SkyWatch at Lake Pamamaroo OR 13 photos of the same thing … Menindee Lakes, NSW

Last Updated on October 20, 2015 by Red Nomad OZ

Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #1

Ever wondered what happens when an amateur photographer points an automatic film camera directly at the sun and presses the shutter?

Well, wonder no more!

It might be amateurish, but I kinda like it … although I would, wouldn’t I?!  Yes, I’m the photographer, and this amazing sunset on the first night of my virgin visit to Western New South Wales’ spectacular Menindee Lakes region used up a couple of rolls of film.

Was it worth it?

You’ll have to let me know …
Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #2


Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #3

From our campsite (Free!  How good is that?!) on the shores of Lake Pamamaroo, the sun sets spectacularly over water – so much water it’s an inland sea, with the opposite shore barely visible.

Meterologists more expert than I will have already noted the water’s mirror-like reflective surface – a significant clue to the evening’s stillness …
They’d have seen the fast-moving cloud that offers another clue to the prevailing wind direction.

And they’d have picked up that a change was on its way!

It’s a giveaway if you know what to look out for – the weather would turn to cold and drizzle by the next morning.
But for now?
Balmy and beautiful.  Evocative and ever-changing.  Magnificent and mesmerizing.
Incredibly, the staggering view intensified as the sunset progressed.


Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #4


Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #5

How could I stop at one picture (Or five? Or ten??!) when every moment the panorama in front of me was changing?

New colours.
Different cloud formations.
Ever more spectacular reflections.
Just as well the great-oil-painter gene passed me by … it was all happening too quickly to capture on canvas!

BUT … yes, some are no doubt thinking I’ve missed out on the great-photo-snapper gene too!

Why do I keep exploring OZ?
For experiences like this!
Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #6
Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #7
Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #8
Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #9
Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #10
Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #11
Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #12
Lake Pamamaroo Sunset #13
Yep, the best things in life are free …
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  1. @Mary Howell Cromer – Welcome – and yes, it’s amazing how photos of the same thing can be so unique while having similar elements!
    @PDP – Dumb luck, I’m afraid! I have no ‘technique’ – I was just snapping away whenever the scene changed!!
    @Lilly – Always a pleasure to hear from you, my friend! And thanx for your comments – I’m privileged to have them!
    @Mrs Tuna – Trust you to find the sauce in a simple sunset shot!!
    @EG Wow – Welcome, and thanx!

  2. magical n mystifying are sunsets – you captured it all Red – kinda looks like a painting. I did this one night as the sun was setting on the other side of the Confederation Bridge in PEI. Your photos are wonderful – very much enjoyed seeing them. Keep snapping kiddo.

  3. Fascinating Red, so how exactly did you do that, what was the time span between each pic.. The results are stunning but also I find the whole concept so interesting. Amazing results.

  4. Each has such personality, each has a story, each brings a smile, such delicate, frothy beauty to each image. Magical quality, sereness and a charm all together as one~

  5. @Ms. Becky – It’s my pleasure! Welcome, and thanx!! Have a great week, and look forward to seeing you back here again real soon!

  6. these shots are AMAZING. you took these with film??? oh my. what a gorgeous series of shots. I can see how you’d keep snapping away. I would hang any one of these on my wall. or all of them!!! it’s very nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello. I truly appreciate it. happy day to you. I look forward to more great photos.

  7. @Friko – Just between you & I, the subject was almost impossible to photograph badly! That’s my secret!!
    @Eden – Welcome, and thanx! The reflections were pretty spectacular during the day as well!
    @Ebie – It was my privilege to be there in person to capture it on film!
    @NJAMB – I’d choose #4 of those two – the broader perspective shows off the cloud better (in my opinion, anyway!)
    @Sallie – Welcome and thanx! Camping in our trailer somewhere in OZ is what we love and live for! Come back anytime to see where we end up next, and what we find when we get there!!

  8. @Eccentricess – Thanx! I was kinda hoping I hadn’t overdone it …
    @Colin Campbell – Welcome! What, you mean there’s a name for what I did??!! Yes, I really AM an amateur!! Thanx for your visit – look forward to seeing you here again!!
    @Mickie Brown – 13 has always been my lucky number! I hadn’t realised I had taken exactly 13 shots until afterwards!!
    @Mark – well, until you can see it for real, you’re welcome to browse here for inspiration (and escapism!!) any time!!
    @diane b – Thanx! And I use film because I’ve had my trusty film camera for nearly 20 years and love the photos we make together!!
    @River – Thank you, my friend! And good point about the painting gene!! But tragically, my ‘artistic’ efforts while being educated are a sad testament to my lack of ability …

  9. @Betty – hope it made your weekend a little brighter, my friend! Have a great week!
    @Tricia – Welcome, and thanx! As an SWF virgin, it’s been better than I ever dreamed! But not sure if I can top this week’s contribution …
    @Anette – Thanx to you too! That’s the quality I love – so I’m glad they turned out like this!
    @Kathy – I’m honoured you enjoyed my SWF contribution – and you’re right about the magic of nature! Glad to be the conduit for others’ enjoyment!!
    @Dimple – yes, there are some times when you just can’t take too many shots! Luckily, it was almost impossible to actually take a bad shot …
    @Andrew – Welcome, and glad you enjoyed the blog! Come back anytime you need some good ol’ Aussie escapism – plenty more to come!
    @Joan Elizabeth – they’re great now that they’re full! But as I’ve never seen them before, I can’t compare with how they look only partially full, or even dry!

  10. @Stewart M – They already ARE once in 20 yrs … 2011 is the 1st time in years the Menindee lakes have filled! So lucky? Yes!!
    @Arija – Yes, take a rod for sure! But be prepared to catch many European carp …
    @Kaori – If you weren’t lucky enough to see it in the flesh, my virtual tour is the next best thing!!
    @SFlaGuy – you reckon? OK, I’ll start with you … look out for the email coming soon!
    @Boom & Gary – Welcome, and thanx! It’s now one of our new favourites!!
    @Manzanita – haha! I did the ‘old movie’ thing too!! Maybe there’s a marketing ploy there somewhere … As for the ‘now’ – I find looking through the camera lens makes me focus more clearly. What does that say about me?!

  11. Definitely worth it! They’re like paintings, some of them.

    I look at quite a few beautiful blogs from your wonderful country but yours is the first I’ve seen where the writer is a camper! I love that — b/c that’s what we do quite a bit of over here. (Kind of an older persons’ verson of camping now, but we started out as tent campers and “progressed” as we aged.

    Loving your views!

  12. I can’t decide between #4 or #5 being the best! Those two look like paintings with the blend of all their colors. You’re right, the best things in life are free!

  13. These are very lovely Red. I love the first two and #10 too. How do you know the oil-painter gene has passed you by? Have you tried painting one of these scenes? Copy one of the photos and find out….

  14. Thanks for coming by my blog. And yes, you have 13 awesome photos of a gorgeous sky. You are so right–the best things in life are free. Have a lovely weekend. Mickie 🙂

  15. Stunning effect. My daughter put me on to this technique. Doesn’t always work, but when it does, it is stunning.

  16. Wow, amazing series of shots; I would have taken a lot of pictures, too!
    Thanks for coming by, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing one scene from the Oregon Trail.

  17. Your sunset photos are beautiful! Loved going through them. Nature is just there waiting for us to lovingly capture it!!!

  18. omg, these are truly stunning!!

    my hat’s off to you!

    what beautiful views!

    have a great weekend!
    betty xx

  19. Red, this is great. I was flipping down fast and making one of those old movies. 🙂 That is remarkable to catch all that change on film. That reflection on the water tells of the stillness. Do you have to reinforce your thinking to keep in the now? I’ve stood before a great scene with camera in hand, watched and forgot to look through the lens.
    They are all very beautiful.

  20. Now put them into a PowerPoint presentation and send them in an email. They will be viral within a week. Nice shooting.

  21. The lakes are on my bucket list. If this is what you can pick up there, it definitely is worth while to take a camera and maybe a rod out there.

  22. Hi there – given the way it either rains or floods, pictures like yours could be a once in a 20 year chance. Splendid!

    Stewart M – Melbourne

  23. @FruitCake – OMIGOD, stop! I’m blushing!! Thank you so much … and yes, while I find Uluru absolutely amazing, it’s much more rewarding to find the as yet undiscovered OZ top spots!
    @Riet – Welcome, and thanx! Your praise is much appreciated!
    @Alessandra – Hahaha! Thank you for your support, my friend! I might just take your marketing advice and see where it leads!!
    @Samson’s Photoblog – Thanx for dropping by – come back anytime with comments like that!!!

  24. Well, I think that al the photos are amazing and could not pick a fav, and if you don’t tell that you are an amateur photographer you could pass for a professional, at least to me :-). Sell them to a postcard press, tell them that your other job is for the National Geographic!



  25. And here I was thinking you ARE a photographer because of all the stunning photos I’ve already seen!
    Lovely sequence. Changes and engages as much as Uluru, a natural feature like this, but without the hordes disturbing the natural peace and spirituality of a place.

  26. @J&L – Although I’ve seen it many times now, I still get a frisson of pleasure whenever I look at the sequence! Thanx for visiting!!
    @Tatjana Parkacheva – Welcome, and thanx! So great you dropped by – come back anytime!
    @Emille – and thanx to you too for returning the favour! Glad you liked the pix – plenty more where they came from …
    @Gaelyn – Welcome, and thanx!! Having something so magnificent without an entry fee is positively fraudulent!!
    @TGN – Are you making me an offer?!?!?! Thanx – and have a great weekend!

  27. @Towanda (still LOVING that name!) – to some folks, downunder here in OZ IS in another galaxy!
    @Saun – Welcome, and thanx! Come back anytime to see if it was just a fluke …
    @Joyce M – Thanx for dropping by – I think a little of the magic helped make the photos good!
    @hip-chick – actually, so did I! The first one is so dark and atmospheric, but the colours in the later ones are amazing. How do you choose? You don’t! Pick both!!
    @chubskulit – Welcome and thanx! Enjoy your weekend too!!
    @Windsmoke – thanx, glad you enjoyed them! Just love that Aussie word ‘bonza’! I wonder do other countries use it?

  28. @Carolyn – Thanx! Have a great weekend!
    @Laura X – Hi again! And thanx – come back anytime with comments like those …!!!
    @Leovi – Welcome, and thanx! I’m honoured!! I used to think a clear blue sky was perfect – now I think clouds are far more interesting!
    @Carver – Welcome to you too!! It’s one of the best evening skies I’ve seen – and therefore pretty easy to photograph!
    @Sandy Carlsen – Hi, and thanx! You’re too kind!
    @Magsx2 – Thanx! Like I said above, the subject matter was so perfect I didn’t need any skill at all …
    @My Journey with Candida – You’re too kind as well! My secret is my nearly 20 year old film camera with auto settings. I love it – but it’s on the way out, so my photos will deteriorate once I ‘upgrade’!

  29. @Gemma Wiseman – Welcome! An unexpected journey from daylight to night – and one I’d love to take again! But you can’t go back … can you?
    @Tony C – Welcome and thanx! It just got better and better – hence the many, many pix!
    @Pearl Maple – Yes, at times like this I can ALMOST see myself as a photographer …
    @Andrew – Yes, and this particular June evening was balmy and still before the change!
    @Martha Z – Welcome, and thanx! I was lucky the water was so still! Come back anytime!
    @Kel – Thanx! I’m fascinated by reflections – and LOVE shots where it’s hard to tell which way is up! These aren’t quite in that category, but I was happy with them nonetheless!!

  30. Hello:
    What an amazing sequence of images which intensify as they progress. We are not at all surprised that you found it almost impossible to stop taking the pictures – and are glad that you did not!

  31. I don’t know how your pictures turn out so beautiful. I could take the pictures at the same time of the same place and mine would not look as professional as yours. What is your secret?

  32. Magical views you have on show this week, a photographer’s dream outing by the looks of things. Have a great weekend.

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