Silver Bullet Sighting #1

The Silver Bullet at rest WARNING: If you thought the flights of fancy in my last post were the start of a disturbing – or worse, nauseating – new trend, proceed with caution! After all, attributing personal characteristics to an inanimate object is the worst kind of whimsy. Isn’t it?? Luckily, the Silver Bullet isn’t an ordinary inanimate object! But

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Weird Stuff #7 – Three Aussie Hearts

Puddle, Lake Pamamaroo, Menindee Lakes

It’s ironic that my desire for the fickle trappings of Valentine’s Day stopped when my personal life stabilised after the serial connections of my youth. Scheduled romance on a day with no personal significance to us just wasn’t necessary when we already had random surprise gifts, regular mini-breaks and enough disposable income for dining out. BUT … I’d still get

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All About ME! Oh … and Giveaway #2!!

When I started blogging nearly two years ago, I never dreamed it would bring me fortune and fame. Just as well, because it hasn’t! BUT … there have been some unexpected benefits – other than (virtually) meeting many wonderful bloggers and readers, that is. Several months ago, I got one of thoseemails. You know the type of thing – ‘you’ve

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I’m Walking on Sunshine … AND Giveaway Winner!

Red Dunes

I’m SOOOOOOOOO lucky! I’ve been awarded the Sunshine Blog Award by TMW Hickman over at Not Just Another Mother Blogger – otherwise known as NJAMB! Why? Because – wannabees, take note – we Aussies shorten EVERYTHING! As for the award – “The Sunshine Blog Award is [apparently] awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogosphere”. And

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Aussie Outdoor Art #2 – Thargomindah, Outback Queensland

Drawing Water – Thargomindah I’ve always known – and accepted! – that when it comes to art, I’m a philistine. But two recent stand-out incidents confirm it beyond all reasonable doubt!! Andrew’s comment on Aussie Outdoor Art#1 affirmed my simplistic and populist tastes – which I happily acknowledge! But was I REALLY such a philistine I’d mistake Thargomindah’s landmark sculpture

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Red Hot RED!!!

Welcome to my latest update – what’s RED HOT with Red right now?  Glad you asked!  Read on … Well, I FINALLY got over the euphoria of my first guest post … But now the excitement is back with a vengeance!!  Why?? RED HOT Interview: If you care, read my interview on  Jidhu Jose’s Blog ‘Reflections’ – although you MIGHT appreciate this a bit more

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