Signs#16 – Are you sure?

Last Updated on September 15, 2014 by Red Nomad OZ

Sultana Point, South Australia

Pushing through the shrubs growing closely together over the old coast road was a bit of a giveaway.  So were the trees – now quite large – that broke through down the centre of the old bitumen surface.

Under the plants, piled up rocks that rendered the track impassable to anything larger than a bicycle gave a further clue.

I was starting to piece the evidence together …

It was a long shot – but could it be possible I wouldn’t have to look out for any vehicles while enjoying a walk through this phalanx of unrelieved undergrowth?

HHHMMMmmm… the indications were ALMOST conclusive, but what if I was mistaken??

How could I be absolutely sure???

Did I – or ANY walker for that matter – have the skills to resolve such a vital dilemma????

Then I saw it.  Praise be for the responsible adult/s who removed all lingering doubt with this official decree!

Yes, the road is indeed closed!!

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  1. closing roads can be a wise thing (am i saying wise)and i’d enjoy an early morning walk.

    betty xx

  2. @SaucyKodz – Wow, that’s WAAAAY early for a walk!! But you’re right – that’s the best time!!
    And no traffic works for me too!
    @LV – don’t underestimate the internet!!! And I’m far too paranoid to take unnecessary risks – but thanx for your concern all the same!
    @Magsx2 – I’m grateful we DO have signs like this in OZ; where would my blog be without them?!?!?!

  3. Hi,
    I really love how the sign is covered over with bush, obviously no one from the local council ever goes there to make sure everything is right. I really laugh at signs like this and lets face it we have a few in OZ. They take the time to get the sign made, and then install it, and then forget about it. LOL.

  4. You are too far away to tattle to my neighbor. I hope you do not get hurt or lost on one of your wild outings.

  5. Aah, I’d like to close my road – cars whizzing by above the speed limit all the time – please give me a job to sit on the side of the road and just write down all the license plates of speeders.
    Nice to go for a walk and not have “things” whizzing by.
    Fog early morning – great way to start day for walk with PJ. Up at 6am and back at 7:30, just as sun was breaking through fog. Nice n quiet – no one on their way to work yet 🙂
    Have a great day

  6. @Windsmoke – more like a leisurely ramble, I’m afraid!!
    @Dianne – yes, nice to have my suspicions confirmed … but as one of my Twitter pals suggested, maybe the funding was there to put the sign up, but not to take it down again!
    @Marshall Stacks – Yeah! I SO need special warning about snakes – they’re my pet hate!! And better to be a Tweader than a Twanker!!
    @River – A shame the signs aren’t portable! But I’m guessing no one would miss this one if you wanted to borrow it …

  7. @Andrew – Well, I was pretty happy about it too, as it made an excellent pic!!
    @PDP – weirdly, it’s actually named after a ship, not the fruit! Go figure …
    @Linda – I didn’t actually realise anyone would think the road was still open!!
    @Manzanita – I hope there’s a special hell reserved for dune buggies, jet skis and mad-ass 4WD drivers! And if you were in OZ for the 4th of July, it’d actually be the 5th!! How good is that?!?!
    @Alessandra – wash your mouth out, girl!! GPS?? Who needs one of those for a walk along the coast??!!

  8. That sign needs to be just a smidge taller.
    I’d like to close my road. Just for a day.
    Ha Ha, imagine the chaos!

  9. superfluous sign should be saying ‘Do Not Walk Red Nomad, For Beyond Here Be SNAKES’

    thanks for Twitter meet-up, though I don’t Tweet, I just Twead others.

  10. That sign has definitely passed its used by date a long time ago. Nothing like a brisk walk instead to get the blood pumping :-).

  11. It seems like it has been closed for a while now (or vegetation is really fast in the desert). Did the GPS said anything :-)!

  12. Praises Be!! Blah on motorized vehicles when you are on a lovely walk with nature. I used to live on the beach in Florida and hated it when those sand dune things whizzed along the shore line. Poor Cody….. 3 sleepless nights in Montana. One more to go. Next year I’m coming to Australia during our 4th of July.

  13. Nice to have a walk without vehicles of any kind whizzing past, love the ‘fruity’ name of that Pass Red.

  14. Nice piece of history. While I am somewhat of a council botherer, I like that the sign and barricade are still there.

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