Signs #14 – DUCK!!!

Last Updated on September 24, 2016 by Red Nomad OZ

Lord Howe Island Airstrip Sign
Lord Howe Island Airstrip Sign

Pterodactyls, Rocs and pieces of Skylab are regrettably long absent from our skies – as are the signs warning of their presence. And apart from the lovely Wycliffe Well, Aussie UFO sightings are rare.

And Superman is a myth. Isn’t he??

So … the danger of injury from large flying objects either in, or falling from the sky should therefore be negligible in this day and age, right?


Right, that is, unless you’re on Lord Howe Island where the signs warn of a new threat from the skies …

Looking South from Kims Lookout, Lord Howe Island
Looking South from Kims Lookout, Lord Howe Island

The 1 km (~1095 yard) long airstrip bisects the island at its narrowest point. The sea’s at its western end, and the road to the island’s southern parts squeezes between the eastern end of the airstrip and the sea.

There’s not much room to get past anything on the road, and the airstrip can be challenging to land on if the weather conditions aren’t perfect.

That’s why there are warning signs.

Which can mean only one thing if you’re on that road and there’s a plane taking off towards you or about to land behind you!



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  1. @Aleah – I’ve got a finely tuned sign detecting antenna!! And … I guess I just go to interesting places!!

  2. How do you find these very interesting signs? And why don’t I see stuff like that in the PH? It would be interesting to collect pictures of those hehe

  3. @Kathy – you can’t miss the airport!! And I’d love to see your brilliant photography applied to Australiana!!
    @Marie – yep, nervous flyers should probably reconsider LHI as a travel destination … although it’s too good to miss!! Apparently, it’s not uncommon for more than one attempt to land when there’s strong winds!! Happily, not on our visit though …
    @Alessandra – the view is amazing, the sign is just a bonus!
    @Lily – haha!! But a 747 is WAY too big for this small airstrip! If it landed, there’s no way it’d be able to take off again!! And LOVING your ‘supers’!!

  4. @Windsmoke – that’s why the sign’s there!! Actually, you can’t miss the airstrip – if you’re on the road, you’d see it for sure!!
    @River – Right on, girlfriend!
    @diane b – strange how no one but you and I realises that!!
    @Wendy – armchair travelling still beats NO travelling! And the largest planes are not all that big …
    @Dianne – definitely not! If a vehicle was on the road, it’s possible that the plane’s wheels could clip the roof! But you’d see it coming …
    @Andrew – Our Turbo-prop Jet (?) landed with no problems! Just as well – I’m a nervous flyer at the best of times!!
    @Mags118 – I think so – there’s nowhere else on the island long enough for an airstrip. Without shifting a mountain or two, of course!

  5. p.s. forgot to mention, there is Superman, Superwoman, Supergirl, Superboy and I am SuperGranny 🙂

  6. Good Day to you OZ – I could picture myself with my camera about to take a fantastic “Photo View” and JAZAM, right in front of my nose is this ?Boeing 747? YIKES, enough to make my digital drabble dribble.
    Enjoyed your post.

  7. Hee, hee… I’m imagining seeing those planes come in for the first time. I’d be wanting to ensure I was wearing the brown undies 🙂

    I think the hairiest landing I had on a light plane was at Rottnest Island on a windy day, when the pilot approached the runway at 90° to land. But at least we didn’t have to worry about road traffic as well.

  8. Ha,ha, you’d definitely want to know about that little airport if it was your first time on that road!Thanks for stopping by Oak Lawn Images.
    I’ll bet I’d just love the vast variety and different plants you have in Australia.

  9. Hi,
    I love the sign,Caution and a Warning.
    A bit of a dangerous situation really, it must of been the best they could do with the space available.

  10. Too cool. Thanks for sharing! I love to travel but for the moment I have to be an arm chair traveler and this is great. That runway seems a bit short?

  11. That’s scary for somebody who dosen’t know about it when suddenly out of the blue a plane is heading straight for you, soiled undies for sure :-).

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