Things that make you go MMMmmm…

Yes, it’s been ages … so much for good intentions, which we all know pave the road to hell …. Road to hell it is with a MMMillipede infestation that makes the house exterior look like it’s suffering from reverse-leprosy and the interior floors almost move!  The dustbuster is so full of dead/dying millipedes (we’re not fussy) it sounds like a[…]

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Wycliffe Well Mural

Favourite Place #1 – Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory

Wycliffe Well’s claim to be the UFO capital of Australia (if not the world!) makes it unique among the roadhouse/diner/pub/motel/caravan park/store/motel complexes en route to Darwin from Alice Springs. The aliens at the roadhouse entrance; souvenir alien imprint caps and stubbie holders inside; and press clippings detailing UFO sightings over the years pasted to the walls are just the beginning.[…]

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Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #1

Australia’s scenic wonders are generally accessible to the public – meaning nearby facilities such as lookouts, viewing platforms, car parks, camp grounds, picnic tables, BBQs, AND … public conveniences! SO … one can do what has to be done in some pretty spectacular spots. But which convenience block has Australias best setting? Best views?? Best location??? Or even all three????[…]

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