Australia by Red Nomad OZ
Mounts Lidgbird and Gower, Lord Howe Island

Favourite Place #6 – Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

OK, I admit it. I’m shallow. For a favourite place to make it onto my favourite places list, it’s got to be able to deliver experiences I can’t have anywhere else. In Australia, if not the world! And a selection of good bakeries doesn’t hurt either … Stepping onto the 1km airstrip bisecting Lord Howe Island and into a Bali[…]

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Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #14 – Mallanganee, New South Wales

Along with most of the rest of Australia, we’ve never been to Mallanganee.  Or at least not the actual township. The Bruxner highway, linking the New England Ranges Region with the Northern Rivers Region through the Richmond Range bypasses Mallanganee nestled in the valley below.  And, as we’re generally en route to either the coast or the New England ranges,[…]

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Fort Bourke Stockade - the Replica!

Only in OZ #10 – Fort Bourke Stockade, Bourke, NSW

Surprisingly little is known about Fort Bourke Stockade, the only defensive fort in Australia, but this has been no barrier to building a lifelike facsimile near Bourke, in outback New South Wales. Although its a) true dimensions; b) exact location; and c) the building materials used in its construction are not recorded, this tiny stockade is apparently a ‘real life’ replica! Built in[…]

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Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #10 Evans Head, New South Wales

Strategically located at the Razorback Lookout Picnic Area in Evans Head in Northern New South Wales, the views from these amenities would HAVE to be among Australia’s most spectacular! From the outside, that is… Inside the facilities is a VERY different story!  Or at least it was during our November 2009 visit when they appeared to have been used as shelter during[…]

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Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #8 – Gunnedah, New South Wales

At first glance, this public toilet in Gunnedah, Central NSW seems unremarkable, right? Especially when compared to the wonders and delights of the Australian public toilets already on display in these pages … BUT … Gunnedah’s offering can hold its head high in the public toilet pantheon, because it offers a complete poetry-themed amenities experience! At the end of Gunnedah’s ‘Poets Drive’ featuring[…]

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Sunset over the Richmond River, 10 Budget Travel Tips

7 Days in … Ballina, NSW

Thank goddess for Byron Bay! The Byron tourist magnet sucks a conglomerate of backpackers, yuppies, new age-ists, surfers, whale watchers and regular local and overseas tourists into its vortex, leaving the fabulous, diverse and bakery-filled Ballina region relatively uncrowded. This is good. This 7 day teaser is only an introduction – complete with ‘bakery alerts’ – as a week isn’t[…]

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Only in OZ #6 – The Flying Combi, Lightning Ridge, NSW

The combi van is generally accepted as a symbol of surfie/hippie culture, but a decorative, airborne one with the label ‘surfing art’ in the middle of the outback town of Lightning Ridge in north central New South Wales far, far from the ocean SURELY deserves its own classification! I just don’t know what that is. I DO know that Lightning Ridge, world[…]

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OZ Top Spot #3 Gundabooka NP, Bourke, New South Wales

Two wrongs don’t make a right – but maybe three do? If the Bourke visitor information centre staff had been less busy; AND our tour of Bourke more comprehensive; AND our allocated campsite spacious and attractive, we’d have spent more time in Bourke itself! That would have been a tragedy because we wouldn’t have got to see Gundabooka National Park! On[…]

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The Big Park Bench, Broken Hill, New South Wales

Only in OZ #4 – The Big Park Bench, Broken Hill, New South Wales

So you’re in a mining city, on top of the slag heap.  What’s up there? No, it’s not a trick question – but it MAY be a trick answer!!   Unless mining towns are different where you come from … Broken Hill, half an hour over the South Australian border into New South Wales, boasts a killer slag heap with a stupendous view[…]

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