Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #29 – Crocodile Cruise Conveniences!

Last Updated on March 3, 2017 by Red Nomad OZ

Victoria River Cruises Pontoon AND Scenic Loo! Via Timber Creek, Northern Territory
Victoria River Cruises Pontoon AND Scenic Loo! Via Timber Creek, Northern Territory

Maybe the multiple crocodile sightings did it.

Or the 70 km (~45 miles) cruise from the Timber Creek landing to the middle of nowhere.

View from Loo, Victoria River via Timber Creek, Northern Territory
View from Loo via Timber Creek, Northern Territory

Or perhaps the sunset drinks and snacks, taken incongruously in the middle of the crocodile-infested Victoria River were responsible.

Croc-spotting, Victoria River Cruise, via Timber Creek, NT
Croc-spotting, Victoria River Cruise, via Timber Creek, NT

Whatever it was, the public amenities on the purpose-built pontoon where we took a break from crocodile spotting to admire the staggering view were most welcome.

And while they’re not really PUBLIC – use of them comes with passage on the excellent Victoria River Cruise run by Timber Creek locals, Neville & Meredith Fogarty – they’re undeniably scenic!

With an added frisson of excitement – and uncertainty – from the crocs that may – or may not – be lurking all around.

Pontoon Loo Close Up, Victoria River
Pontoon Loo Close Up

After watching a couple of 5-6 metre crocodiles disappear from the riverbank into the water without a trace further upstream, the crocs could be anywhere!

And that included right under our pontoon!!

Praise be for heavy duty steel!!

But after an event-free hiatus aboard the pontoon – that is, if viewing the 360° splendid grandeur of Australia’s wildest river while eating a splendid spread of nibbles washed down with drinks doesn’t count as an ‘event’ – we returned to Timber Creek as the sun set and the moon rose over the river.

Moonrise over the Victoria River, via Timber Creek, Northern Territory
Moonrise over the Victoria River, via Timber Creek, Northern Territory

With a panorama so heart-stoppingly magnificent the crocs were forgotten!

Victoria River Sunset, via Timber Creek, Northern Territory
Victoria River Sunset, via Timber Creek, Northern Territory

This spectacular and unique scenic public toilet is one of 60 amazing loos from all around Australia featured in my book “Aussie Loos with Views!”

Aussie Loos with Views!
Aussie Loos with Views!

It’s a pleasure doing business here – and in all the others!  Have I included YOUR favourites?  Grab a copy and see for yourself!

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  1. You sure did see some big crocs, at least that one in the picture looks big…. huge! Beautiful sunset!

  2. @Dianne – Who cares about the crocs when the view is this good?!
    @Iris – Yes, it’s edging out Lord Howe Island as my favourite!!
    @SFlaGuy – 5-6 FEET? That’s not a croc, that’s a pussycat!! Thank god for reinforced steel …
    @Greg – There is nothing like the Northern Territory light. And the ponloo? First and only time I’ve experienced one!!! Not sure if that is good …

  3. @FruitCake – And even more so in reality!!
    @River – Yes, these are the rewards of retirement. I’m so lucky I got to retire early!!
    @eileeninmd – Loos with views are my specialty!! Hope your week is good too!
    @SaucyKod – Hahaha, great story about your dad! Thanx for the loo pix, will reply soon!!!
    @Aleah – Yes, it’s all about the experience!!!
    @TMWH – Hahaha, you’d be stuck in the middle of a Catch22 all right!!
    @Lauren – C’mon! What’s a few crocs between you & the water?!?!

  4. @Fun60 – Haha, the meaning of life is all around you here!!
    @Cathy – It would have been more adventurous to take a croc-shot while actually on the loo, but I’m kinda glad that didn’t happen …
    @Taken For Granted – Thank you!! The watching was fun – just glad it didn’t turn interactive!!
    @Andrew – Happy coincidence or good management with the moonrise. I’ll leave you to decide …
    @Rohrerbot – The crocs are just a part of life in the far north!! But … I’m glad they kept their distance!!
    @Windsmoke – The moonrise was an unexpected bonus!!

  5. Red, I’m not sure about the ‘ponloos’, but at least it gets the job done I suppose?! Great moonrise as well. All of that lovely light…

  6. I’ve kayaked with 5-6 foot gators and never thought much about it. Meters seems like a whole different thing. As in take a chomp out of a little pontoon boat sort of thing. But for that scenery I would chance it too.

  7. What gorgeous photos, especially that moonrise! It might make me seasick to go in that floating loo, but I suppose that is the right place to get sick!

  8. I’m in awe! That is incredible. Take me with:) Crocs, pontoon…what’s not to love? Very exciting stuff and thank you for sharing:) Glad they didn’t decide to come on board:)

  9. So, I’m sittin in the loo, surrounded by beautiful with this incredible scenery in front of me, relaxed n all – n what’s that noise I hear – CROCS – have managed to learn to climb and are sitting on the pontoon staring at me – quick – up the escape hatch to wait for rescue and look at that beautiful MOON, mate. he,he
    At my Dad’s camp in the Canadian Woods, he would sit in his “LOO” in the early evening, reading the newspaper, with rifle in lap, waiting for that big BUCK to walk through the apple orchard – Yep, you guessed it. Holy CRAP, he shot the bugger one night, and I can still see him running towards the buck, holding onto his pants. Funniest thing ever. Shoulda had a video. Great Stuff as usual Red, hope you got the photos I sent of new LOO in my neck of the woods. Take care now and have a great day.

  10. “Scenic public toilets”…that is so funny, OZ. Can’t imagine crocs swimming around the one on pontoons. You lead quite the adventurous life. Great pictures, as always.

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