My FavouRED OZ Things #2!

Last Updated on September 15, 2014 by Red Nomad OZ

Outback Road heading west from Windorah, Queensland

If you liked ‘My FavouRED OZ Things #1’, you’re going to LOOOOOOOOVE My FavouRED OZ Things #2!!

But … you won’t find it here (although there’s a teaser photo above …)

I’m guest posting over at Jim’s wonderful blog Holes in My Soles!

But wait!

There’s more!!

My guest post introduces Jim’s ‘Magnificent Monday’ – a chance to link up a blog post with a different theme every week.  This week’s theme is ‘colour’ so ‘My FavouRED OZ Things #2’ fits in perfectly …

So head on over to Jim’s to see My FavouRED OZ Things #2 AND the other ‘Magnificent Monday’ colour contributions.  If you’ve got a post with a colour theme, why not link it up??  The worst possible outcome?  You’ll get some new readers …

This post is also part of Ruby Tuesday – a celebration of all things RED, and therefore a MUST for this RED!!  Feel free to head on over there once you’ve checked out the post at Jim’s!!

Go on now.

I’ll see you next time!

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  1. @Veronica – You’re welcome! Yes, there is much in common between our countries – geographically, anyway!!! Look forward to learning more about it!
    @SFlaGUY – Haha, ‘influence’ is all relative … if you have a good RED photo, let me know!! AND I’d use ‘complement’ rather than contrast …
    @Friko – Thanx! And yes, the last of the traffic had cleared … how lucky was that??!!

  2. whatever prompt it’s inspired by, your second rate not-good-enough photo is plenty good enough for me.
    It’s fantastic.

    Glad there wasn’t a traffic jam when you snapped it.

  3. I see you are expanding your influence to other blogs now. Amazing photos will do that. Can’t get enough actually. Your world is so foreign to mine. Hopefully I’ll have time this week to post my photos as a contrast for comparison.

  4. Hi. Thanks so much for your lovely commet on my blog and finding all these lovely blog links here today! am thrilled to bits! I would love OZ as the colours fits into my natural colour pallete perfectly! Loved red browns!


  5. @J&L – Like you, I find war and its trappings abhorrent. Especially as they are thrust upon us by (generally) men with power. I therefore believe the phallic symbolism to be no accident!!
    @Towanda – Thanx! But maybe I should have made the road shot one of my OutBack Cliches!!!
    @Jim – Cool, huh. Thanx again for the opportunity to guest post!!
    @Jayne – Good girl!!
    @Beach Bum – Glad you enjoyed it!
    @Alessandra – Don’t forget to come back here again!!
    @Stewart M – Haha, too true! Maybe I’ll dispel that as a myth by posting some tropical shots …
    @Cathy – Some dirt, some clay, some rock. Lots of dust!!! Depends where you are!!
    @Mrs Tuna – There already is, my friend! But wait for the Xmas calendar!!!

  6. Very nice guest post, OZ. As always, I loved your photos, and I was happy to meet Jim as well. The color of the dirt is amazing. Or is it clay?

  7. Hi there – Australia not really the place to visit if you have an aversion to red (or at least orange / red).

    Cheers Stewart M – SE Australia

  8. Lot of hits on your article already Red. But all your readers here are welcome to leave comments on the article so other readers can see who they are and track them back to their sites so we all increase our readership. Thanks.

  9. I’ve always loved pictures of roads going off into the horizon and this photo is especially beautiful as the red road heads off for the azure sky. You have some great photos over at Jim’s, with a particularly great shot of the brick tower. Nice.

  10. Hello:
    Yes, of course, as we are sure that you knew we should, we have enjoyed this second series of images as much, if not more than, the first. The ones of the landscape really do capture the heat and the dust which is so true to how we imagine the Australian interior to be. As for the wonderful, phallic missile, we really do feel that to be an extraordinary picture and ‘striking’ in all senses of the word – although we are totally opposed to all forms of warfare and the instruments of war.

    Happy week ahead to you – it is still Sunday afternoon here in Eastern Europe!

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