OZ Scenic Public Toilet #40 – Mt Wellington, Tasmania

Last Updated on March 1, 2017 by Red Nomad OZ

Mt Wellington Loo from the Summit, Hobart, Tasmania
Mt Wellington Loo from the Summit, Hobart, Tasmania.  Oh!  AND the view!

Spotting a scenic loo was a FAIL on my first Mount Wellington ascent 30 minutes up from Hobart’s docklands on the River Derwent 1271 metres below.

But I didn’t care.

Mt Wellington Summit View
Mt Wellington Summit View, on my first ascent

After a LOOOOONG conference, I had a few hours to kill before heading back to the mainland. Hanging out at the airport with the same work buddies I’d been closeted with for the last four days wasn’t going to do it for me. But seeing something other than the inside of the conference room might.

The bus tour I found – so long ago that a house with a killer view on Battery Point could still be purchased for around $250,000 – promised Hobart highlights including a trip to the summit, then delivery to the airport. I signed up on the spot.

Cloud on Mt Wellington
Cloud on Mt Wellington

In my defence, my now carefully cultivated loo-lover credentials weren’t even embryonic back then. That’s the only reason I have for not noticing whether or not the summit even had a relief station*, let alone one with a view.

And there on the summit, just over 200 years since its first recorded ascent, with the staggering scenery and extraordinary panorama spread out before me, I vowed to return.

Mt Wellington from the Air, Tasmania
Mt Wellington from the Air

Fast forward to March 2014 and a 10-day teaser trip to Tasmania departing two days after we seized the day and decided to go.

(Aside: It IS possible to get jet-lag despite the relatively short distance from Adelaide to Hobart. At least it is if you get up at 3:00 am, stash the car in long-term parking and take two flights separated by a 3 hour wait, lug your baggage all over Hobart airport until you find the car hire terminal, drive through unfamiliar streets to your accomodation, then hit the tourist trail and Mount Wellington by mid-afternoon).

This time I’d done my research.

Mt Wellington Loo AND View!
Mt Wellington Loo AND View! Hobart, Tasmania

So the upmarket architect-designed loo perfectly placed to catch as much of that amazing Mount Wellington view as it possibly could wasn’t a complete surprise. The glass-fronted amenities block made multitasking on the mountain-top too easy with that killer view almost as good from inside as out.

Better if you’re a toilet tragic like me.

Even climbing the summit was anti-climactic after THAT!

And it just happened to tie in with the deadline for my first book Aussie Loos with Views! Coincidence? You decide!

Aussie Loos with Views!
Aussie Loos with Views!


Mount Wellington is one of over sixty dunnies of distinction from all around Australia featured in Aussie Loos with Views! illustrated with glorious colour photos! It’s the perfect answer to almost ANY gift giving dilemma – with the possible exception of your 90 year old granny. It’d even do her if she has a wicked sense of humour!

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Want MORE?

* ‘Relief station’ = yet another euphemism for ‘Toilet’. Add it to the list along with amenities, bathroom, can, conveniences, dunny, john, lavatory, loo, potty, privy, thunderbox, toilet, water closet (although that one does have a mildly disturbing mental image).

Do you know any more? Let me know in the comments below! It’d be sick great to have the whole A-Z, yes?!

Mt Wellington from Hobart, Tasmania
There’s a LOO up there!!  Mt Wellington from Hobart, Tasmania

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  1. Red, I just have to know – did you leave the door of the loo open like I did as the view was too beautiful to miss on the day we were there. It was bitterly cold and it was good to view nature while answering the call of nature!

    1. Haha, Annj – I would have left the door open but it was a lovely day with WAY too many people around! I actually found it difficult to get my shots because every time I lined one up, someone would come in to the loo!!! Next time I’m hoping it’s quieter 😀

  2. comfort station, rest room, facility. And what an amazing view! If I drank two coffees I could stare at that all day with a good excuse for not leaving the loo.

    1. Oh well done, River! How could I forget those loo names?!?! And you don’t ACTUALLY have to drink those two coffees, you know – just stay there anyway!! At least it’s out of the wind!!

    1. Kozue – us mainland Australians think Hobart is very far away from Australia!! And you’re right – this is one of Australia’s most scenic loos! Glad you liked it!!

  3. Wow that is one loo with a view! Tassie is one of the several places on my bucket list. I have been to Hobart once many years ago and would love to hire a campervan and do a drive around the island. Euphenisms for toilets that I know of are the crapper, the men’s, the lady’s, rest station, starter’s box and the urinal!

    1. Haha, Kathy! I’ve never heard ‘starter’s box’ before!! Maybe that means I’ve lived a sheltered life 😀 Next trip to Tassie is SO going to be longer than 10 days – and we plan to tow our camper trailer. NOW … all we need to do is fit it in somewhere!

  4. Hi Red,

    I’m a hit and run kind of guy. Loos are not the sort of place where I want to multitask, but I appreciate your enthusiasm for life’s fundamentals. And looking at it this way, I guess it’s also another excuse to go somewhere, which in my book is always a good thing!

    P.S – the shitter? And I like thunderbox.

    1. Haha! I guess it depends on what’s actually being multi-tasked 😀 I’ve turned my loo-loving dunny detection skills into a book, so I guess I have an ulterior motive. Partner Pilchard’s obsession is birding, so between the two of us there’s always somewhere to go off the beaten track!! ‘Shitter’ has a certain subtlety about it, doesn’t it?!?!?!

    1. Haha, Yum! That’s what WE said – until this year when we made a snap decision to just GO! Although we have no regrets about going, our 10 day trip wasn’t nearly long enough! But yes, it’d be hard to go from Asia, although with the range of gourmet produce in Tassie, you may be able to get some freebies?!?!

  5. While we have been to Hobart, I am at a loss to know why we did not visit the mount. We didn’t have a car for most of the time, and that could be why. The views looks breathtaking.

    1. Andrew, you could probably see the Mount from pretty much anywhere you went in Hobart! You’d need a car (or a driver of some sort!!!) to get to the summit – I’m not sure how much of Tassie you can see on a clear day, but it’s one of the best views in OZ!

  6. I can’t remember if I went to the loo at Mt Wellington. Possibly not! It was so bitterly cold that I wouldn’t have wanted to pull anything down to go! I have never felt so cold. It was blowing a gale and I would hate to guess at the wind chill factor. brrr…….. But yes, spectacular views.

    1. Haha, that presents a very disturbing mental image, Jill! I guess I’ve been lucky – my 1st Tassie trip was in Summer, and my 2nd in Autumn during a warmish spell. Even so, I WOULD like to see it with snow sometime!

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