Farewell, my friend.

My train buddy K has died – a great friend, stylish individual and all round terrific person. Given K’s reluctance to fully embrace the wonders of technology, I’m sure she’d appreciate the deep irony of being remembered online! Along with our dear friend G, K and I shared a unique relationship as ‘train buddies’, commuting together on and off for

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Things that make you go MMMmmm…

Yes, it’s been ages … so much for good intentions, which we all know pave the road to hell …. Road to hell it is with a MMMillipede infestation that makes the house exterior look like it’s suffering from reverse-leprosy and the interior floors almost move!  The dustbuster is so full of dead/dying millipedes (we’re not fussy) it sounds like a

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Farmworld Rocks!

I’m BAAAACK!!! Thanx to all those who have been in touch – it’s great to hear from you! I’m still working on the photographic evidence of previous travels – look out for future posts profiling the nation’s best bakeries (yes, we are bakery sluts); our favourite spots; and Australia’s most scenic public toilets! Exciting, huh?! Yes, I get that it

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