Only in OZ #8 – Talking Termite Mound, Mataranka, NT

Last Updated on January 28, 2018 by Red Nomad OZ

Visit Australia’s Northern Territory and it won’t take long before the giant termite mounds become a bit commonplace. After a couple of photos, the average tourist won’t even bother stopping!
Until they reach the amazing talking termite mound at Mataranka, that is!
Not everyone has the capacity to turn a termite mound into a tourist attraction – but the Mataranka locals have raised the bar by doing just that!
I mean, what better way to dispense information to visitor about local attractions than via a talking termite mound? I’m amazed no one else has thought of it! It IS a local icon after all!!  And wouldn’t you be MORE likely to stay over and dip in the famous hot springs, discover ‘We of the Never Never’ country (and see the movie), and visit the excellent Stockyard Gallery and cafe across the road if this information was dispensed via a giant termite mound??
I can assure you that no ants were harmed in making this novelty centrepiece to the town’s rest area. How do I know?
Because it claims to be the largest man-made termite mound in the WORLD!!
Upon seeing that claim, I plotted to build an even bigger termite mound on our return home to Farmworld. I mean, how often do you get the opportunity to actually break a world record? In your own backyard??  Without being a sporting superhero???
BUT … it’s been nearly 2½ years since our return – and strangely enough, work has not yet commenced on our own record breaking termite mound. Why not??  Perhaps we’re just not yet willing to pay the price of fame!
So I guess the Matarankan record is safe.
For now …

PS  For those wondering how to tell the real from the fake, here’s a picture of the real thing for comparison purposes!  Note the proliferation of both Touristus Australianus and near relative Touristus Overseaus!!

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  1. I’m impressed! Great mound shapes!
    Australia is magical…definitely a must-see place.

    Big hugs!
    B xx

  2. @Loz – what can I say? From a distance they all look alike …
    @Fernando – There’s more to life than winning :)!! Welcome to my blog – come back & visit sometime!!
    @Cathy – your wish is my command – I’ve added a photo of a REAL termite mound for comparison purposes!
    @Wanderlust – welcome, my newest follower! Good to have you here!! You’ve sure nailed the NT icons in your comment!!
    @Carolyn – yep, they’re kind of hard to ignore!! Thanx for dropping by, always good to see you!!

  3. I visited Mataranka 20 years ago. I don’t remember this termite mound (may not have been built then) but I do remember all the bats in the trees around the hot springs and the lorikeets at the campground. And yes, scores and scores of termite mounds on the drive up from Alice. They were amazing.

  4. Australia is an amazing place. I would like to see even an average size real termite mound. The appeal of a fake one escapes me.

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