12 HOT Aussie Sunsets … and a Sunrise!

Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

2014 was a big year. My book “Aussie Loos with Views!” was published. We saw the first Long-billed Dowitcher ever recorded in Australia. And my blog got a facelift. All while enjoying the attractions of FIVE Australian states – some for the first time. Yep, it was a BIG year!! So why is it that when I review my photos of

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Aussie ABC: R is for Rocks

With the world’s biggest rock AND largest monolith*, Australia’s the land of the ultimate ROCK – or at least the coolest Australian rock formations! But where’s a keen rockhound to go once they’ve seen Mt Augustus (biggest rock) and Uluru (biggest monolith)?? Check out a few more Australian Rock Stars – otherwise known as distinctive and unusual Australian rock formations – with

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Basalt, Birds and Balls Pyramid!

Balls Pyramid, via Lord Howe Island

‘The current’s running like a cut cat round the island,’ Jack shouted, firing up Noctiluca‘s powerful 200 horse power engines and guiding the eight-metre vessel into the bay. If not for the camera in one hand and a convenient strut for balance in another, I’d have high-fived Pilchard. On our first trip three years ago, our tour had been cancelled

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