12 HOT Aussie Sunsets … and a Sunrise!

Lake Moogerah, Queensland
Lake Moogerah with Pelican, Scenic Rim, Queensland

2014 was a big year.

My book “Aussie Loos with Views!” was published.

We saw the first Long-billed Dowitcher ever recorded in Australia.

And my blog got a facelift.

Sunset at Bingara, New South Wales
Sunset above the Gwydir River at Bingara, New South Wales

All while enjoying the attractions of FIVE Australian states – some for the first time.

Narrabri Lake Sunset, New South Wales
Narrabri Lake Sunset, Narrabri, New South Wales

Yep, it was a BIG year!!

So why is it that when I review my photos of all the FAAAAABULOUS things I’ve seen and done in 2014, the sunset shots stand out the most?

Lord Howe Island, New South Wales
Sunset over the lagoon, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

After all, some of them aren’t even RED!

Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun, Victoria
Sunset over Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun, Victoria

SO … maybe it’s the memories.

Tenterfield Sunset, New South Wales
Tenterfield Sunset in winter, New South Wales

All these awesome sunsets are attached to memories of travels, events, attractions and those BIG 2014 events!

Sunset from Bruny Island, Tasmania
NEARLY Sunset over the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Bruny Island, Tasmania

Not only that, they’re HOT!

Lake Lascelles Sunset Reflections, Victoria
Lake Lascelles Sunset Reflections, Hopetoun, Victoria

So HOT that I’ve used some locations twice!

Sunset at Kyogle, New South Wales
Sunset over the Kyogle Oval, New South Wales

My favourite?

I can’t pick just one.

Sunset in Ballina, New South Wales
Sunset over the Richmond River, Ballina, New South Wales

It was hard enough narrowing it down to twelve!  And I bet YOU can’t pick just one favourite either!!  Go on – just try!!!

Sunset at Lake Moogerah, Queensland
Sunset over Lake Moogerah, Scenic Rim, Queensland

So as the sun sets on my year of Books, Birds and Blogs, I’m already looking forward to the sun rising on 2015.

Sundown at Port Fairy, Victoria
Sundown at Griffiths Island, Port Fairy, Victoria

But 2015 is going to have to work VERY hard to produce a sunrise as good as THIS!

Sultana Point Sunrise, South Australia
Sultana Point Sunrise, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Thanx for coming along for the ride.  I hope you join me again in 2015!

Happy New Year!!

PS MORE Amazing Australian Sunsets right HERE on Flickr!

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  1. Yes, Red, reckon it´s the memories. I still “feed” on the ones from our real travels in 1995 and 1999, despite it being that long ago.
    Beautiful pics, you are right I cannot pic a fav!
    I just enjoy in this grey time of the year – today at 02:30pm it was like evening already, really dark… So… thank you for these fab pics!

    1. Finding all my 2014 sunset shots and selecting ONLY 12 for this post was a great way to review my travels last year, Iris! I’m glad they brightened your day – I can’t imagine dusk in mid afternoon 😀 Happy New Year!

  2. What an array of beautiful mood setting scenes RedNomad.

    The setting sun at dusk and the rising sun at dawn are rarely not a sight to behold with wonder and be thankful to be alive and able to see such sights.

    Wishing you another amazing year in 2015 RedNomad, and me as a lover of your stories and images look forward to the wonderful journeys you will continue to share with such definite pizzazz.

    1. Thank you so much, Magda! Sunrise would be my favourite time of the day if I was a morning person 😀 But … sunset is a fine substitute!! Happy New Year to you too, my friend!! I look forward to sharing my 2015 adventures with you!

  3. I like the first one best because the pelican in the foreground gives depth to the shot. You sure have been around our great country and I look forward to more travels with you in 2015. I saw your book in Myers the other day. It looks good.

    1. Thanx for the feedback, Diane! It’s funny – I wouldn’t have been able to isolate what it was about that shot that I like, but now that you’ve said it, that makes perfect sense!! So … I guess this means not all my books got sold for Xmas then 😀

  4. Sunset over Lake Lascelles, by a whisker, for me. Wow–you’ve seen so many lovely sunrises and sunsets in 2014. Happy New Year, too!

    1. Thank you Christie! Lake Lascelles is a favourite campsite, and it’ll stay that way if the killer sunsets keep up! I’m VERY lucky – but I hope 2015 is a great sunset year too 😀

  5. BREATHTAKING!! All of them! I can’t choose just one…..

    Wishing you a wonderful 2015, Red.
    May you be blessed with safe journeys and ever beautiful scenes to capture and inspire 🙂

    Happy New Year!!

    1. Thank you Vicki! It’s a privilege to have witnessed so many staggeringly beautiful sunsets – with any luck there’ll be a LOT more to come!! I hope 2015 brings you everything you wish for – Happy New Year!!

  6. G’day Red!! fabulous shots and I’ve yet to see all of the Scenic Rim, seen some but not all. Haha the kids were looking at your loo book earlier!
    2014 was a big year, but I’m thinking 2015 might be bigger.
    Fond wishes matie, and all the very best for you and Pilchard in the new year! Countdown soon only a few hours! 🙂

    1. Thank you Rose!! Hope the kids weren’t shocked by the loo book! If not, why not buy all of them their very own copy, haha?!?!?! Only kidding 😀 Best of luck for 2015 and Happy New Year!!!

  7. You’ve had a fabulous year Red. I wish you well for a fabulous 2015 year of travelling and blogging & book writing. Thank you so much for featuring me on your Red Alerts on your blog this year, and congrats again on your Loos book. Will there be a volume 2? These are gorgeous sunsets. Hard to pick a favourite, but I think I will go with Sunset over Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun, Victoria – it looks like a peaceful camping spot and a fabulous place for sunset drinks at the end of a long travelling day.

    1. Thank you Jill, and the same to you!! It was a pleasure to interview you for Red Alert – I look forward to catching more of your wonderful Aussie travel inspiration!! Volume 2?? We’ll have to see how Vol 1 went after Xmas is done!! I’m ready with a LOT more loos!! Does that make me a sad loser??!! Lake Lascelles is one of our favourite campsites – from what I’ve seen, you’d enjoy it too! Happy New Year!

  8. I had no trouble picking a favourite. Sunset over the lagoon at Lord Howe Island. Put a picture of that on your wall and you could warm your hands over it all winter!
    They’re all excellent though and what do you mean by “real photographer”?
    YOU are a real photographer.

    1. Actually River, there’s not a lot that can top that Lord Howe Island sunset. Right place, right time! Haha, what I mean by ‘real photographer’ are those folks who don’t just get lucky, point and click like I do!!! But thank you anyway!! Thank you so much for your support and lovely comments – I look forward to catching up in 2015! Who knows, maybe even for real?!?!

    1. It’s all in the camera, Yum! I just stand there, play with the settings and press the shutter! Then I usually repeat … endlessly! That’s so I don’t miss ANYTHING!! Have a wonderful 2015 – look forward to more online catching up!

  9. Geeze you’ve got some lovely shots in there. Hopetoun, Lord Howe and the Scenic Rim are my favourites. That Lord Howe sunset looks like it would have been wonderful to slurp a wine or beer to.

    Happy festive season Red!

    1. HHHMMMmmm… maybe you’ve hit on the REAL reason I love sunsets, Andy – they DO go so much better with drinks and snacks!! Happy New Year to you – I look forward to reading all about where 2015 takes you!!

  10. 2014 is the year when I met you. I was seeing your way to a great success to publish a book. Thank you very much for encouraging me – if only I had better words to say it!
    Happy New Year to you, too!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Kozue! I’m glad I ‘met’ you this year, and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful blog in 2015! I hope 2015 is a fantastic year for you!

    1. Thank you TFG, you’re WAY too kind, as usual!! I’d LOVE to do a sunset book, but I think there are about a million too many ‘real’ photographers who have already done so. But who knows? I never expected to have a book about toilets published either!!! Best wishes for the new year!!

    1. Lake Moogerah was one of our ‘finds’ this year – as was the whole Scenic Rim region! The sunsets AND sunrises were amazing – although sunrise was one of the few times my hands were so cold I could hardly use my camera! Happy New Year, Andrew, and best wishes for 2015!!

  11. Narrabri Lake sunset is pretty amazing with that hot pink against the blue of the lake water. But then again, as you say they are all very spectacular. There is so much beauty surrounding us it is hard to choose the most beautiful photos. I agonize over this all the time when selecting shots for my blog posts. Have a wonderful 2015!

    1. Haha, I know EXACTLY what you mean about the photo selection dilemma, Kathy! That’s why my posts probably have too many!!! We’re lucky to be spoiled for choice though – better that than the alternative 😀 Best wishes for 2015 – look forward to ‘catching up’ again!!

  12. Your sunset photos are gorgeous, it would be much too hard to pick just one… I wish you and your family all the best in 2015. A happy & healthy New Year!

    1. Thank you Eileen! I know I haven’t been a good blog buddy this year – to anyone!! 2015 is going to be different and I wish you & yours all the best for the New Year and beyond! Happy travels – and even happier birding!!

  13. Thanks for sharing your fantastically beautiful sunsets and a sunrise, Red. I’ve been to Australia four times, and I think I brought part of your country home with me. Now that I’m unable to travel, your photos and adventures are almost the next best thing to being there. May 2015 bring you many more wonderful travel adventures. Happy New Year from Oregon, U.S.A.

    1. It’s a pleasure to share them with you, Ferne!! I look forward to sharing a LOT more Aussie travel stories and inspiration in 2015 – I hope they are nearly as good as being there yourself! Happy New Year to you too – I bet mine is a LOT hotter than yours will be 😀

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