RED Alert #6 – Terri ROCKS Red Rocks!

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Terri climbs Red Rock Canyon!

When Terri sent me some photos of REDRock Canyon, I just HAD to know how she managed to climb it … But wait! I’m getting ahead of myself!!

Terri’s inspiring healthy living blog, My Journey with Candida, is more than the story of how one woman dealt with a debilitating and chronic condition. It’s full of great information, helpful product reviews, recipes and exercise tips.

So how does a grandmother with a hip replacement climb RED Rock Canyon? Can’t wait to find out!
So welcome to RED Alert #6 – and my special guest Terri.

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas
RED: Welcome to RED Alert, Terri. And thanx for those wonderful REDphotos! The rocks are almost TOO RED – if there possibly can be such a thing! Is that colour for real?

Terri: The rocks really ARE the colour they look in the photos!

RED: Where are they?

Terri:  RED Rock Canyon is 15 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA. My pictures were taken while we visited Las Vegas.

RED: I’ve never been to RED Rock Canyon – but it looks a little like places I’ve been in the Australian Outback and desert. What makes them so RED?

Red Rock formation, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas
Terri: The RED sandstone is part of the Navaho Formation, also found in the Valley of Fire, Zion National Park and throughout many parts of the southwestern United States and southern Nevada.
The contrast of RED sandstone layered through gray limestone is impressive against the tall sheer cliff faces as high as 600 metres (~1800 feet). According to Google, anyway!

RED: It must look amazing at sunset – but it’s great against those clear, blue skies! What made you start blogging?
They’re not ALL red!!
Terri: The reason I started my blog was because I could not get Doctors to listen to me. So I started writing down everything I was doing to heal. It started out for my own use, now I get daily emails from people asking for my help healing.

RED: That must be SO rewarding! What kind of blogs do you like reading?

Terri: I frequent all kinds of blogs. I think I go more for the person who writes the blog than the blog itself. I have met so many great people through blogging. Like you, I would never have met you if I didn’t find your blog. You have such a great personality, plus you write like I wish I could … that keeps me coming back. And, your pictures are super.

RED: STOP! I’m blushing …

Terri: But really, I visit such a variety of blogs that I couldn’t tell you just one kind of blog I like.
Layers of red rock at Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas
RED:  So what’s your greatest achievement?

Terri: I climbed a mountain at RED Rock Canyon…. No really, look at the picture (top photo)!
Look … I am even wearing a red sweater!

RED:  I’m SO impressed by that photo of you climbing that rock! Do you wear a lot of RED?

Terri: I wear more RED now than I ever did, not sure why that is.

RED:  It must be my influence! What’s your favourite colour?

Terri: Probably PINK, which is kind of RED … Right?

RED: HHHMMMmmm… OK, I’ll give you that!! So do you have lots of RED around your house?

Terri: My bathroom is the only room with red in it.  RED throw rugs…

RED:  Oh well, you’ve got to start somewhere!! Just like the healthy living journey, I guess. What are your three top tips?

Road to Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas
Terri: My healthy living tips for me – I would never tell anyone how to live – are:

1. Stop eating Sugar – it is poison! LOL… I sure do miss it though!!

2. Neither Candida, Cancer nor parasites can survive in an alkaline body (according to my doctor). So I try to stay on an alkaline diet.

3. Don’t let any grass grow under your feet, get up and exercise.

RED:  Great recommendations, Terri! But I’m glad you didn’t suggest giving up bakery food!! So let’s get back to that amazing photo. What is your rock climbing secret?

Terri: Hahaah … Rock Climbing! That’s really funny. I am the worlds biggest klutz.

RED: But the photo shows you rock climbing at RED Rock Canyon!

Terri’s Rock-climbing tips!
Terri: I just flipped the picture. My Hubs and I got a big laugh out of it because at first glance … well, longer than a glance, my daughter and grandkids thought I was really climbing that mountain. My granddaughter asked my daughter “How can Grandma climb like that with her hip replacement?” It took them awhile to realize I would never climb that high!!

RED: Hahaha! Well, you sure fooled me!! That’s a great trick – I might stealtry it myself!! Thanx for dropping in and sharing that great REDmoment with us!

Terri: Have a great weekend Red. I am sure you are going somewhere exciting.

RED:  It’s been a pleasure!  Girlfriend, you ROCK!  Or should I say RED ROCK!!

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  1. Red Rock Canyon certainly looks like a great place to visit, and I enjoyed finding the secret to Terri’s success in her climb. Thanks for an interesting — and fun — interview.

  2. @PDP – Can’t wait to find my own flat rock and turn it into a cliff!! I’m easily amused …

  3. Excellent interview Red, Terri is an amazing woman, and she has taught me something really fantastic!! I am so out there as soon as I find the right kind of spot and do a bit of her ‘special’ rock climbing haha!

  4. @Grandma Bonnie – I’m so impressed I’m going to try that myself!! I always wanted to be a mountain climber – now Terri has shown me the way!!
    @Sallie – It DOES remind me of some places in OZ – I thought we were the land of RED, but I’m starting to accept there’s more out there than I thought …
    @Diand – You’ve been holding out on me!!! Send me the pix and I’ll send you the questions!!!
    @Miriam – You got that right!
    @Ioana-Carmen – Are you asking me or Terri?!?!?!
    @Aleah – Would LOVE to interview you! Send me the RED pix and I’ll send you the questions! It’s THAT easy!!
    @Liz – It won’t be long before all the blogs I read are full of mountaineers as we all try Terri’s trick!
    @Michelle – RED rocks RED ROCKS!! If that makes sense …
    @Becky Jane – Nothing beats Red rocks in the sunset!!

  5. @Ashley – Isn’t she just?!?! It was a pleasure AND a privilege to interview Terri!
    @Wendy – What hope have we got if it even fooled her family!!
    @Andrew – Well, aren’t you the clever one!!!! LOVED the RED layers – don’t think we can match that downunder, more’s the pity!
    @FruitCake – Weird how the only bloke commenting so far is the only one to claim not to have been fooled!!! Don’t you think?!?!
    @Betty – Thank you! You could be next – you’ve got some marvellous RED pix! Just say the word!!
    @Ann O’Dyne – Thank you, my friend!
    @Mrs Tuna – Oh, no. I’d rather YOU told me about it!! Where’s the pix? I’ll start brushing up on my interview questions …
    @Jayne – Then my work is done! Each interview is a special surprise – they’re all so different!
    @River – Other people’s exploits always make me feel completely inadequate – until I realise that they’re not doing what I’M doing! Same goes for you!!
    @Mary – Well thank you very much! Now I can’t get SH out of my head!!!

  6. @Lisa – Well … if you love the Zion red rocks, you’ll ADORE the downunder red! Come on down!!!
    @KK – Haha, I just thought she was very experienced!! And MUCH braver than I …
    @alissa – I just assume that everyone’s better at climbing than me, so it was easy to believe that this was a real achievement!
    @Saucy Kod – Haha! Well that’s the alternative explanation!! And that one works for me – you always make me laugh!!!
    @Courtney – Aha! So THAT’S why you love the scenic loo series …
    @Terri’s Little Haven – Good on her for fooling us all, I say!!
    @TMWH – Well … YOU could be next – just say the word and hand over the RED pix!!!

  7. Terry and Red, thanks for the entertaining read this morning. It was a fun way to start my Monday! I live in Utah, so we see red rock quite often. They are stunning at sunset!

  8. Oh my gosh this was so much fun! We’re heading to Colorado pretty quick and I might have to try a picture like that…sure the only way I could climb those mountains ;>)….. But before I go I’ll drop into Terri’s blog, one I haven’t seen before. Thanks! (And that red rock country is really beautiful — didn’t it remind you of some places you’ve visited in OZ?

  9. Now that’s mountain climbing I can get behind. Or up. Or down. I’m confused. And this where I admit that my whole house is done in reds. My favourite colour!

  10. But I just kept thinking of Sammy Hagar..which is not someone I usually think of, but….

  11. I know nothing about mountain or rock climbing so of course I thought Terri was really climbing, and I felt a little ashamed of my whinging about a little arthritis when she is climbing with a hip replacement…..guess I got fooled. But a very clever Red post!

  12. If you want to see RED rocks. You should google Sedona, Arizona. It’s about 2 hours from where I live. Amazing.

  13. what a brilliant and informative post, red!
    what a great interview!
    your photos are all stunning!

    thanks for the lovely pictorial tour.

    have a great weekend!

    big hugs!

  14. Well, I fell for it, which either shows I’m not observant, not tired, or just totally unfamiliar with any form of exercise. [maybe all 3]. Great fun.

  15. Wow, no safety lines or anything. Good thing she wasn’t actually climbing anything that steep! Great interview!

  16. Wonderful interview! I love how you make these interviews sound like friends sharing a cup of coffee and chatting.

  17. Super inspiring! Travel can be taxing on even the healthiest person, but having conditions, well…it can make it interesting. Lord knows I have some funny stories (which were not amusing as they were happening) due to my IBS. Great interview and pics!

  18. ha,ha NICE story and when I looked at first photo, I thought to myself, WOW, she is climbing without safety gear, helmet, proper boots n lines. This must be SpiderWoman. Great story red. Sure enjoyed this interview.

  19. @MJWC aka Terri – This was SO much fun! I hope everyone gets sucked in by your climbing skills! Thanx so much for promoting it!!
    @Dennis – She sure is!! You are one lucky man!! Thanx for dropping by!!!

  20. You Rock Red!!. Only you could take my bumbling words and make them sound so exciting.

    When I grow up… I want to be able to write and express myself just like you.

    Thanks so much Red!! I linked this to your blog.

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