Australia by Red Nomad OZ
Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia

5 Cool BLUE and 5 RED Hot Aussie TOP SPOTS!

Is BLUE the new RED? It is downunder where blue and red have been interchangeable for YEARS! But before you start thinking us Aussies are a nation of colour-blind fools, it’s all due to the colloquial contrariness that means we call things the opposite to what they are. So a tall person becomes ‘Shorty’. A skinny person becomes ‘Fatso’. And[…]

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Only in OZ #8 – Talking Termite Mound, Mataranka, NT

Visit Australia’s Northern Territory and it won’t take long before the giant termite mounds become a bit commonplace. After a couple of photos, the average tourist won’t even bother stopping! Until they reach the amazing talking termite mound at Mataranka, that is! Not everyone has the capacity to turn a termite mound into a tourist attraction – but the Mataranka[…]

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