Random Adventure #2 – Herveys Range, Townsville, Queensland

Hervey’s Range Heritage Tea Rooms I never thought I’d be grateful for my unsophisticated palate until it saved me $50 and a mouthful of cat-poo … That publicity favours Townsville’s Paluma Range National Park over the much closer Herveys Range may be due to the unfortunate council boundary line placing Herveys Range on the wrong side of the Townsville regional

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Aussie Outdoor Art #1 – Blackall, Queensland

The Australian landscape has provided the inspiration behind many creative and artistic endeavours. Some, for example, use their powers for good, and write poetry, books or music. Others, on the other hand, produce blog posts about Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets. BUT … there are those who capture the essence of OZ by creating artistic installations that reflect and define the

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Don’t Miss This! Daintree Discovery Centre, Queensland

Looking 23 metres down – the Canopy Tower The Demon Duck of Doom (Dromornis stirtoni) at the Daintree Discovery Centre is unlikely to cause panic unless you’re of a particularly nervous disposition. That’s because it’s a metal cutout, the real life version having been extinct since the late Miocene period. Likewise, the Giant Ripper (by name AND nature) Lizard (Megaliania prisca) –

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Off the Tourist Trail #6 – Irvinebank, Queensland

Mining Machinery, Irvinebank

As an antidote to the Atherton Tableland mist and drizzle, Irvinebank was working just fine. A few kilometres beyond Herberton, we’d crossed the range to clear skies, warmth, and a spectacular setting – another universe far, far away from yet another day of dampness. Just what Dr Pilchard ordered! Sadly, no bakery but the monster plate of chips accompanying the

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Signs #10 – So there!

At first glance, this sign in Far North Queensland’s Atherton appears to be a fairly standard ‘No Parking’ notice.  But is it really?  A few deviations, slight, but immediately detectable by your sign-junkie-sleuth MAY show something more sinister… Generally, a no-parking area would be signed ‘No Parking Anytime’.  Note the difference!  Available times or other instructions are normally listed underneath – as

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Signs #8 – On the Beach

Irukandji Warning Sign on Cairns Beach

Don’t panic!  As far as I’m aware, there are NO giant squid plaguing Australia’s northern beaches – despite the graphic on this sign!! But no giant squid doesn’t mean there’s no danger.  What IS prevalent during October – May in Australia’s Far North is the Irukandji (carukia barnesi), one of the most virulent jellyfish in the world. Its sting (ie marine ‘Stinger’) brings

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Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #7 – Cairns Botanic Gardens, Queensland

It’s amazing how the public toilets in the superb Cairns Botanic Gardens are a match for its visual delights! Set on a rolling green lawn, surrounded by lushly growing tropical plants and flowers, it’s a delight to do business there!! In addition to the setting, the amenities have a superb view over the expansive and relaxing lawns, dotted with chairs,

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Don’t Miss This!! Daintree River Dawn Cruise, Far North Queensland

The third-hardest part of a Daintree River dawn cruise is selecting one. The second-hardest part is rising well before dawn to get there. But the hardest part of all is getting off the boat when it ends over 2 hours later! Yes, it really is that good!  Although now you’re thinking the pictures look a bit dull, right?  Well …

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OZ Top Spot #2 Frankland Islands, Cairns, Far North Queensland

We marked our 2009 return to Cairns after 10 years by finding a patch of ‘absolute virgin territory’ – no mean feat given the many attractions we’d seen on several previous visits. BUT … a tour to the sensational Frankland Islands – arguably the most misspelled place name in these parts – was a superb reminder of why we keep coming back to Far

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