LOTS of other people found an explanation! What made you choose Cadbury Creme Eggs as your alternative eyes?

KATH:  They’re rarer than chicken lips over here and were bought during Sapphire’s and my weekend jaunt to Edinburgh back in February.

RED:  (Note to readers: make a KILLING in Europe with black-market Cadbury Creme Eggs) Is it any coincidence there’s a Nestle poster in the background?

KATH:  None whatsoever. Sapphire found an advert from my birth month and year (November 1968) (RED: Surely not!) featuring Swiss-made Nestle, bought it on e-Bay and had it framed.

RED:  If you can narrow it down, what are your 3 favourite RED chocolates??

KATH:  Kit Kat – who doesn’t want to eat one of those when they clap eyes on the wrapper?  Foil-wrapped cherry liqueurs. Possibly an embarrassing relic from the 1970s, but I love ‘em.

RED:  Me too!

KATH:  Lindt Lindor in all its sizes, forms and boxes. Melt in the mouth heaven.

RED:  And what’s the best RED thing to eat or drink in the cold?

KATH:  Vin Chaud (hot, spiced red wine). The perfect drink after skiing, especially if seated in an outdoor cafe with your puffy jacket and pants still on.

A hard day on the ski slopes doesn't count as GOOFING, does it?!
A hard day on the ski slopes doesn’t count as GOOFING, does it?!

RED:  Now that you’ve got us all salivating, did you buy Love Chunk’s FINE RED jacket??
KATH:  I did indeed – it’s a good colour to stand out in on a white ski field and I bought it second-hand for only 25 francs, a saving of 375 francs!

Killer RED Watch!!
Killer RED Watch!!

RED:  Bargain! Do you wear a lot of RED?

KATH:  I never used to, but since Love Chunks brought me back a bright red Casio watch (RED : I’m SO jealous!) during his work trip to the US last year, it’s become an excuse to move from striped everything or black. I now have two pairs of red shoes, several red t-shirts, a spotted red handbag, a red jacket and several scarves.

RED:  Before you know it, you’ll be breaking out into RED all over! Does he appreciate your RED fashion sense?
KATH:  Bless him; he wouldn’t notice if my face was on fire most of the time! I’ve had my hair coloured, make up on, new top and he’ll just say, ‘why have you got lipstick on, I can’t kiss you now.’

RED:  For how long did Love Chunks hold that teapot pose?

I'm a little ... Love Chunk!
I’m a little … Love Chunk!

KATH:  Not very long – he detests having his picture taken.

RED:  For how long could YOU hold it?
KATH:  I’d be able to do it for ages but usually wind up face first in the snow or shut my eyes at the exact second he presses the button.

RED:  Hahaha! Maybe that’s a better alternative to photographic ‘Red-Eye’?! Is RED a factor in your relationship??
KATH:  Yes. We selected the previous house and current apartment’s RED accessories together, he bought me a RED running watch and makes me laugh until I’m RED in the face.

RED:  What else makes your face RED without fail?
KATH:  Laughing loudly. Being embarrassed – we natural blondies have a hard time disguising blushes!And running. Even several hours later after cooling down and showering, I glow.

RED:  Glowing is SO Australian! Is Australia the REDdest country you’ve been to?
KATH:  Nothing beats the dirt of Central Australia or seeing The Rock at sunset.

RED Glow from Running!
RED Glow from Running!

RED:  Where are your favourite REDs downunder?
KATH:  Port Douglas (Queensland) – RED sunset and often RED , sunburned skin; Adelaide (South Australia) – the RED brick of Beehive corner, RED roses in Eastern suburbs (where we used to live), the red stripe in the Crows’ uniforms, big red wines; Melbourne (Victoria) – the big ‘RED comb’ on the City Link tunnel (because we lived very near it in Flemington); and Victor Harbor (South Australia) – the REDish pink flowers in my parents’ garden!

RED:  That’s a GREAT cross-section! Just goes to show you can find RED everywhere … Have you visited many European countries since moving to Geneva?
KATH:  England, Scotland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany!

RED:  In terms of distance, I guess that’s like saying you’ve visited all the states in Australia! Which was the best?
KATH:  Seeing my two most favourite people in the world see (and love) London for the first time and other times since.

RED:  And the worst?
KATH:  Marseille, France. Ugly, dodgy and very unwelcoming. A frightening place to take my parents to.

RED:  Remind me not to go there … who is praying in Spain?
KATH:  My goodly self. We were in the 11th Century Moorish gardens in Ronda, in the underground tunnels carved out of the cliff rock overlooking the river. The beam of sunlight beckoned me over and I couldn’t help but sing a ‘La la laaaaaa’ as Sapphire quickly snapped the moment with her iphone.

Kath in Spain
Kath in Spain

RED:  Silly me. I was thinking it was something serious. But speaking of serious, what made you start blogging?
KATH:  In 2005 I was at home recovering from a complete mental and physical breakdown after working far too hard, for too long for people who didn’t care what was happening to me. A friend started one up and I realised that it might be a good thing for me, too. The first entries are appallingly bad – as are a lot after that – but somehow I got into the groove of it and felt that I might have something to say that could entertain or inform or just make people feel better about themselves and their own stupidities and failings.

RED:  Well, take it from me you’ve succeeded. What keeps you blogging??
KATH:  A good question… It’s a way of keeping friends and family up to date without the need to sit down every week and write a ‘Dear All…..’ email. I’ve also made some really good friends (some I’ve met in person, others I haven’t) whose feedback and opinions mean a great deal to me. Plus, my brain and fingers get itchy and an idea strikes at the strangest of times and tells me that it needs to be blogged about. I think too that when you become a regular blogger your writer’s ‘eye’ becomes sharper, noticing conversations or trends or events that should not be forgotten. All that and the need to look like I’m busy when really I’m on Cute Overload, D-Listed and better blogs than mine!

RED:  Who inspires you to blog?
KATH:  EVERY BLOG that I follow. Which reminds me, I need to update my ‘Links I like to lurk at’ column on the right hand side of my blog.

RED:  I’ll be checking that right after I hit ‘publish’! What are your 3 blogging pet hates?
KATH:  People who, despite you visiting their blog and regularly commenting, never repay the favour.  Articles that are advertising. Keep it separate, people! And too many films, GIFs and dooflanger widgets that take ages to download and usually crash.

Milly at Bath Time - she'd rather be goofing off ...
Milly at Bath Time – she’d rather be goofing off …

RED:  (Note to self: DON’T do these things ANY MORE!). Along with many other readers of your blog, I love hearing about your dog Milly’s adventures in Geneva. How would you describe her colour?
KATH:  Technically she’s a white and tan Jack Russell/Corgi mix (we call her a ‘Jorgi’) but in the sunshine she’s orange, so I often refer to her as my little orange.

RED:  That’s RED enough for me!! How did she get her name?
KATH:  She was at the dog shelter at six months old, handed in because the old lady had died and her husband clearly wasn’t fond of her. They had apparently called her ‘Caro’ (presumably due to her caramel colouring), which we hated. Driving back home with new ‘little orange’ in the back of the station wagon, tail wagging eagerly but making no sound, Love Chunks said, “I think she’s a Milly.”

RED:  How does Milly react to RED?
KATH:  It’s all around her. Her bed is red, her blanket is red, the rug in the lounge room that she likes to sun herself on is red, her bath time towels are red. I guess it means ‘home.’

Rhapsody in RED
Rhapsody in RED

RED:  HHHMMMmmm… Are you SURE you don’t want to re-think that favourite colour? Do you have any final RED words of wisdom for our readers?
KATH:  Hopefully one day, a RED carpet will be laid out for all of us!

RED:  It’s what I live for! And I hope my readers follow the RED carpet right over to your blog Goofing off in Geneva!!

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  1. Hi RedNomad – I always love to see where you’re at (I follow you on Twittr) and am sorry to say I am relieved to hear that you actually can be where there is no signal, because I am right in a little city and sometimes my signal is rubbish.
    The Kath Family is an absolute monument, and beautiful Millie too.
    love to you all

  2. @diane b – ALL my RED Alert guests have been intriguing and fun to interview!! I’ve noticed our ‘tag-team’ effort with the travel – I guess that means I’ll be going to New England soon??!!
    @Ramakant – Yes, this proves for sure that RED rules!
    @TMWH – HAha – I haven’t been to Geneva, but I’ve got the choc body too. How does that work?!?!
    @Whiteangel – I’m busy filling in the gaps … Tassie is SO on the list, as I’ve only been there once for work quite a few years ago!
    @Kath – But you should see the public loos that DIDN’T make the cut … thanx for your kind words – this interview was SO much fun (for me, anyway)!
    @Iris – It’s an Aussie thing … you’ll have to hunt them down next time you’re in OZ!!!!
    @George – Thank you, my friend!! Anytime you feel the urge to be interviewed, dig out your RED pix and send them on over!!
    @Fernando – Thank you!
    @ladyfi – Glad you enjoyed it!! As I said to diane b above, I’ve enjoyed ALL my RED Alert interviews!
    @Chris – If you laughed, then my work is done!! And if you want to be a RED Alert victim, just say the word … I’m sure you’ve got LOTS of RED bird pix …

  3. @SFlaGuy – This could be YOU next! Just say the word … actually, just sent the pix!
    @LONDONLULU – I think I’ve got to the stage where I can find RED EVERYWHERE!!! But Kath made it easy …
    @Rose – You’re WAY too kind … but I’m sure I can also speak for Kath in saying we’ll take the kudos anyway …
    @Filip – Yes, this is really more like one of YOUR posts, isn’t it?
    @FruitCake – Haha, I missed that one … oh the shame, the shame!!!
    @Andrew – Weird how she keeps saying her fave colour is BLUE, huh?!
    @Alessandra – HAhaha, you have uncovered my secret plot to REDden the world!!! So how am I doing??
    @Elephant’s Child – Welcome and thanx! Interviewing Kath was a pleasure!!
    @River – It’s easy to see why … I was SO honoured when she agreed to be my RED Alert guest!!
    @PDP – I wonder will this trigger a run on the market in Cadbury Crème Eggs??

  4. Oh my!!! You are a creative writer and a had a good laugh:) I enjoy meeting people from all over. It’s what I love most about blogging. Perhaps someday we’ll meet:) But it will have to be on a trek to find birds of course!!!:) We’ll need a bit of purple on this day as well;) Hope you are well:)

    1. You’re right,Ramakant – red has completely taken over, in more ways that one.

      Plus, I got sunburnt today, so even my skin has temporarily joined the theme.

    1. E-Child, you are the kindest, most fabulous person. I will write and visit your blog soon! Tapping away with two fat fingers on an iPad with wifi access soon to expire is NOT fun or good conditions for blogging….

  5. RedNomad is an inspiration, isn’t she? I could sure use her scenic toilet spotting skills whilst spending a long weekend here in France!

  6. It has been many years since I was in Geneva, but I remember that it was quite lovely. Also, chocolate.

    Great interview–I really enjoy these chances to meet new bloggers!

  7. Great interview. I love Kath’s blog. Its always good for a chuckle . I love your blog too you seem to be following me around Australia but doing it in more detail and sharing it with more passion.

    1. Thanks dianeb – you certainly have an eye for a good photo and for getting Wilbo out and about!

  8. Excellent interview Red.. Mmmmmmmmm! Cadbury creme eggs, oh sorry just having a little fantasy 🙂 on my way over to check out Kath’s blog….

    1. G’day Perth – all the Creme eggs disappeared last week, as I did out of the blogosphere. Lots of interesting and v. well paid writing work, but I’ll be back soon with some fresh blogs.

  9. This is a fabulous interview! I love Kath, she is one of my most favourite people. The photos are great and the one of Milly asleep in the red bed had me saying “awwww”.

    1. River, YOU are too – I should have mentioned to Red that you and I have met each other and that we have a spare room, good coffee, plenty of chocolate and a willing tour guide should you ever find yourself in Geneva.

  10. Red, you are subtly trying to convert everybody to the red colour, admit it :-). Anyway, thank you for introducing us to Kath, she sounds fun!


    1. Thanks Alessandra – once you’re given a bright red item that you can’t live without (ie Milly’s bed and my running watch), the rest of the red starts to join it and immediately belong. Or something like that.

      One of the students I tutor said during his third visit, “You like chocolate and red, don’t you?” Couldn’t argue with that, esp as I was wearing a red jacket, red wellie boots and had just given him a plate of mini Easter eggs!

    1. You’re right, Andrew it is the dominant colour but hand on my heart, blue is my personal favourite. Love Chunks and Sapphire have blue eyes.

  11. The story of the Nestle poster is a gem 🙂
    Great effort at getting so much RED into the post – even a little red plastic watering “can”.

    1. Well spotted, FruitCake – the can just becomes part of the red decor. If an item is available in red at the same price, it comes home with me. Thank goodness for IKEA and fleamarkets.

    1. Thanks Filip. Maybe next season I’ll be brave (and have the fine motor skills) to take some *from* the ski lift or the slopes themselves. This year I saw far too much snow in my face and trousers, as well as the bottom of the ski lift as it went over me after (usually) falling off it….

  12. Gosh, first of all loved the photos of your friend Kath and the snow!! Yum.
    I’m having early morning coffee and that was a most delightful interchange between two v.e.r.y. clever women!

    1. Rose, you mentioned ‘early morning coffee’ so I see that you are, by default, at one with Red and myself!

  13. Great and slightly more colorful interview. So many shades of talent in all corners of the world.

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