Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #16 – Richmond, Queensland

Last Updated on November 14, 2017 by Red Nomad OZ

At first glance, the setting of these conveniences in western Queensland’s Richmond is far from exotic.  It’s nowhere near as scenic as Lord Howe Island’s #15 – my favourite to date!  Unlike Largs Bay’s #12, there’s no colourful loo-art adorning the amenities block either.  And it also lacks a quirky connection, like the poetry of Gunnedah’s #8!

Fossicking fields – loo in the far distance!
But this public toilet has its own impeccable credentials for membership in the Red Nomad OZ public toilet hall of fame! 

Sitting atop an ancient inland sea – in past millenia this loo (and those who sit thereon) would have been 40-50 metres under water!!

Forming Australia’s dinosaur trail with Hughenden and Winton, significant marine fossil finds have put Richmond on the map – and the free fossil fossicking fields on the itinerary of every budding paeleontologist!!

Pilchard’s find!

What’s not to love, when a few minutes fossicking could net a fossil like Pilchard’s find at right? 
What is it?? 
HHHMMMmmm… good question!!
But it LOOKS important, right??!!

Richmond Pliosaur at Kronosaurus Korner, Richmond!

Or this far superior specimen at left??
Confession time!
That’s actually Richmond Pliosaur, found nearby in 1990, and arguably the best example of its kind in the world! 
Unsurprisingly NOT uncovered by Pilchard and I in a few minutes … I actually found this one at Richmond’s Kronosaurus Korner!!

But, during a hard day’s dig on the Richmond fossil fields, you’ll more than likely use the amenities building at least once!  And in so doing, rest easy in the knowledge that you could be contributing potential coprolites for future generations – or even alien life forms – to unearth, study scientifically or turn into jewelry!!  As you do …

So don’t be fooled by its ordinary exterior – this public toilet is WAAAAAY more significant than it looks!!

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  1. @Kalpana S – Haha, and thank you so much! I’ve tweeted your random blog-bites post!! Have a great day!!

  2. ”Sitting atop an ancient inland sea – in past millenia this loo (and those who sit thereon) would have been 40-50 metres under water!!”

    Can you imagine calling out a plumber to fix that?! 🙂

    Have listed this post on my 5 random blog-bites.

  3. @SFlaGuy – Boy, are you going to regret that comment!! Have a look at my latest post …
    @FabFawk – You CAN’T be talking about my age! Can you?? CAN YOU?????

  4. What?!?! No new posting in a week. Better be careful or folks might be heading to my blog. I have 12 hits from down under already. Could it be a trend??

  5. @Manzanita – I hate to do ANYTHING without a loo handy!! But at least the close proximity to the loo means the fossil hunting is not interrupted for long …
    @Jayne – The bones override the loo anytime!!

  6. All I can say is that I’d hate to go fossil hunting without a loo handy. The facility appears to be clean and well maintained (from the outside).

  7. @Alessandra – I bet they’d prefer finding fossils to visiting the loo!!
    @Betty – weird how many people are now starting to appreciate public toilets!!!
    @Aleah – ARRRRGGGGHH!!! Hadn’t thought of that!!! Lucky it was his find, and not mine …
    @Pearl Maple – that’s what I say every time I go somewhere!! Can’t wait to find the essence of a place and the quirks that make it intriguing!
    @Jim – WOW!!! Thanx so much!!
    @Michelle – well, just think of all those coprolites out there still awaiting discovery …

  8. @Courtney – Well, if you liked that, just wait ’til you see the next paranormal treat I’ve got in store …
    @Windsmoke – The loo is just a way to introduce the other attractions of the area!! And if you like the dinosaur, there’s plenty more to come!
    @Mary – HHHMMMmmm… have you googled ‘public toilets’ lately? I often wonder what people who enter this search are actually looking for or expecting to get!!
    @EHS – Welcome and thanx! Come back anytime!
    @River – well, it IS just a public loo after all … but you’re right about the site!!!

  9. @SFlaGuy – now where’s the fun in non-scenic public loos, huh?? Maybe OZ just has a higher proportion of good ones?? But I wouldn’t avoid a place just because their loo wasn’t scenic or imaginative enough – I’d write about something else for that spot!!
    @Magsx2 – it’s a little weird to go fossicking for fossils instead of gemstones! But the thrill of the chase is still there!!
    @PDP – #15 is still my favourite too. But I keep looking …
    @Cathy – can’t wait to see the look on your travel agent’s face when you ask for a tour taking in all the scenic loos …!!!

  10. @Beach Bum – Awwww … thanx! Come back ANYTIME with comments like that!!
    @J&L – yes, it’s not the building, but what it represents!! And I’ve misled you with the inland sea/puddle picture – the remainder of the inland sea is underground, and known as the Great Artesian Basin – a HUGE repository of water through many parts of the country!
    @Saucy Kodz – the more I look, the more I find!! But the fossils are the REAL drawcard …

  11. Great post! Haha when I was in elementary school my dream was to be an archeologist 🙂

  12. Wow, that is cool, amazing to think there are lots of great places just waiting to be discovered on our travels.

  13. Hmm…just be careful what rock you pick up around the area! I wonder what made Pilchard’s find look yellow? Just sayin’. 😉

  14. another great public toilet, and such a delightful and informative post!

    the photos are fantastic and unique, thanks so much for sharing.

    hope your have a great day! (Friday!)
    betty xx

  15. I would love to take my kids to see the fossils!! And I am sure that a visit to the toilets would be must!

  16. These are great photos and they are unique to the blogging world :-). Not many folks cover this topic. Have a great evening. Blessings…Mary

  17. Fantastic photos my favourite is the last one of the dinosaur fossil. The loo looks like just a garden shed no character :-).

  18. How awesome! You reminded me why I want to go to Australia. It reminds me of AZ and other parts of the Western U.S. Those dino remains are so neat! As always, lovely pics. And, again, I love how clever you are to link it to a public restroom. Very neat!

  19. You can make even an outdoor toilet interesting, Oz..LOL. My list of reasons to visit Australia just grows and grows.

  20. Sorry Red, I’m still enamored with ‘facility’ NO. 15, it’s going to take one heck of a loo to top that one. Great post enjoyed immensely!!

  21. Hi,
    The Dinosaur trail is really fascinating, I didn’t know you could go fossicking what a great idea.
    The lost inland sea, it is unreal to think that the loo would of been actually way down deep millions of years ago.
    Great photo’s.

  22. You certainly can find the travel spots. I think I would enjoy a day of fossil hunting as long as it had a fine restroom. I notice you don’t post about areas with poor restrooms. Is that everywhere else you go or you just avoid traveling where you can’t get a proper facility. Just curious.

  23. Great Post – another great “loo”, as you said to add to your maybe “Top 10 – 50” ? ha,ha
    Great fossil story and cannot imagine this small pond once covered area. Love Fossil hunting, as one can do out in St. Martin’s, NB.
    Have a great day

  24. Hello:
    Fascinating! Perhaps less so the actual ‘loo’ as its surroundings, the fossils to be found, and the thought of that inland sea reduced now to what appears to be a mere pond!

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