Australia by Red Nomad OZ

Only in OZ #1 – The Golden Gumboot, Tully, Queensland

The Golden Gumboot, Tully, Queensland Yes, this is the fabulous Golden Gumboot in Tully, Queensland that my blog devotees will recall from previous posts. As it was pouring with rain both times we passed it on our 2010 trip, here’s some photos I prepared earlier!  Yes, that is a frog crawling up the side.  Sadly, the photo doesn’t show the[…]

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Traveller SHAME Files #2 – The Cleaning Fairy

It’s amazing to me that rational people who stopped believing in Santa and/or the Easter Bunny well before reaching adulthood apparently still believe in the Cleaning Fairy.  I say ‘apparently’, because while no one’s actually TOLD me they believe in the Cleaning Fairy, I’ve observed a number of giveaways clearly showing that some people do! Unsurprisingly, many of these clues can be found[…]

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Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #5 – Yorke Peninsula, SA

Here’s a break from tradition – public amenities NOT surrounded by rocks, desert or barren spaces!!  No idea what I’m talking about?  Check out the other Scenic Public Toilets in this series, and all will become clear! This amenities block near Brown’s Beach in Innes National Park on the Southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia is unaccountably in the middle of a field. […]

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Traveller SHAME Files #1 – The Dingo Trap

During my travels I’ve observed – and been on the receiving end of – some odd behaviours.  Of course during this time I’ve more than likely caused many a ‘what the …’ moment myself …  The shame files aren’t about ALL travellers – they’re about the ones who indulge in behaviours that annoy, aggravate and irritate fellow travellers most of whom[…]

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Troubridge Lighthouse, Troubridge Island, South Australia

Favourite Place #4 – Troubridge Island, SA

You’d think Troubridge Island and lighthouse would already be several years into a conservation program to preserve this unique South Australian heritage icon, but the SA State Government has different priorities.  The costly shrines to its self indulgence are in urban areas where the votes are, meaning this unique spot is at risk of being lost forever. Think I’m being a little melodramatic? The fine[…]

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Hinchinbrook LITE or How we walked the Thorsborne Trail …

As Hinchinbrook Island virgins, the caravan park day cruise deal – $50 per person instead of the usual $99 – was mighty attractive!  Especially when it transpired that accomodation pick up and lunch was the only difference between the two tours … hell, even I can make a sandwich to save $49!  The package was really just a teaser for the[…]

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Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #4 – The Little Public Toilet at the end of the universe … Outback Queensland

Last year, my partner and I took a drive west of Windorah, near Cooper’s Creek in SW Queensland, to the start of the Birdsville road.  We’d never been on the Birdsville track, so thought we’d scope it out from the Queensland side for future reference! Imagine our surprise to find this little gem at the junction of the Windorah/Bedourie Rd[…]

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The view from the Rainbow Valley campground Loo!

Australia’s Scenic Public Toilets #3 – Rainbow Valley, NT

The view from the Rainbow Valley campground Loo! Yes, yes, I just had to keep the theme going (check out Scenic Public Toilets #1 and #2 if you don’t know what I’m talking about)!  From Stuarts Well in the Northern Territory, it’s only a short drive to the amazing Rainbow Valley where yet another public convenience with a splendid view awaits[…]

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Favourite Place #3 – Stuarts Well, NT

One of the most bizarre and amazing experiences of our travels occurred at Stuarts Well, 90 km south of Alice Springs.  I haven’t linked to a map because it’s idiot simple to find- just look for the straight line between Alice Springs and Adelaide on any map and you’ve found the highway!  Look for the eastern turnoff to Rainbow Valley, and just south of[…]

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