World Exclusive at the Lismore Turf Club Loo! OZ Scenic Public Toilet #39

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Lismore Turf Club Loo!

On a fine and sunny non-race-day Saturday morning, the Lismore Turf Club’s sensational sub-tropical setting is generally race-horse-and-people-free.

And the Lismore Turf Club Loo is generally unused and unappreciated with an uninteresting view!

But last Saturday morning the sunny serenity of the Lismore Turf Club Loo was disturbed by a sight never before seen anywhere in the WORLD. On that day, the view from the loo – beamed all around Australia – will be forever remembered (at least by ONE person) as Red Nomad OZ’s first appearance on National TV!

View from Lismore Turf Club Loo
The View from the Lismore Turf Club Loo!*

If you were lucky/unlucky enough to view it (strike out that which is not applicable), you’ll no doubt agree it’s quite probably the last!!

So why was a Weekend Sunrise TV program guest lurking outside a loo at the Lismore Turf Club, over 700 km from Channel 7’s heartland in Sydney?

Red's Back View on TV!
Does that sound equipment make my bum look big?*

That’s what I was asking myself as the Rainbow Region’s morning fog melted into a clear sunny day and cameramen Peter and Ben wired me up for sound, fixed the light (dang, those glasses were tricky!) and calmed those last minute nerves.

My awesome publicist, Jenny had rung a couple of days earlier. Yes, she knew I was on the road. Yes, she knew the publication date (1 July!) of my book “Aussie Loos with Views!” was still a way off. Yes, she knew I’d be nervous.

Aussie Loos With Views!
Yes, THAT book!

But this was WEEKEND SUNRISE!  And they could do a live cross from anywhere with a race course!!

A race course?  Go figure!!

In my defence, a live cross isn’t an ideal situation despite the calming cameramen, pacifying producer (thank you, Kate!), or welcoming Weekend hosts!

To the onlooker (ie Pilchard) I was just a dazed redhead, standing in the middle of an empty Turf Club surrounded by lighting equipment and cameras, an earpiece taped to my neck channelling my imaginary friends and randomly speaking!

Camera and lighting equipment aside, perhaps not that different to my normal state?!

View from Lismore Turf Club
The View from the Lismore Turf Club

The absence of visual cues made it all a bit unreal (I’m on National TV? Yeah … whatever!) so I didn’t feel nervous at all.

Weekend Sunrise Live Cross at the Lismore Turf Club
Weekend Sunrise Live Cross at the Lismore Turf Club!*

On the other hand, the producer and crew have probably already rewritten the old showbiz adage, vowing never again to work with children, animals OR redheads who’ve written toilet books and never been on TV before!

Being the Aussie Scenic Public Toilets poster girl is a double-edged sword – I got to write a book about my special subject AND have it published (thank you ExploreAustralia!).BUT I DID get the chance to make a fool of myself on National TV!

Even if I discovered a new scenic loo while I was doing it!

Will the fun ever stop?

Random sign from the Lismore Turf Club
Random sign from the Lismore Turf Club

The Lismore Turf Club Loo isn’t Australia’s most scenic, and it doesn’t have the most spectacular setting or staggering view.

But it’s the most memorable!  For me, at least!!

Take a look at what the dunny saw that day on the Dunnies Downunder Video Clip from Weekend Sunrise!

Read MORE:

*Pics with an * by Pilchard
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  1. And then I thought you were away a long time travelling. You have reinvented you blog with a new name and my reader did not pick that up and I did not know. I am sad.

    1. Hi Andrew! Great to hear from you!! Don’t panic just yet!!! While the blog is new, it has no new posts so there’s nothing for your reader to pick up! I’m still sorting out the look & feel – new posts coming very soon!

    1. Hi Iris! SO glad the book made it across the ocean!! I LOVE the Sun Pictures loo too – it was one of the highlights of our trip to WA!! Hope the weather stays fine for you!

  2. Hey! You are famous! If they post your pics in the loo, everyone will be forced to reckon with the face staring back at them:) Congratulations! I think it is rather exciting:)

    1. Famous?? Yes, it’s a heavy burden being the ‘go-to’ girl for scenic loos!!! Thank you – I think it’s exciting too!!!

  3. Oh come on you know you were FABULOUS! As Andrew said I wouldn’t watch morning telly for anyone but you 🙂 I’ll be ordering my copy too.. nice work Red!

    1. Hahaha, I guess that explains why the offers from rival channels HAVEN’T been rolling in!!!! I was on the road when the interview happened so didn’t really get to see it properly until I got home – and now I’m scarred for life!!!!

    1. Thank you Iris!! You’re too kind!! I wasn’t brave at all – it came up so quickly I didn’t have time to be nervous, and because I couldn’t see myself, I didn’t care!! I believe it can be shipped anywhere from the link – please let me know if that is not the case and I will find another supplier for you!

    2. Seemed to have worked, Red 🙂 Another surprise for the Hubs!
      Oh, mind you, I always find the time to be nervous! And it´s not only my hair that is red then, sadly! 😉

  4. Well done Red! Awesome interview and a great book. I’ll be looking out for it in the book stores.

    1. Thank you Diane!! If you can’t find it instore, SHAME them into ordering it in!!! Have a great day!!

  5. How many times have I said you would be a TV star one day. Well here your are!! Congratulations. And remember who was one of your first international purchasers of the now famous “Amazing Aussie Loos with Awesome Scenic Views – 2013” calendar. That would be this guy right here in the good old USA. Very proud of you!!

    1. Hahaha, I’m not exactly a ‘star’ yet!!!! One TV appearance and NO MORE OFFERS!! Maybe they know something we don’t know!! I am so grateful for my blog (or is that ‘bog’) buddies support! Hang on to that calendar – it’ll probably become a collectors item!! Thank you so much for your kind comment!!

    1. Thank you, my friend!! Although ‘star’ is a bit of a stretch 😀 Check out the ‘My Book’ page for a pic of the proud author at her first in-store book sighting!!!!

  6. Congratulations!! I had never known anyone who appeared on TV DIRECTLY.
    You encouraged me. You gave us dreams. I keep blogging and other activities on the Internet. Thanks!!

    1. Thank you, Kozue!! I hope it works out for you too – I didn’t start blogging with a view to being on TV, it just came about because I was doing what I loved! Good luck!!

  7. Congratulations on your book. Didn’t see you on the TV….because I don’t watch it during the day, & not much at night. Will watch your video 🙂

    1. Just between us, I don’t watch daytime TV either!! And I didn’t get to watch my own ‘performance’ until I googled it – now I’m scarred for life!! Thanks for your kind comment!!

    1. HAhaha! Remind me to send you an autograph one day!!!! Weird how my scenic loo posts are my most popular???!!!

  8. G’day Red! Congratulations! Aw, I didn’t see it, but I have a great imagination through your post anyhow.
    Lots and lots of good wishes for the book’s success and happy travels oh famous one! 😉

    1. Thank you Rose!! So great to hear from you and thank you for your good wishes! Just between us, you didn’t miss much – I guess that’s why the other networks haven’t immediately jumped on the bandwagon!!! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you John! I’d like to HOPE it was interesting – to people other than me, of course! But I’m betting it’ll probably be my last appearance, so glad you enjoyed it!!!

  9. A great big congratulations on the book! That really is fantastic. I watched your interview and I think you did very well. That must have been fun even if it was a bit unnerving. I hope your books sells like crazy and goes into a second printing!

    1. Thank you so much!! I probably would have been mortified at how I looked 20 years ago – now it’s just another great new experience!! I’ll be hitting the book shops on 1 July to see who has – and who hasn’t (!) – stocked my book!!

  10. Red Oz, your interview on TV was great. Now you are a TV star and ready for your next film. Fine that you found another loo with a view. Perhaps your book could become a TV series? I ordered your book pre-publication and now only have to wait a few weeks for its arrival. While I will know some of the photos, I still am waiting in high anticipation for the mailman to bring my copy. Best luck.

    1. Well, TFG, you have made my day! I’m SO honoured that you have ordered my book – but panicking that it doesn’t live up to your expectations! So far, I’m still waiting for the TV and film offers to pour in – maybe there’s too much mail for Australia Post to deliver??!!

    1. I’m honoured! Maybe we can catch up one day so I can autograph it for you?? If that doesn’t sound too egotistical …

  11. I watched! I saw you!
    You were great. I switched on in plenty of time, just to be sure I didn’t miss you.

    1. Thank you River! I still can’t believe the whole thing wasn’t just a dream … or a horrible nightmare!!!! Thanks also for your emails – much appreciated!

  12. woo hoo! you are on the tellie talking about loos! well done Red! I am looking forward to seeing the book, and seeing if any of my favourite loos with views are included. It was great to “see” and “hear” you in the clip. Happy travels.

    1. One day, when you ACTUALLY see and hear me you’ll be able to tell whether or not television distorts one’s appearance! I know I’ve missed a LOT of great loos – I look forward to catching up with many more as my travels continue! Have a great day!!

  13. Red, you did us proud. You also had a chance and blew it [i.e. the chance to make yourself look like a fool]. I bet they were relieved to have something interesting to talk about on their show.

    1. Oh, you’re WAY too kind!!! I still can’t believe I actually look/sound like that – but that could explain why I haven’t yet been accosted in the street for autographs!!!!! I think we’ll be able to gauge the effectiveness of my appearance by the number of subsequent invitations to appear on other shows. So far, it’s NIL!!!!

  14. Watching morning television was a first for me. R, look Red Nomad is on tv, and while he seemed interested, my internet friends are never real people until he meets them. You certainly brightened my Saturday morning.

    1. HAha, I’m sure both the blogosphere and TV are equally ‘unreal’!! I’m honoured that you broke your lifelong drought and watched me on morning TV! I DO hope it was worth it!! Thank you so much for your kind words and emails!!

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