Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #18 – The Most Glamorous Little Outhouse in OZ! One Tree Hill, SA

Last Updated on February 23, 2021 by Red Nomad OZ

The Lion and the Loo, Da Vince's Eyes, South Australia
The Lion and the Loo, Da Vince’s Eyes, South Australia

Don’t let the stone lion fool you. We’re not at a garage sale of ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ props.

And don’t be fooled into thinking the building behind the lion is a gatehouse.

Oh no!

It’s an Outback Outhouse.
Or so it was described by the waitress at surreal Art Through Da Vince’s Eyes, a Roman Devonshire Coffee House (a set of words not often seen in the same phrase!) at One Tree Hill in the Adelaide Hills.
Or foothills, to be more precise.
But it’s a rare Outback loo with a chandelier! In fact, the Outback public toilets I’ve encountered generally look more like Scenic Public Toilets #17 (click HERE), #9 (click HERE) or #4 (click HERE)!!

Red in the most Glamorous Little Outhouse in OZ!
Red in the most Glamorous Little Outhouse in OZ!

You’d be forgiven for thinking the loo was somehow channelling Versace!

If I’d been more alert, the eclectic array of statues at the outhouse door would have given me a clue to the opulence within.
Ornate mirror frames, cherubim, ablutions fountain (yes, FOUNTAIN!) and chandelier complete the black tile-lined ensemble.
By a fortuitous coincidence, my outfit perfectly showcased the black tiles’ superb reflective qualities as I stood in the doorway photographing the interior.
And it’s those same reflective qualities I blame for possibly making me look bigger than I really am …
Maybe Narnia was nearby after all …
Outside, the bright perfection of an Adelaide spring day gave no clue to the phantasmagorical other world hidden behind the outhouse doors!
* Pilchard’s brother Wayne was kind enough to take this great perspective shot of Da Vince’s Outback Outhouse from the entrance. I call it ‘The Lion and the Loo’. Got a better name??
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  1. @Tara – Welcome and come back anytime! Plenty more loos a-waiting!! Haven’t been to the OH in many years – look forward to seeing them someday!!!

  2. HA HA HA! I’m not the only Aussie taking photos of impressive toilets. Have you checked out the ones in the Opera House, near the group ticket booth? Architecture in it’s raw form, yet ahead of it’s time. LOVE IT.

  3. @aviewtoathrill – Welcome and thanx! But it’s SO much more than just clean!!
    @Christopher Allen – Haha! So did I!!!
    @Mrs Tuna – Ha! As if I’d ever give up my core feature!!!
    @Tina’s Picstory – Well … it’s just a reflection of me, so not sure if it’s ‘beautiful’!!
    @Jeremy Branham – Me neither!! It’s worth the price of a coffee to get to sit amid such opulence!
    @Jim – Haha, not me!! If it’s there, I’m in!!
    @Stewart M – It lacked only that to make it perfect!!! ‘Money, money, money’ might also work …
    @Christy – Don’t forget – you saw it here first!
    @Aleah – Haha, most of ours too!! This was a welcome change from long-drop composting loos!!

  4. Hi there – what a splendid thing to find – although you have to say some people do have too much spare time on their hands!

    Was there an Abba sound track playing – you know the one – Waterloo! (sorry!)

    Stewart M – Melbourne

  5. A chandelier is a toilet – and a public toilet at that! I can’t even afford that in my home! However, very welcoming place to a pit stop! 🙂

  6. @EGWow – But these are SPECIAL outhouses!!!
    @TriGirl – Exactly!!
    @Diane – haha, good thinking!! And if I give you an email address, maybe you could write to the government and suggest they pay me? Although it might help if they knew you were coming to OZ because of my blog …
    @25BAR – You got that right!! But their absence fills travellers with dread …

  7. @eileeninmd – the building’s hidden in plain sight!! Thanx for coming back!!
    @thepinaysolobackpacker – Welcome and thanx!!
    @Betty – Thanx – it wasn’t so hard to make THIS loo look great!! Problem is, now I’ve raised the bar and don’t know what kind of loo to feature next!!
    @Friko – haha! I actually felt a little underdressed … but it’d be pretty hard to dress to match THIS loo!!

  8. @NJAMB – Not everyday you get a lion guarding your loo! Sadly, that means the picture MUST be lying then …
    @Dhemz – Thanx, same to you too!
    @Natasha – Thanx so much for dropping in!! Glad you liked it – I just HAD to share your fabulous loo with my readers! They’ve already appreciated many other fine Aussie loos – but yours is a cut above!! So great that the lion and chandelier are fixtures – look forward to seeing them both again sometime!!
    @Rajesh – well, I haven’t seen anything like them before either!

  9. How about ‘The Lion, the Watch and the Water closet?’ And I was wondering if the lion serves two purposes. To watch. And to scare the ‘poop’ out of you.
    Works for me!
    Great post. And once more, not something we have in Canada.
    Reason #5 to go and see Australia. Your government should pay you!

  10. …the fact is that only you can write a review so interesting like this one… and make loos look great!

    brilliant photos

  11. Hi Red,

    Natasha here from Art Through Da Vince’s eyes.
    Firstly I would like to say thank you sooo much for your beautifully put together article about our “Glamour outback(word used in jest of course) loo”
    We were very excited and pleased when we stumbled across your blog. Such a beautiful write up about our place it is tresured and touching to us.
    As you may already know my father has done all the painting and together with my uncle and brother in law, created all the beautiful statues and tables etc.
    The ceiling rose in the toliet is actually my dad’s favourite peice.
    A customer once asked “why put it there then?”
    His response “so no one can make me sell it, and everyone can enjoy it”

    The lion is one of my dad’s pride and joy. All our customers enjoy sitting on him, taking photo’s and patting him. He is a permanent fixture (who quite often roams around the yard to find a new place to guard)- a part of our family he will NEVER leave our home =0)

    Thank you again Tash x please follow link to see more details about us and our family home/cafe.

  12. I would have never thought there was an outhouse there. It is pretty and very unique! Great shots, have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. That lion statue sets the tone. He lets you know that you are in for a treat!

    P.S. You don’t look big in that picture at all. 🙂

  14. @Saucy Kod – Yeah, lucky me! But you DO realise this isn’t really an ‘Outback’ loo, don’t you?!?!
    @Andrew – The building’s so much bigger than a standard outhouse too! And I DID have a foray across the Murray to a fine Mildura bakery a few months back – does that count?? Happy Birthday again!
    @Elizabeth – yes, and the most unexpected! Thanx for dropping by!
    @Sallie – to which I reply – ‘why not??’!!
    @Dianne – you may have more luck than I did photographing the interior! A bit too much for my point & click film camera …
    @Journey Jottings – VERY different!! But also SO not Outback!! Just between us, I think some of my readers were put off by the thought of using some of the more spartan facilities!
    @Michelle – I just hope they don’t sell the lion! It’s absence would be noticed … by me, anyway!!

  15. @PDP – You speak, of course, of #15 – Lord Howe Island!! But this one doesn’t need a view …
    @SFlaGuy – Wondered why I had 100’s of page views yesterday!! No, hang on, that’ll be because a cool person stumbled the loo (so to speak)!! Never mind, I’m so grateful just to have played a humble, behind-the-scenes role in your fame …
    @Manzanita – I couldn’t get any sort of decent interior perspective – other than the chandelier … I guess some folks might find the lion off-putting as it stands guard near the loo – maybe that’s why there’s a stone table of magazines inside!

  16. @Sujatha – Welcome! And thanx – other than a zoo or circus, it’s the closest I’ll get to a lion downunder!!
    @Jackie – It’s nice to go in comfort! To save you some time, this is the most opulent to date – it may NEVER be toppled from this position! And yes, I’m weaning myself onto a digital camera …
    @FruitCake – Hahaha! Actually, I’ve never seen a loo this glamourous even in someone’s home, let alone a public convenience!
    @River – Sorry, didn’t think! We’ll see what can be done …
    @Annabel – This is my guide to OZ’ scenic public loos – but every now & then different one creeps in … actual loo is an unremarkable flushing loo – I was disappointed it wasn’t black …
    @Kath – Haha! But it’s SUCH a thrill, one pee just isn’t enough!!

  17. How splendorous!
    Quite different to some of those more outback locations you’ve highlighted –
    But then I guess that is Australia for you – diverse 🙂

  18. Hi Red,

    You know when I was traveling in Central America with my three kids I often joked I should write a guide book to the loos of Central America.

    I see you are doing just that for the Outback!

    With the chandelier and all it sounds like this would be a memorable pit stop.

    Tell me – is there a flush toilet inside?! Longdrop? I want to know more!

  19. It is a rather nice lavatory. How cool is the door! In Victoria, where you never set foot, we have a One Tree Hill too. Except someone chopped the one tree down.

  20. Aaah, to pee n pooith in STYLE – oh, Red, you got it made kiddo. I really like and have to admit, “if I’m gonna do the job, it has to be in #18”. Best so far. Great Post n Photos 🙂

  21. “The Lion watch-ith and wait-ith for who goe-ith.”
    Did you take pictures of the inside? Is the outside door art-decco? So many questions you’d think I never saw a loo before. Some friends had one with a little library in the corner but it only made the line longer. 🙂
    Too bad you and River missed each other. It would have been fun to hear about it.

  22. I’ve been to the Versace mansion many times down in South Beach Miami. They have never once let me do more than poke my camera lens through the giant iron gate out front. I suppose if I want to enjoy that type of opulence, I will just have to travel down under.

    I referenced you in todays posting. Tell all your friends. Let them know how much I love the little people who have made me an international blogger….. That’s you! Take a bow.

  23. ‘The Lions Den’?? It is nice Red I’ll give you that, BUT it still doesn’t beat NO.? the one with the most fantastic views, I just can’t remember the number!!

  24. I live so close to One Tree Hill, yet I’ve never been there, and you were there just this month!!
    If you’d emailed me I would have taken the day off and caught a bus out there to meet you! By now you’re probably states away.

  25. Another unmissable post, and the title is poifeck.

    In the middle of nowhere is it not just design but “interior design”?

  26. After looking at the other three I think I prefer #18 so far, but I’ll have to look at the rest now. I hope the ‘marble’ above one of those other dunnies doesn’t suddenly decide to roll.

    A fascinating subject, I once went into an Italian ‘loo’ along the highway from Milan to Rome and I thought I’d walked into a palace, not like our motorway ‘comforts.’

    Don’t you just hate the way glass and tiles magnify everything..?

    Do you ever use a digital camera? With the hundreds of pics I’ve taken over the last few months I would be bankrupt if I still used film.

  27. @Memphis Steve – Haha! I’m not sure if OZ women who photograph public toilets (OWWPPT) are rare or not!! Check out the rest of the collection to see if my pix are the best …
    @Raymond – Well … I haven’t seen ANY loos this flashy before!
    @Windsmoke – suprisingly, the loo itself was unremarkable. And yes, that really IS me!!
    @Magsx2 – The ceiling rose in which it’s set is AMAZING!!!

  28. Now that’s what i call a really posh loo indeed, wouldn’t be surprised if it had a gold plated seat as well. Is that really you in the reflection Red? :-).

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