Farmworld Rocks!

I’m BAAAACK!!! Thanx to all those who have been in touch – it’s great to hear from you! I’m still working on the photographic evidence of previous travels – look out for future posts profiling the nation’s best bakeries (yes, we are bakery sluts); our favourite spots; and Australia’s most scenic public toilets! Exciting, huh?! Yes, I get that it

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How to tell if you’re a Grey Nomad

Hi again! My blog makes it clear I don’t identify as a Grey Nomad (GN) and I also claimed there were some general features that made GNs easily identifiable. Now I’ve been asked to put my money where my mouth is – exactly what constitutes a GN? Only thing is, there’s so many different ideas about GNs that it’s actually

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Red Nomad OZ is GO!

Hi there! Welcome to my New Year’s resolution (albeit a little late) – actually, the blog is the 2nd resolution, the first being to get a home computer … yes, sad I know! Now, finally, those who care can access an online update about where I am/what I’m doing without endlessly waiting for those collectors edition email updates. But wait!

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