Cooktown Cuisine and Crocodiles – Cape York, Queensland

We were lurking in the cemetery (as one does), ducking around the headstones and under trees in a vain attempt to escape the sweeping drizzle. Another half hour and the secrets of the fascinating historical figures interred in the Cooktown cemetery – the Chinese community shrine, the strange saga of Mary Watson of Lizard Island, the identity of the ‘Normanby

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Where Backpackers, Grey Nomads and School Holidaymakers meet in Queenslands Far North

I love the smell of diesel in the mornings.  And the morning diesel death rattle from the vehicles whose owners subscribe to the ‘I MUST start the engine AT LEAST 15 minutes before I want to go’school of thought is almost enough to drown out the shrieks of the Bush Stone Curlews that have run rampant through the last three caravan parks

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