Australia by Red Nomad OZ

Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #12 – Largs Bay, South Australia

Much of the appeal of Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets lies in their surroundings. Australia’s amazing coastal, rainforest, outback, regional, beach, bush and desert attractions often feature conveniences set amongst magnificent scenery – and sporting world class views. BUT … sadly, the actual amenities blocks usually don’t score highly in ANY kind of ‘WOW’ factor. No matter how spectacular the setting,[…]

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Aussie Icons #1 – Largs Pier Hotel, Largs Bay, South Australia

OK, so now you’re looking at the photo and thinking yep, Red Nomad OZ has finally lost it.  What’s so iconic about an ordinary (albeit attractive and well preserved) Aussie seaside pub?? Well, this isn’t just ANY Aussie seaside pub – this is the Largs Pier Hotel!  Yeah, so?  I hear you ask. The Largs Pier Hotel is the stuff[…]

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