Australia by Red Nomad OZ

Signs #10 – So there!

At first glance, this sign in Far North Queensland’s Atherton appears to be a fairly standard ‘No Parking’ notice.  But is it really?  A few deviations, slight, but immediately detectable by your sign-junkie-sleuth MAY show something more sinister… Generally, a no-parking area would be signed ‘No Parking Anytime’.  Note the difference!  Available times or other instructions are normally listed underneath – as[…]

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Irukandji Warning Sign on Cairns Beach

Signs #8 – On the Beach

Don’t panic!  As far as I’m aware, there are NO giant squid plaguing Australia’s northern beaches – despite the graphic on this sign!! But no giant squid doesn’t mean there’s no danger.  What IS prevalent during October – May in Australia’s Far North is the Irukandji (carukia barnesi), one of the most virulent jellyfish in the world. Its sting (ie marine ‘Stinger’) brings[…]

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Tambo Teddies Road Sign

Signs #7 – Today’s the Day!

Note to overseas visitors: DON’T PANIC!  This ISN’T a standard Australian road sign.  In fact, it just MIGHT be the only one of its kind in Australia!  Let me know if I’m wrong … Other than consistently having the coldest minimum winter temperatures in Queensland, the town of Tambo on the Matilda Way is also on the map as home of Tambo Teddies, a[…]

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Signs #6 – Dune!

If not for my mate pointing it out, I would never have noticed this sign on the dunes near the Largs Bay Jetty, South Australia. It’s pretty small, and doesn’t have any of the visual cues that indicate warning.  If I noticed it at all, it would have been to subconsciously dismiss it as a kind of yin/yang sign, and therefore pretty[…]

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Signs #4 – Loud and Proud!

You gotta love a town that puts its money where its mouth is!  This sign, at the Barcoo River crossing into Isisford, Central Western Queensland, leaves visitors in no doubt as to the town’s allegiances. Regular readers will already know Isisford as not only the historic site where Isisfordia Duncanii was discovered, but also a massive embarassment for me – read about[…]

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Signs #2 – Huh???

Other Australian signs may have more punchy graphics and wording, but this sign, found on a fence in Cooktown, definitely wins the ‘Huh???’ award. The fence surrounds a plot of land with an unremarkable building next to a service station on the outskirts of town, from which the sign is clearly visible.  At first glance, it looked like a pretty standard ‘keep[…]

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Signs #1 – Fast Flowing Water

The graphics on this sign leave the reader in no doubt as to what will happen to the car if the road ahead is covered by water!  Signs like these are probably Australia’s way of making up for being largely monolingual – although not all sign ‘art’ is so clear cut!!  These signs are fairly common in the Wet Tropics[…]

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