World Mountaineering Exclusive! Mt Wycheproof, Victoria

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View from Mt Wycheproof Summit, Victoria
View from Mt Wycheproof Summit, Victoria

It’s getting increasingly difficult to do something that no one else – or at least very few – have done. Even the ‘I’ve-climbed-Mt-Everest’ club is not the insider clique it once was …

Monument, Mt Wycheproof summit, Wycheproof, VictoriaBut conquering Mt Wycheproof, deep in the heart of Victorian Mallee country should cement my mountain climbing credentials once and for all.

Because I’ve now done what WAAAY fewer Mt Everest mountaineers have done!

I’ve climbed the world’s smallest mountain!

According to locals AND Wikipedia, Mount Wycheproof is the smallest registered mountain in the world!! Whether it qualifies as world’s smallest mountain depends, of course, on how a mountain is defined. But as there’s no universally accepted definition that deems it ineligible, I’m calling it!!

Just as well size doesn’t matter …

At only 148 metres (486 ft) above sea level, the peak is actually only 43 metres (~140 ft) above the flat and endless plain on which it sits. Over which it has great views – in an Aussie-Outback kind of way …

The summit overlooks a stretch of the Calder Highway known as ‘Broadway’. Rumour suggests# it was so named by an American-born chemist because it reminded him of New York’s Broadway!

Wycheproof's Broadway from Mt Wycheproof, Victoria
Wycheproof’s Broadway from Mt Wycheproof, Victoria

The resemblance is obvious, isn’t it?!?!

Correa Glabra (Wycheproof form)
Correa Glabra (Wycheproof form)

But the cachet of being one of the few to climb the world’s smallest mountain isn’t the only thrill to be had from conquering this minuscule metamorphic boss!

Add another couple of notches to your ‘world exclusives’ belt with the phosphate-based mineral Wycheproofite and Aussie wildflower Correa glabra (Wycheproof form), both exclusive to the area.

Tragically, the annual ‘King of the Mountain’ race up the 1:6 gradient from the plain to the summit holding a 63 kg (140 lb) bag of wheat ended in 1988, so I won’t need to make excuses be able to challenge for the title.

But … nothing was going to stop me from ascending this magnificent mountain peak!

Queen of the Mountain, Wycheproof, Victoria
Queen of the Mountain, Mt Wycheproof, Victoria

To help you conquer the world’s smallest mountain while it’s still a world exclusive, I’ve included the track notes for our journey to the Mt Wycheproof summit:

  1. Drive up mountain to carpark
  2. Stop to admire and photograph scenic public toilet
  3. Follow the sealed track for ~50 metres to the summit

You’re welcome …

And at over 8.5 km (~ 5 miles) lower than Mt Everest, Mt Wycheproof is MY kind of mountain!

# According to the Great Australia Gazetteer, a handy travel guide/cookbook/map reference to Australia’s weirdest wonders, anyway!!

PS  NEWSFLASH!  The Scenic Public Loo near Mt Wycheproof’s awesome summit appears in MY BOOK Aussie Loos with Views!

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  1. In case you hadn’t heard: The ‘King of the Mountain’ race is back. It was run September 30 2023 and will be back in 2024. The weight has been lowered to 60kg for men but raised to 20kg for women. Now you can challenge for the title.

  2. I did the event in 81-82-83 16th 6 & 10th with 82being 6 th with a time of 6.05 trained with different weighted bags 140 lb first year 180 second & 200 the third year pity they don’t do it anymore

    1. Hey, well done, John! Respect! I only did the lazy climb to the top from the carpark, but would have loved to see the event. Maybe one day they’ll open it up again. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi there,

    I look after WWF-Australia’s photos and would like to ask for your permission to use your photo of “view from Mt Wycheproof Summit”.
    We’re preparing a social media post to promote International Mountain Day on facebook on Friday and would love to be able to use your photo.

    Please feel free to contact me at
    Ideally we would like a photo of the “peak” so if you have an alternative photos that you’re happy to let us use, it’d be great.
    To prepare the post we will need the high res version if possible. The photo will be credited when used.

    Many thanks
    Julie Chaise

    Julie Chaise
    Digital Content & Quality Control Coordinator

    1. Hahaha! Yes, it was a VERY demanding climb – no one can accuse me of NOT suffering for my blog 😀 I just hope that next time I visit they’ve installed a chairlift to save my knees on the way down!!!

  4. I thought the bag of wheat for King of the Mountain was “only” 140 lbs (63 kg).
    It was when I did the run in 1980.
    7 min 45 sec.

    1. OMG, a real live King of the Mountain contestant!! Thanks for dropping in, Hayden – I stand corrected, and this just proves what I’ve suspected all along – you can’t believe everything you read on the web! I’ve corrected the article with your information, and even though the wheat bag is lighter than I first thought, I’m in awe of your achievement!

  5. Hi, I’m from Wycheproof and anyone who reaches the summit of Mt Wycheproof (known locally as ‘The Mount’) can pick up a certificate from the Post Office. We also hold a music festival on the Mount and wonderful sunset dinners. By the way, a couple of extreme wheelchair riders crossing Australia did wheel up and down it – they were very fit though! I can send a photo and a climbing certificate through to you if you send an email to Cheers, Kylie

  6. I used to run (walk with a smoke ) the local school cross country up that mountain, it was quiet a hike back in those days but looking back it was a magnificent view. Will head back to do it again with my kids !

  7. Wow, thanks for the great rap of our mount, glad you enjoyed the view but did you get the certificate for climbing this amazing mount, more proof. We can always send you one!
    Did you happen to note the railway line running down the middle of Broadway, only 2 towns in Australia have this and yes it still runs . The train is for grain freight but still a great site to see. At the moment it is running most days. We have also had some steam trains too.
    Thanks again
    Friends of Mt. Wycheproof

  8. @diane – Happy birthday!! It MUST have come & gone by now while I’ve been MIA … This is a PERFECT record to go for – short of an inland tsunami, it’s virtually a sure thing!!!
    @Diane – Ha! Yes, I’ve head about the plains over your way!! If that’s what you’re used to, the instructions will probably come in handy … just wait for my next Aussie Alphabet – you’ll probably relate to that too!!!

  9. Except for the flora, that could be a shot of somewhere in Alberta! Oh, and thank you for the instructions!

  10. I’ve always said that i want to climb a mountain when I’m 70 (next week) This would be a good one to conquer. Love your humour.

  11. @Ali – Well, if you can’t go for the biggest, go for the smallest!! It’s still a record!!
    @Indrani – Haha, then my work is done!
    @Saucy Kod – Always a pleasure to have you drop in!! Glad you liked it – it’s the sort of record ANYONE can grab!
    @Megan – It’s what I live for! Lots more world exclusives coming up!!
    @SFlaGuy – Nah, all the good stuff is here downunder!!!! Who knew we had the world’s smallest recorded mountain??!! Look forward to your post!
    @TMWH – Well … this mountain wasn’t exactly something I had to train for … but you’ve gotta be right about the loos!
    @Inka – Hahaha! Yes, this is definitely a Manolo-friendly mountain! If only I’d thought of that while I was there …
    @FruitCake – Haha, that’s why it’s my kind of mountain! A short walk from the carpark before lunch; another world exclusive achievement! Gotta love OZ, right?
    @Beach Bum – HHHMMMmmm… sounds great! But you’d be pushing it to find anything quite as riveting as this minuscule mound!
    @PDP – Don’t knock it, there’s a lot to be said for ‘mothers helper’ when you’re so far from home!!! I haven’t been to the real Broadway, but my psychic powers tell me it’s not exactly like this …

  12. I can’t help it, I’m trying to imagine Inka climbing this, albeit the smallest mountain in the world, in her Manolas!! Hilarious post once again Red, the comparison of Calder Highway to Broadway must have been made when said chemist had taken one too many of his ‘mothers little helpers’ haha!

  13. Great post and pictures! When my daughter is a little older I plan on doing some trips like you do. I’d love just to start driving south down towards Florida and just see what I run into.

  14. Sounds like my kinda challenge. Just have to start shaping up, first…or should that be shaping down?

  15. You’ve climbed more mountains than I have, and have the pictures to prove it. I am jealous! Plus, your country has better scenic public toilets!

  16. I’m working on the conversion rate but I think Disney’s Space Mountain is taller than that – and has a roller coaster inside. While I work on the math and plan yet another trip to the Magic Kingdom, check my latest posting. I accepted your challenge of a few weeks ago. Due to the monsoon rains we have been having, I was forced to yet again mine my vast collection of photos and 10 years worth of memories. Looking forward to your commentary.

  17. Great post! Climbing the world’s smallest mountain sure is an achievement…and one to be proud of, for sure! Love it 🙂

  18. Congratulations on your achievement Red. I think this is so Kool. This post is funny, knowledgeable and historical. You crack me up sometimes kiddo. I love the Correa Glabra – this is most pretty. One couldn’t mistake the Monument on the Summit – I like the photo of you “Queen of the Mountain” and all that surrounds you on that cloudy day.
    Great Post and thank you 🙂

  19. I loved this post and this place — and not JUST because I could climb that Mountain. It’s way better than the highest point around here which is a “Mt Trashmore” (stuff at a dump).

    What fun and funny history/geography. And the flower is pretty.

  20. @Magsx2 – I’m guessing the view is a little different to Mt Everest though …
    @Joan E – I saw it in a book and just HAD to visit!! It’s my kind of mountain!
    @Andrew – Hahaha! Yes, I’m sure my achievement has sent shock waves through the mountaineering world!!
    @MJWC – I wish it DID prove that! Sadly, it doesn’t take much training to walk a gentle slope for 50 metres or so …
    @Dina – Now there’s a thought!!! But turning my 3-point track notes into a book? HHHMMMmmm… will have to expand those points a bit first!!!
    @Kath – Haha, living where you do, you must be jealous as hell!!
    @Sallie – Even a wheelchair could make it to the top of THIS mountain!!

  21. That’s an amazing achievement.


    Sometimes people who climb Everest write long books about their ordeals.

    Maybe you should do the same.

  22. Whoooo Hoooo…. goes to show what great shape you are in. You climbed a mountain. Now that you have that under your belt, whats next?

  23. Hi,
    Wow, what a feat, and you have the proof as well. 🙂
    Regardless how high it is, it is a magnificent view.

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