RED Alert #12 – RED is for LIFE!

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Sunset at Karalee Rock

I’m honoured to have travel writer, photographer and blogger extraordinaire – and loud, proud West Aussie – Jill Harrison as my twelfth RED Alert guest! Jill’s blog, Life Images by Jill is required reading for her wonderful Aussie travel adventures, amazing photos – food, flowers AND travel – along with her generous share of some of her secrets to success in these fields.

Embarrassingly, I’ve broken most of the rules for success with a LONG hiatus from blogging; a change of name and site; and a fail in the ‘visiting other blogs’ department. Even more embarrassing is the amount of time it’s taken to publish this interview – complete with Jill’s AMAZING photos! So to make the long wait worthwhile, I’ve included links to Jill’s posts because I know you’ll want to read more!

Purnululu Mini Palms
Purnululu Mini Palms

But for now, just sit back, relax and see RED!

RED: Welcome to RED Alert, Jill! What’s your favourite colour?

JILL: It must be RED! I even have a RED car! Ever since I have been able to choose what car to buy I have bought a red car! I really like blue – blue sky, blue oceans, blue wildflowers, but I really don’t have much in the way of blue clothes.

RED: Well, for that you get the BLUE name! You’re already an established travel writer and photographer – what made you start blogging?

JILL: I started blogging as a way to showcase and promote my work, to show that I was a serious writer/photographer, to give would-be editors/buyers somewhere to see my work, and to have a permanent record of my work. Looking back over my blog from when I started in July 2008 till now, it has changed a lot. I am a lot more confident and freer with what I publish on my blog now. I think I should go back and update some of my old posts!

Rose Centre
Rose Centre

RED: Don’t go changing! You’ll lose the that permanent record! What are your top 5 blogging tips?


  1. Have quality work that people will want to read or see:

  2. Blog regularly

  3. Edit and re-edit your work

  4. Have quality images to illustrate your writing.

  5. Read and comment on other people’s blogs. Looking at other blogs, and getting a readership going helps, as you begin to know what people are interested in reading and seeing on your blog, and you get more confident as your readership increases. Link-up parties are also a good source for collecting more readers.

RED: HHHMMMmmm… looks like I’ve got a LOT of catching up to do! Apart from RedzAustralia, which blogs are required reading for you?


In no particular order:

  1. Jo Castro’s Lifestyle Fifty and Zigazag

  2. Communal Global

  3. Lisa at Red Willow Photography

  4. Tartelette

  5. Liz at The Red Bistro

  6. Jan at Budget Travel Talk

  7. Jill’s Tour Downunder Western Australia

RED: I look forward to catching up with all of those now my blog’s back on track! What was the highlight of visiting the Australian War Memorial in Canberra?

War Memorial, Canberra

JILL: Placing poppies next to the names of my great-uncle who died within the first few days of the Gallipoli campaign, and my husband’s uncle who died in a prisoner of war camp in Burma in World War 2. You should allow at least a whole day to visit, there is so much to see.

RED: What’s been your most emotional travel experience?

JILL: My son likes to tell people that I cried when we left the Thorny Bush Game Reserve in South Africa. We had a truly amazing wonderful experience and really got to know the guides and staff well as it was a small camp and for a couple of nights we were the only guests. I wanted to stay longer.

RED: And in Australia?

Echidna Chasm, Purnululu
Echidna Chasm, Purnululu

JILL: You get an wonderful spiritual feeling at Cathedral Gorge in Purnululu, especially if you arrive early before the crowds of tourists. It feels like a holy place, a place to talk in quiet whispers, or not to talk at all, to just sit and absorb and be at peace.

RED: I’m yet to see Purnululu (aka the Bungle Bungles), but I’ve had a similar feeling at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. How do you bridge the gap between landscape and food photography?

JILL: Landscape photography is something I do mostly when we travel. I am looking for images to not only record our trip, but also to help sell a travel story to a magazine. Food photography is something I am practising/learning in the hopes of it becoming my full time work. With food photography you can to some extent control the elements – the setting out, the lighting etc. Whereas landscape photography you have no control over. So two completely different types of photography, but each with it’s challenges. I love capturing the light whether it be in a landscape or food – the light is so important.

What are your best tips for wildflower photography?

RED Wildflowers!

JILL: Wildflowers are elusive and so more exciting when you find them, especially if it is a variety you have never seen before. We are so lucky in Western Australia particularly to have so many thousands of wildflowers. You have to know where to look, as weather conditions play a big part in what is flowering where, so research is important. Stop the car and walk through the bush. What might appear barren at first glance can hold a treasure of wildflowers. A macro lens or a close-up filter, and using Aperture priority will help get a good photo, and clouds act as a great natural diffuser. A good wildflower guide is invaluable for identifying wildflowers. It annoys me when I see “wildflower” as the caption in a magazine.

RED: Note to self – STOP doing that!

JILL: Oh – and it helps to have an understanding travel companion when you ask them once again to “stop the car”!


RED: Haha, I’d be putting ‘stop the car’ in capitals to reflect my tone of voice!! But you can’t live on flowers – what’s your favourite RED food?


JILL: I love pomegranates. I made berry sorbet the other day for the first time – delicious! I also love the bush food – Quandongs.

RED: Quandongs nearly made the ‘Q’ section of my Aussie ABC series! And your favourite cherry recipe?

JILL: I prefer to eat cherries fresh off the stalk! But you could marinate them with a dash of something.

RED: Is that your car in the Go Camping Australia cover shot?

JILL: This is my son’s vehicle. It was taken on the Great Central Road between Western Australia and the Northern Territory, on the WA side of the border.

Great Central Road

RED: How did you get the photo?

JILL: My son and his family were taking a few months to trip around the Eastern side of Australia and we went with them from Kalgoorlie to Alice Springs. When I took this shot, we were waiting on the side of the road for them, I think we had left camp a bit before them, or they had had to stop for a child toilet stop. When I saw them come over the hill I immediately saw a cover shot with that typical Aussie outback RED road. So I took a number of shots of them coming towards me. In 2013, the editor of Go Camping sent an email out looking for a cover shot. I immediately sent this image and it got the nod for the cover shot.

RED: What’s your advice for bloggers who want to make the jump to being published in travel magazines?

JILL: Research the magazines you are wanting to write for. Look at the types of articles they are publishing. Write a good pitch to the editor with some sample photos. Tell the editor your background and why you think their readers would like your story. Make sure you do good research and have accurate information in your article. Finding a destination a little different to write about definitely helps. I once had a fishing article published in a fishing magazine – and I am not even a fisherman! But it was about fishing in the Pilbara, so it was something different to what they normally publish. I also started writing it from an amusing non-fisherperson’s point of view. My husband, who is the fisherman, filled in all the blanks for me ie the fishing details.

RED: Yeah, the different angle thing worked for me too – with Australian Scenic Public Toilets! Where are the best sunsets?

JILL: I definitely think that Australia has the best sunsets, particularly over the Indian Ocean (which is not far from where I live near the coast – so I am lucky) or out in the outback where there is no light or pollution from built up areas. Sometimes sunsets are spectacular, sometimes not. You just have to be ready with your camera to capture it. One of the best things about camping is the sunrises and sunsets. Although we had some really spectacular sunsets in South Africa when we had a trip there.

Bunbury Sunset
Bunbury Sunset

RED: Where’s your all time favourite Aussie camping spot?

JILL: My favourite? There have been so many!

RED: Actually, I hate to be asked for Aussie favourite ANYTHING! There are usually too many options to pick from!

JILL: Skull Springs east of Nullagine would have to be up there on the list, and Camel Soak east of Perenjori when the wildflowers are out. Purnululu and any of the gorges along the Gibb River Road are amazing, but it would take us about 5 days for us to get there! On our recent trip to South Australia we really loved Arckaringa Station near the Painted Desert.

Sunset at the Breakaways
Sunset at the Breakaways

RED: I’m so ashamed! As an honorary South Australian, I’ve never been to the Painted Desert! What rig do you use for outback travel? Who do you usually travel with? Where is your next trip??

JILL: We have a Prado 4WD, and tow a camper trailer, however we occasionally still take our tents. I travel with my husband and our youngest son. Sometimes our eldest son and his family come along too. We did a lot of travel in 2013. In 2014 we’ve been back to Karajini as we hadn’t been there for about 10 years! That was pre-digital, and I needed to get some digital pics! One thing about travel writing is that we try to go to places we haven’t been before so we have seen a lot of Western Australia since I started. The rest of Australia is going to take more time.

RED: I’ve found the same thing with travel blogging! Where’s your favourite overseas destination?

Tulips, Tasmania

JILL: To be honest we haven’t done of lot of overseas travel in the last 10 years, preferring to see more of Australia as there is so much to see right here and we haven’t seen it all yet. Some of that may unfortunately be to do with terrorist threats. We were in London just after the underground bombings, and it was unnerving. Perhaps that is why I like outback Australia so much! We had an amazing trip to South Africa, staying at Thornybush game reserve adjacent to Krugar National Park. And we also had a wonderful trip to France, and were shown around by our French friend for two weeks. I would really love to go to Antartica. We went back to Singapore last year – the Gardens by the Bay were spectacular.

Chinatown, Singapore
Chinatown, Singapore

RED: Yes, I keep telling people we’ll go back overseas once we’ve ‘finished’ Australia – but that won’t happen anytime soon! What’s the best thing about travelling in Australia?

JILL: I love outback Australia and the wide open spaces and the opportunity to camp in the bush. The scenery is spectacular.

RED: And the worst?

JILL: The heat, wind and the flies. We really struck them last September (2013) crossing the Nullarbor, and coming down the Oodnadatta Track. We had to wait till dark to cook our dinner and you wouldn’t want to open your mouth too much! The distance we have to travel, and the fuel costs, to get anywhere, particularly from WA really eats into your holidays. I also hate having to pass road trains, which is why my husband always drives.

RED: I hear you! You’re a great advocate for your home state, Western Australia. What are your 5 TOP WA must-see attractions?


  1. Purnululu (Bungle Bungles);

  2. Fitzgerald River National Park (during wilflower season);

  3. The gorges of the Gibb River Road,

  4. Karajini

  5. Ningaloo Reef;

  6. the south west corner of WA! Sorry that is 6!

Windjana Gorge, via Gibb River Road Kimberley
Windjana Gorge, via Gibb River Road Kimberley

RED: 6 is fine! Which is the REDdest?

JILL: Of these Karajini would be the reddest – and Sturt Desert Peas.

Spanish Dancing

RED: My favourite flowers! Your new interest – Spanish Flamenco Dancing – looks like fun! Have you ever been tempted to dance somewhere really bizarre?

JILL: Echo Cave at Elachbutting Rock in the north eastern WA wheatbelt. It is a curved undercut cave in the rock face. If you stamp at one end it echoes around to the other end.

RED: Thank you so much, Jill! Do you have any final RED words of wisdom for our readers?

JILL: If you buy a red car, be careful because they really do go fast!

WATCH that red car GO!

RED: Haha, words to live by!!

All photos are by Jill – but you knew that, right?!

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  1. Jill is one of my favourite bloggers. Her photos are first-class and I always enjoy her descriptive prose. She is not afraid to get off the beaten track in her beautiful backyard, gigantic as it is, WA! Great post.

    1. I’ve been inspired by many of Jill’s stories too, Kathy – she’s been to places I’ve always wanted to go and her photography is stunning! Why do we bother, huh?!?!

  2. It was 1995 and we stopped at a sign on the border to WA to take a pic: “Western Australia – discover it for yourself” – and that we did, as we visited the other states, but WA is my favorite and after reading this wonderful interview I not only have one more blog to read but really would love to quit my job, grab the hubs, get my old car back, a Nissan Patrol LWB – and take off!
    Especially since we visit Perth come February – it will be so dang hard to not pack and go see the Outback again, see the stars shining so bright.
    I can´t remember which NP it was, but in one we saw (and took a pic of) a sign, in German, letting you know about flora and fauna. One added “Fliegen!”, in German there is no word for blowies. Oh, yips, what a pest!

    Oh. And. My car is red, too. Weeee…

    1. Hahaha – there’s something about those RED cars, isn’t there!! So glad I’ve introduced you to Jill’s awesome blog – between the two of you, you’ve seen WAY more of West OZ than I have! But I’m working on catching up!!

  3. G’day Red!
    I’m catching up and, getting used to your new site! Good to hear from you, I’ll have to get into a better swing again! Haha! I bought your Loo book in a Myer store! Everyone loves it!!

    And this was a fabulous post as they all are!

    Cheers matie, you and Pilchard be good now.

    1. Hey Rose! Great to ‘see’ you again! Thanx so much for supporting my book … all I can say is your friends all have good taste!!! I’m getting back to regular blogging/visiting again, so look forward to catching up more often!

  4. I did the same thing. When I started blogging, I thought it’d be a permanent record and I shouldn’t change anything. But I changed the color, blog title, sidebars, designs….. and rewrote old posts, added links…..
    I learned a lot from other travel bloggers to develop my blog.
    Thank you, Jill and Red!!

    1. It’s our pleasure, Kozue! Changing a blog is one way to keep your readers (and yourself!) interested!! But too many changes, and they won’t recognise it as the same blog!! It’s sometimes tricky to keep that balance. I’m updating some of my old posts in line with my new blog image, but not TOO much!!

    2. I have changed a few minor things over the years – like the header image and wording for instance. But I like the layout so why change it. Certainly content has changed and evolved. Always a work in progress.

      1. Whereas I’ve just made a BIG change to almost everything in my blog apart from the content – and I’m slowly updating that too! It depends on whether you’re happy with it, and if it attracts your readers. I chose my new format because it displays a lot more content, not just the most recent post, so readers have a bigger set of options to choose from. We’ll see how that goes!

  5. Loved this interview with Jill! Your question we’re incisive, her answers rose to the occasion and your replies made me smile. Learnt a lot and loved a lot, especially Jills amazing photos. Thanks Red and Jill.

    1. Thank you Jo, so glad you enjoyed it! It was SO much fun to interview Jill – she’s the first ‘victim’ on my new blog!! Jill’s photos will certainly give me something to which I can aspire – and she’s given me a whole bunch of new travel destinations too!! Sounds like it’s been a great learning experience all round 😀

    2. thanks Jo & Red. Certainly connecting with like minded bloggers gives us inspiration, encouragement and new places to visit. Thank you to you both for giving all these things to me through your blogs.

  6. I had a red car once. I had to drill holes in the floor to let the rain that leaked in through the roof out. I blamed the colour and have stayed away since.

    I don’t always think things through thoroughly enough, is the lesson to pick out of that.

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