The 12 Days of Christmas – Aussie Style!

Who needs a traditional Northern Hemisphere White Christmas when we’ve got the 12 Days of Christmas Aussie Style!

In the Twelve months of this year, Australia gave to me:


Twelve Sunset Fishers


Eleven Kayaks Paddling

Tathra National Park Wildflowers Western Australia

 Ten Tathra Wildflowers


Nine Outback Sign Words



Eight Devils Marbles

Rainbow Bee-eater fights the cold in Southern Australia

Seven Rainbow Bee Eaters

Six Loo Languages



Five Mulla Mullas



Four Awestruck Travellers



Three Spoonbills


Two Swimming Whales


and a Koala in a Gum Tree!

Thank you for your visits, comments and support!  But stick around … I’ve got WAAAAAAY more Amazing Australian Adventures to share!  Watch this space!!

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  • Incredible! What a cute idea for the 12 days of Christmas.

  • @PDP – The best in years!! And I hope the same for you!!
    @Sallie – Thank you!! SO glad you enjoyed it – it’s always a pleasure when you drop in!!
    @Fun60 – Wow! I’m honoured!!! But this is what happens when us Aussies break with tradition!!!
    @Ken – Thank you, my friend! I’m lucky enough to be doing what I do so my dreams are already coming true! I wish the same for you and look forward to catching up in the blogosphere in 2013!!

  • @Stewart – I couldn’t leave them out, could I?!?!
    @Gary – Hope it was as much fun to read as it was to write!
    @Iris – Haha, it’s always a pleasure reading your comments!!! All I can say is come back real soon! And I think the tip about your car colour matching the outback colours is a real winner!!! Weirdly, there are those who don’t consider a Hawaiian pack to be great cuisine – but it’s all about what you like best, isn’t it?!?! Happy New Year to you!!
    @Angela – Thank you, and I LOVED yours too!! Happy New Year!
    @Mrs Tuna – Well, at least I was WARM!!!
    @Jim – Thank you!

  • Let this New Year be the one, where all your dreams come true. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year 2013 :)))

  • What an epic post. That is one of the best I’ve read this Christmas.

  • Oh Red this is just priceless! Wonderful. Happy New Year!!

  • Fabulous Red, hope you had the best Christmas.

  • Great picture serie!
    I wish you a happy new year!

  • HA! great post. Hope you had a happy holiday down under.

  • Seriously. The.Cutest.Post. I´ve ever read! Clever and beautiful.
    And yes. Germans say “bitte” and “danke”, both. “Always” 😉
    I really need to take a pic of the loo-mini-golf-set Spouse bought.
    Never counted them, eight? Well, our car, a Nissan Patrol LWB, had their color.
    The one we had before had the color of Spinifex, both came in handy, you never saw us straight away (Hello, Night-Patrol Darwin).
    Oh, dang, how I miss travelling your place!
    Thanks for bringing back so many good memories!
    The fishermen so remind me of the old Prawn Jetty in Carnarvon.
    Can I beam over?
    Have a Hawaiian Pack at Chicken Treat (cause Spouse didn´t catch but a blowfish)? Oh, wait! Need to go see The Freshfood People for some ketchup first.
    Wow. Now I´m craving that, too. We have nothing alike (let me add Pies and Jerky to that list! Germany is culinarily a very poor country!)
    Thank you, Red.
    It´s like travelling back, reading your blog!

  • Fun sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  • Splendid! I like the Bee-eaters the most.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M – Melbourne

  • Great photos for the 12 Aussie days of Xmas. Season’s Greetings to you!

  • @Seana Smith – I hope it was as much fun to read as it was to create!
    @Linley S – The original lyrics don’t really mean much to me – so I made my own Aussie version! Glad you enjoyed it!
    @Nette Cecilia – Thank you!
    @Kerri – Yes, I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite!!
    @Hilda – Thank you! And yes, Xmas was a GREAT day for us!! Hope it was for you too!
    @Saucy Kod – There were a couple that didn’t scan too well, but that’s what poetic license is for, right????
    @Imagebloke – Thank you!
    @mick – For some reason, I didn’t have a lot of pix of 8 things – but it’s amazing what you can find if you look hard enough!!
    @Pat – Thank you!!

  • A fun, wonderful and apt Twelve Days of Christmas!

    I hope you and your family had a great day!

  • How Fun!! I LOVE all 12 🙂

  • Clever, well done! How lovely to spend some time armchair travelling with you.

  • Excellant Post Red – clever, cute Christmas Post – I have been singing along with the photos. he,he Just SWELL – looking forward to more great posts from Red Downunder in 2013. Cheers, Eh.

  • Just loved this post. Well done, an Aussie original. Hope you had a lovely Xmas.

  • @River – Thank you! I’ll SO do my best to fulful your wishes!!! Hope your Xmas was AWESOME!
    @Manzanita – Yes, all pix are mine!! And the flamenco thing was a total fluke – SO glad it caught you out!!! Merry Xmas!
    @Carole – Look forward to meeting up with you in blogland in 2013 too!!
    @diane b – Same to you, my friend!
    @FruitCake – I don’t really relate to Colly birds and Partridges – so I did my own version! I’m glad I’m not the only one who was satisfied with it!!! Hope your Xmas was superb!
    @VDP – Haha, sadly it’s WAAAAAY too late for the excess food & drink warning! But Xmas is all over now downunder so we can get back to normal!
    @Betty – Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it, and look forward to catching up more often in blogland in 2013!
    @TMWH – As I look forward to relentlessly hunting it down, photographing it and showing it to you! BUT … not sure about finding a real live Yowie! Although Dr Google tells me they’ve been sighted as recently as Jun 2012!!!

  • @eileeninmd – Thank you! Somehow, lords-a-leaping and maids-a-milking don’t quite do it for me, so I thought I’d make my own!
    @TFG – Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it! Xmas all over now downunder – hope yours was awesome too!
    @Filip – I thought there’d be more argument about the 8 Devils Marbles! Try counting the legs on the sunset/fisher/watchers – we can still only see 12!
    @Andrew – SO true! If that little branch Mr K is sitting on gave way, he wouldn’t fall down the tree because those claws would grip HARD!
    @Mark – Thank you, and the same to you!! Even though it’s all over now …
    @Robert Geiss – It’s my pleasure to show them! I hope Xmas is wonderful for you!
    @Rosi + Mike – Well, well, well, what a pleasant surprise! Fancy meeting YOU here!!! And thanx for your good wishes, all 3 had a wonderful Xmas day as we hope you did too!
    @SFlaGuy – It’s easy. They’re stuffed and stapled to the branch!!!

  • Wonderful photographs, and I look forward to seeing more gorgeousness in 2013!

    Oh, my son’s favorite show, Finding Bigfoot, is showing an episode where they are in Oz hunting the Yowie. Should be fun!

  • Great selection. Hope you’re having a happy Christmas Day wherever you are. And beware of excesses, whether for food or drink.

  • lovely! love the aussie style

    merry xmas to you and yours!

    big hugs~


  • you’ll be back, I’ll be back for more of your aussie ‘ventures Red – loved this wind-down to Christmas; WELL DONE!

  • Excellent photos and theme, Red!
    Happy and safe holidays everyone!

  • Love this. Fantastic, each one! Happy Christmas days to you, Pilchard and Barbara. Love from Rosi and Mike

  • Just wonderful Red, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Very clever and topical for your blog and an Aussie Christmas. You have a god one.

  • This is sooooo clever. You took all of the pictures, no doubt. Double clever. I love the lighting on the 12 day one. They shadow people look like they are about to dance Flamenco. You hooked me. Ha
    Merry Christmas

  • This was really great. How clever are you!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may you travel long and often.

  • Fantastic pictures but on the pier, they are not all fishers and I see 13 people. Merry Christmas.


  • Love your 12 days of Christmas. Wonderful. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • There are those bee eaters again. Such a clever posting but those little birds just fascinate me. So how did you get them to pose like that?

  • Thank you for these great impressions very much. Please have you and yours a great Christmas.

  • Very clever. For anyone who thinks koalas are cuddly, take a look at the splayed claws. Ouch!

  • Very cute version of the 12 days of Christmas! I loved it and your photos. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Years!

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