Australia by Red Nomad OZ

The 3-Car, 2-Beach, One Fine Day!

Sometimes, not planning turns out best. And sometimes the planets align and fabulous weather, bizarre experiences, brilliant destination and perfect moments all come together on one fine day … Fine in every sense! And the sky!  The glorious sky!!  Yes, Innes National Park at the very southern end of South Australia’s York Peninsula was already one of my favourite places.[…]

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My FavouRED OZ Things #2!

Outback Road heading west from Windorah, Queensland If you liked ‘My FavouRED OZ Things #1’, you’re going to LOOOOOOOOVE My FavouRED OZ Things #2!! But … you won’t find it here (although there’s a teaser photo above …) I’m guest posting over at Jim’s wonderful blog Holes in My Soles! But wait! There’s more!! My guest post introduces Jim’s ‘Magnificent Monday’ –[…]

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Sunset with kangaroo, White Cliffs, New South Wales

7 Outback Photo Clichés!

What is it about the great Australian Outback’s magical aura that inspires – actually, compels – visitors to attempt to capture its essence? Is it the amazing colours and contrasts? Perhaps the unique light artists spend a lifetime trying to capture?? The spectacularly varied subject matter??? Whatever it is, it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo. So photographers like[…]

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SkyWatch at Lake Pamamaroo OR 13 photos of the same thing … Menindee Lakes, NSW

Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #1 Ever wondered what happens when an amateur photographer points an automatic film camera directly at the sun and presses the shutter? Well, wonder no more! It might be amateurish, but I kinda like it … although I would, wouldn’t I?!  Yes, I’m the photographer, and this amazing sunset on the first night of my virgin visit[…]

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A Few of my FavouRED OZ Things!*

Swanvale Jump-Up, Outback Queensland RED Outback sunsets; and  Julia Creek, Outback Queensland RED Windmill vanes,   Cawnpore Lookout, Outback Queensland  Rugged RED Ranges that turn into plains! Poetic Public Toilet, Gunnedah, New South Wales RED-roofed Public Toilets –  The Red Devil, Minlaton, South Australia and RED Devil Wings … The Big Park Bench, Broken Hill, New[…]

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Storm clouds gather over the West MacDonnell Ranges via Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Aussie ABC – A is for Alice Springs!

All roads lead to Alice Springs – as close as a fart in an outhouse to the centre of OZ!  It’s not the country’s official geographic centre – but go on! Have a look at the map of Australia – how do you find the centre of THAT?! But exact centre or not, no town defines OZ quite like Alice[…]

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Dear You …

Dear You We first met 19 years today – love at first sight, and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve been inseparable through all my Aussie adventures and you’ve been by my side at all life’s important events. I never dreamed you’d bring me so much pleasure over the years – better even than … Well, never mind about that! You’re[…]

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