Winner Announced: Rescue Swag and RedzAustralia Competition!

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#SwagLooSelfie Finalists and Winner
Clockwise from left: Diane at Litchfield, Kathy at Camooweal, Jordan on Cape York (winner), Kathy at the Bungle Bungles

In a weird twist to the RedzAustralia/Rescue Swag competition, I actually know all the finalists!  So I left the final decision to Rescue Swag who didn’t know any of them!!

Congratulations to Carlo Manno – you’ll soon be the pround owner of The Original Rescue Swag AND a copy of “Aussie Loos with Views!”.  I’ll let YOU decide which of those will be the most useful on your round-Australia odyssey!!

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It’s a World Exclusive!

That’s what Rescue Swag and RedzAustralia are calling their NEW joint competition where YOU could win an early Christmas present with a selfie of YOUR Aussie Adventure!

What’s NOT to love about the Rescue Swag? It’s a mega-useful complete first-aid solution to help you deal with emergencies from snake bite to major trauma all rolled up into one handy travel-sized swag you can throw in the car when you hit the road.

And what’s NOT to love about Aussie Loos With Views!? See Australia’s most awesome Aussie attractions from over 60 of it’s most scenic loos in this unique AND fun Australian travel guidebook that’ll make the perfect gift for (almost) anyone, anytime!

Aussie Loos With Views!
Aussie Loos With Views!

So if you’re up for a chance to win this fantastic combo of two RED HOT All-Australian products just in time for Christmas, READ ON!

Here’s how to enter (see competition terms and conditions at the bottom of this post):

  1. Get a photo – new or old – of yourself on an Aussie Adventure*!

  2. Share the pic to the Rescue Swag Face Book page at – tell us where it is, and a little bit about it.  Use hashtag #SwagLooSelfie

  3. Spread the word and share Share SHARE your entry, the RedzAustralia Competition Blog post and the Rescue Swag Face Book page!

You can even enter a NEW photo every day of the competition!

* Please NOTE: This competition is limited to entrants with an Australian postal address.

You’ve got until midnight, Wednesday 16th December 2015. Rescue Swag and RedzAustralia will choose the winning photo and announce the winner right here on RedzAustralia.

And look out for your photo in our entrants photo collage (see terms & conditions)!

We just know you’ll LOVE these two amazing Aussie products.  They’ll solve a lot of your large and small Christmas gift emergencies as well!

So of course you’ll want to know where to get them AND a little bit more about them, right?

MORE about Rescue Swag:

Rescue Swag was founded to enable independence for adventurers. We believe in living with mindfulness, passion and the spirit of exploration. We live it with our families, our mates and our loved ones. Above all else we believe in being safe wherever you are, whatever you do. That’s why we developed Rescue Swag – designed to keep you safe on life’s grandest adventures.

Here’s our Website:

MORE about RedzAustralia:

RedzAustralia Logo
RedzAustralia Logo

RedzAustralia is the go-to blog for Aussie travel inspiration and adventure! Aussie author and blogger Red Nomad OZ shows you HOT places to go, COOL sights to see and AWESOME things to do all around Australia. If you like your holidays full of natural attractions, off-beat experiences, intriguing destinations and wonderful wildlife, then you’ll LOVE RedzAustralia!

You’re on the RedzAustralia Website at RIGHT NOW!

Get Aussie Loos with Views! (RRP $AUD19.95) from the Explore Australia Bookshop – Click HERE!

RedzAustralia and Rescue Swag can’t wait to see YOUR photos so start sharing NOW!

Good luck!

Competition Terms and Conditions:

  1. Competition will run from when this post is published on RedzAustralia until 12:00 pm midnight AEDST Wednesday, 16th December, 2015

  2. Entrants can submit up to one photo per day for the period of competition. Photos will show the entrant/s on an Australian Adventure to the Rescue Swag Facebook page at using hashtag #SwagLooSelfie

  3. Photos may be used by RedzAustralia and Rescue Swag on their websites and and their Social Media accounts solely to publicise the competition and its outcome. Other than for the use above and in point 7 below, photos submitted to the competition remain the property of the entrant.

  4. To be a valid entry, the entrant must have an Australian postal address to which the prize may be sent. This may include an Australian Post Office.

  5. RedzAustralia and Rescue Swag will jointly select a winner based on the photo they like the best. This subjective decision will be final, and no explanation will be offered or correspondence entered into with entrants, their representatives or anyone else who does not agree with the outcome.

  6. The winner will be contacted by email (if available) or her/his social media page. The winner must supply her/his Australian postal address to Rescue Swag within 2 days of being contacted. Failure to do so will mean the prize is withdrawn and will be offered to the runner up with the same conditions. This will continue until the prize is awarded.

  7. Any or all entrant photos may be used in a collage which may be displayed on RedzAustralia and/or Rescue Swag websites and/or their Social Media Accounts. Use of photos is discretionary and will be decided by RedzAustralia and/or Rescue Swag.

  8. The winner will receive one original Rescue Swag and one copy of “Aussie Loos with Views!” to be sent by Rescue Swag once a valid Australian Postal address has been received.



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  1. What a fantastic service RedzAustralia!
    I would love to post some of your events and articles to help promote tourism on our website:
    We just launched our twitter account where we can help post some events and articles with some reciprocation. We publish a FREE Festivals & Events Guide
    “Wot’s on in Queensland”
    available at local Visitor Information Centres, RACQ Travel Store and many Tourism Exhibitions.

    1. Thank you Damon! I’d love you to post some of my events and articles too! I’ll email you separately – and hope to see beautiful Queensland again some day soon 😀

  2. Gosh Marion, I just wrote a big COMMENT FOR YOU and lost it ALL, when I pressed ‘post comment’ -sigh- pleased you’re doing well sweet lady…. and it always great to catch up and swing by! grrr no time to rewrite the whole thing….. keep smiling girl! xx

  3. G’day Red! always a pleasure to swing by and catch up on your latest selection of stunning vistas. Oh boy, I sure am hoping like mad for that white Christmas. haha white cockies will be your closest thing to a white one eh?! BTW (trivia) grey squirrels in Britain (brought in) carry a virus which is harmless to them but they pass it on to the endangered red squirrels. So it’s very exciting to spot red squirrels doing well. Thanks for swinging by Marion – take care of you and yours and here’s hoping that everything in your world is level once again – I appreciated hearing a little update from you via email. Keep smiling girl! 🙂

    1. Hey Rose! Thanx for dropping by – I guess you’ll be needing a regular fix of RedzAustralia while you’re having a FREEZING cold one up there! Hope your Xmas goes well – and I’ll remember that trivia about the squirrels next time I go to a quiz night!

    1. OMG, I didn’t realise that Air Supply were still together, Yum! Does that show my age or WHAT?1?!?! Enter the competition and you might get lucky – if you’ve got an Aussie Address!!

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