Red Alert #1 – Holes in my Soles goes to AFRICA!

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Developing ‘My FavouRED OZ Things’ was ALMOST as much fun as finding a new OZ Scenic Public Toilet!!  So much fun, I didn’t stop at one … and ‘My FavouRED OZ Things #2’ became an entertaining (for me!) way of fulfilling my guest post promise on Jim’s wonderfully diverse travel blog ‘Holes in my Soles’!

Q:  But what’s BEYOND the marvellous RED of OZ??

A:  RED ALERT of course!!

Q:  What’s RED ALERT??

A:  Glad you asked!  A unique opportunity for RED lovers around the world to share their amazing RED travel pix on Amazing Australian Adventures!  Oh, and an EXCLUSIVE interview with Red Nomad OZ!

SO … a big round of applause to Jim for agreeing to be the guinea pig my first RED ALERT guest!!

Red dunes of Sossusvlei, Namibia

Red warning signs! South Africa

Red ochre covered Himba women, Namibia

RED: Jim, these photos are amazing! Where were they taken?
JIM:  South Africa, Namibia and Botswana: these countries can hook you with the excitement of a wild animal popping out of the bush unexpectedly and frightening the cr*p out of you! Can’t get enough of that!
RED: All three countries look fascinating – I particularly LOVE that sign – but what attracted you to Botswana as a travel destination?
JIM: A very tempting offer to ride shotgun on a stagecoach leaving at High Noon from Pretoria for Victoria Falls and return. As front passenger in the lead 4WD, I got all the best views as it’s the following vehicles that have to stay well back for the dust to settle. Downside though is the vehicle coming at us that doesn’t stop in time will get us…as happened!
Makgadikgadi Pans Sunset, Botswana
RED: The sunset shots are magnificent! But how can you tell it’s in Botswana and not elsewhere – OZ, for example?
JIM: Those parts of Africa are known for the fiery red and orange sunsets. The fine dust of the red soil hangs in the atmosphere creating incredible colours when the sun is at low angles morning and night. Even more so than Australia’s Red Centre. Especially awesome to have elephant or giraffe silhouetted against a setting sun.: nowhere else you can see that.
RED: I’m SOOOOOO jealous!  That’s never going to happen in OZ!!!
Makgadikgadi Pans Sunrise, Botswana
RED: What was your most memorable Botswana experience??
Red guys insisting “Pay up mate!”
JIM: Still to reveal the tale about that. Let’s say in just one  day all of this was packed in – bogged vehicles, road smashes, bureaucracy hassles, elephants up close and playing hide-and-seek with 4 lions in the dark will make for exciting reading. I can’t wait to go back!

RED: ARRRRGGHH!  Can’t wait to hear about it!

RED: I love the hornbill! Just how close did you have to get for that shot? 

JIM: That was an extraordinary sighting! Kruger Park. That guy just strolled out of the bush with his partner who is rather drab in comparison. He stopped, preened himself, then when he was ready he promenaded one way then the other showing off, then walked right up to the car, pecked my camera and said “OK. Show is over. Pay up!” Love that brilliant red face and crop.

RED: I guess the elephant was even MORE scary to photograph – I don’t care that it’s not red!  What are some of the hazards of wildlife photography?
JIM: Looking through the viewfinder trying to get that great shot, you can be so engrossed that you forget how close the lion is getting. I looked up once to realise the lioness could have lunged against the wire fence and had me.
RED: Have you ever decided against taking a photo because it’s just too dangerous?
Chobe National Park. Not red but lovely.
These guys wanted past and walked up to our bullbars.
JIM: When you are surrounded by elephants with their knees brushing the bullbars, and others whose tusks are scraping the side windows you don’t make any unnecessary move nor point anything at them that they may interpret as a threat. Best put the camera down, sit quietly, and enjoy every second…as it may be your last.
RED: How long have you been blogging?
JIM: Almost two years. Started off as an attempt to chronicle our travel experiences, then people from all over started popping up saying they enjoyed reading my stuff. Thought I had better get better at it, and give them more. Amazing that now when I’m travelling everything is looked at more intensely, with a view on how it should be written about or photographed.
RED: Yes, looking at the world through blogging lenses sure does change a travel experience!  Luckily, for the better!!
RED: How has your blog changed since you started blogging?
JIM: I suppose the writing has improved. Gee, I cringe when I go back to the early posts, and re-write and edit a lot now. Still some cringe factor there, don’t look anyone!.
RED: What’s your proudest blogging achievement (apart from guesting on my
blog, of course)?
JIM: Blog4NZ took off early this year after I floated an idea on a Facebook travel group. We have had a big dip in tourism – the Japanese tourists stopped coming, the financial meltdown and the perception much of the world had of New Zealand after the Christchurch earthquakes sadly affected decisions to travel here. Blog4NZ saw 1,000’s of travelbloggers writing, and sharing across Social Media 100’s of positive artices about why travel here should still be done. Proudest moment was when Tourism NZ got in behind our effort!
RED: Including me – it was an AWESOME initiative!  What types of blogs do you enjoy reading?
JIM: I enjoy – reading about outback dunnies right here. I like to know where they are, you never know when you got to go.
RED: Haha!  Well … you kind of HAD to say that, didn’t you?!?!
JIM: Barbara has a great site, about places she’s been to that I have been to or want to get to, writes in a very good interesting narrative style. Seems to get deeper into places, people and culture than many writers.  Visit Barbara at

Norbert does a very interesting travelblog for things South/Central America. Now on his round the world trip I’m following this intrepid and interesting writer. Hope he makes it downunder for a beer or three.  Visit Norbert at
There’s a fun, likeable, good all round life blogger who rides bucking broncos through the English language I like to keep tabs on. Roy has a marvellous take on life.  Visit Roy at

A J Poliquit stands out for me as a travel writer. He’s eloquent with words, not grandly so, but engaging and at times funny.  Visit AJ at The Transcendental Tourist
Kris is great. Fun girl, and you’ll love reading her work.  Visit Kris at Absurd traveler.
RED: I look forward to checking them out!  What’s your biggest blogging turn off?
JIM: List articles. “5 things you need to know about…” A real turn off. Shopping list travel writing. I like reading people’s perceptions of places and about their experiences.
RED: Jim, it’s been a pleasure.  But have you got any more red stuff for us before you go?
Chobe River sunset, Chobe National Park, Botswana.
Damaraland Sunrise, Namibia.
Thanx so much, Jim!  Those African REDS are amazing, and will be a hard act to follow for my next RED ALERT guest. 
Next RED ALERT guest?  Who’s that, you ask??
Glad you asked again.  It could be YOU!!!  If YOU’VE got some RED travel shots that show off YOUR part of the world, you could be the star of RED ALERT #2!  Or #3 or #4 …
Contact me via my blogger profile page if YOU want to see your name in (RED) lights – I look forward to bringing you more Round the World REDS soon!!
Let Jim & I know what you think about the inaugural RED ALERT#1 below!  We’ll do our best to keep up with responding to the overwhelming avalanche of comments …
See you next time!

PS  For more information about Jim, check out these links:
Jim McIntosh
Shoemaker & Travel Blogger

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  1. @Cathy – Thanx for dropping by!
    @NJAMB – Thanx! It seems to have worked, doesn’t it??!!
    @Dianne – yes, it was a great collection – so diverse!!
    @Beach Bum – Couldn’t agree more!
    @Friko – I think I’ve put everyone else off, as Jim’s pix will take some beating!
    @Stewart M – Haha! But have I beaten you to it? Check out my next post!!

  2. @Sallie – Yeah, I like a change of pace too!
    @Mary – Thanx!
    @Betty – I doubt I’d see a better sunset anywhere!
    @Michelle – that’s why I love it!
    @PDP – What I’m loving is finding out more about other people! Never knew you lived in Africa – got any RED pix??
    @25BAR – I suspect it’s one of those magic spots where it’s impossible to take a bad photo!

  3. @Andrew – Well, that’s just one of the many fabulous reasons you have for visiting my blog, right??!!
    @Roy Durham – Welcome, and thanx! Glad you liked it!! Are you my next contributor??
    @Jayne – You’re so poetic! Glad you enjoyed these stunning pix – I’ve got a lot to live up to now!
    @River – I love OZ, but these are an amazing change of pace!
    @Diane b – Thanx! And loving your latest series!!
    @Manzanita – So are you up for a challenge?? Why not be #2??!!
    @Alessandra – Such a compliment to be put in the same category as Jim!

  4. @jenny – does this mean you’d like to participate? Let me know!
    @Diane – Thanx! Hope you enjoyed the others – but also that you keep coming back here!
    @lakwatsera – I hope he too appreciates the honour …
    @Calogero – Yes, they put mine to shame! I’ll have to brush up my skills!
    @Will-Gap Daemon – Well, stick around! But I’ll only be doing RED here – wanna volunteer??!!
    @Ravenmyth – Welcome, and thanx!
    @AJ – Yeah, don’t know what Jim’s worried about – I’ve always enjoyed his blog! Thanx for dropping by!

  5. @Jane & Lance – Thanx! Does this mean you have RED pix for me from your travels?? Do tell!!
    @SFlaGuy – Hahaha, video would be too distracting! This way, the focus is on Jim’s amazing pix!
    @Lisa – I don’t care that they’re not red either! Thanx for dropping by!
    @Magsx2 – How weird that everyone’s fave shot is the only NOT-RED one??!!
    @Norbert – welcome, and thanx! Look forward to checking out your blog!
    @John in France – Welcome to you too! Come back anytime!!
    @Barbara Weibel – Thanx for dropping in! Glad you enjoyed the pix!

  6. Hi there – what a great post – will look forward to more redness. Will try to find more greenness to keep up the contrast!

    Stewart M – Melbourne

  7. congrats to you and Jim.
    Wonderful idea; if the pictures that come are going to continue to be as spectacular as these, then this will be a feast for the eye.

  8. Some amazing brush strokes of red from another corner of the world – with an eclectic mix of subjects – I so enjoyed the ride. Thanks to you both.

  9. Red Alert! That was great! I can’t wait to see more!

    This is a great idea, in case you didn’t notice…

  10. Stunning photographs and a great post! A huge thanks to Jim for sharing his adventure with us.

  11. Fantastic post Red. I especially loved Jim’s red pictures as I lived in Africa for over fifteen years and I remember those spectacular sunrises and sunsets so well. We used to drive down to Kariba Dam and watch the elephants and many other animals cross over the cleared space between the huge electricity pylons in the early morning and evening, magical to the max!! Love your RED picture post idea and look forward to the next one.

  12. I love this post! Red is such an amazing colour when you see it in nature because it’s so unexpected but eye-catching. 🙂

  13. that’s a great article. i really enjoyed every single word of it.

    i’m stunned by the views and the orange sunset photos are really terrific!

    have a great weekend!

  14. Thanks everyone, Glad we surprised you with an African safari instead of Australia. It’s been fun, so I really have to thank Red Oz Nomad for the opportunity. Hopefully there’ll be others showing Red over here.

  15. What a great post. I enjoyed every word of it and the accompanying photos are stunners. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  16. Thanks Red, for hosting Jim. Great interview. He sure did have the goodly supply of Red photos. Lovely. Baby elephants are little scene grabbers. The bodies of the young nubile Himba women always look so innocent and free of inhibitions. That was a great 1st. Hard act to follow. Ha

  17. Red Alert met his match. The photos are wonderful. Bleeding reds all over. Brilliant interview as well. Got to know the man behind the blog a lil bit more. Crunge-worthy post? Haven’t seen any in this site. 🙂

    Thanks for the honorable mention, Jim! Pressure. Haha!

  18. Great Idea…I have never seen such depth within the colour of Jim’s photo’s…wow, now that is some amazing red…love the way you wove an interview into the photos…Jim’s work is really great…good first pick…

  19. What a great idea. You both did well. The photos a reddy good. Nothing beats the red of africa, I found a bit of red in WA recently. Thanks for the added travel blog sites. I’m off to visit.

  20. All of these photos are so stunning! Those amazing sunsets…the elephants and the red ochre covered women selling their craft work.

  21. Wow! That’s an amazing set of RED photos, Jim and many thanks for including me in your list of blogs you like to read and for your very kind comments. Of course, you know I feel the same way about your blog. Now I have to go check out the others…

  22. This guinea pig had a very enjoyable time answering all the questions and posting these pics. And yes Andrew, elephant herds will be matriarchal, a top matriarch is boss, with many adult females as lieutenants looking after their young and everyone else’s. So that would probably be its mum with aunties assisting. Young males are forced out in their 15th year and will wander alone of with a couple of other males.
    That was just one close encounter. Incredible experience to be so close that you could reach out and touch them as they finally walked around us.

  23. Wow, I love those photos, particularly the sunset ones at the end, those clouds look like rollers at the beach and the sky a gorgeously warm pool to slip into 🙂

  24. Interesting read. I never thought of Botswana as being particularly endowed with things red. The sunset pictures are amazing. I assume that would be a mother elephant with her young, and an aunt or older daughter. Thanks to you both.

  25. What a god dang beast of an idea for an interview series.

    I’m interesting if you’ll be following up with a blue hour?

    I’d love to see what our finest travel photographers have for us in this area!

  26. What fun! And what a marvelous idea! Now I have two places to go, if I ever get to travel . . . And it’s so nice to find out about the other blog sites as well!

  27. What a great idea Red Alert is. I love your red photos Jim and the cute elephants. The sunsets are incredible in Africa and your photos of them are fabulous. I also love the photo of the Himba people- they fascinate me. Namibia is on the bucket list!

  28. Good to see you here Norbert. If you get to Aussie get in touch with Red Oz Nomad…she’ll show you the best dunnies around.

  29. This was a really fun interview to read! Kudos to both of you! Jim, the images are spectacular. They only make me want to with is March already so I can be in Africa seeing those sceneries in person.

    Also, thanks for the mention! Very much appreciated.

  30. Hi Magsx2, amazing and adrenaline rush place for sure. I think we’ll head back!
    Thanks everyone, been a pleasure to share these pics.

  31. SFlaGuy, I moved away from video and concentrated on photo because of the amount of gear I was having to carry, but now I have upgraded my camera I’ll be shooting more video again. Amazing how technology is improving.

  32. Hi Jane and Lance, when Red asked me to write this I knew I had plenty of Red sunset/rise photos but I was surprised how many Red photos of other subjects I had. So it’s been fun doing this.

  33. Hi,
    Amazing photo’s, great interview. Africa is such an amazing place, and the elephants how cute is that baby Ahhhhhh.

  34. Hello Red:
    We think the idea of Red Alert to be a super one. The idea of travelling the globe with all its redness is so appealing. A creative idea and, this, the first post has certainly launched the idea in style.

    It was so interesting to ‘meet’ Jim and we look forward to reading about other Red Travellers in future posts.

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