12 Days of Christmas … AUSSIE Style!

In the 12 months of this year Australia gave to me …

12 Veterans Medals

11 Wind Turbines

10 Mountain Peaks

9 Mallee Tree Trunks

8 Points of Interest

7 Mile Beach

6 Strata Layers

5 Telescopes

4 Turtle Cakes

3 Plump Seals

2 Wild Orchids

and a Beetle near a Gum Tree!!
Merry Christmas!

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And … for those who care about such things, here’s the details:

  • 12:  A selection of Medals from the Melbourne War Memorial Museum display, Victoria
  • 11:  OK … so there’s more than 11 wind turbines at Wattle Point Wind Farm, Yorke Peninsula SA – but I only counted the ones in the front row!!  The BIG ones!!
  • 10:  Some of you might count these South Australian Flinders Ranges Peaks and get a different number.  I get 10 … so 10 it is!
  • 9:  I only counted the significant Mallee trunks in the Swan Reach Conservation Park, SA!
  • 8:  While there are only 6 arrows on the sign before the last stretch up Mt Kosciuszko, NSW (OZ highest mountain), I considered the altitude and location also to be points of interest.  So sue me!
  • 7:  Seven Mile Beach at Lennox Head, NSW.  Yes, back in the dim, distant past, we also used the imperial measurement system.  Some place names reflect this!
  • 6:  If you count the strata layers in this hill on the Bararanna Gorge Walk in SA’s Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and get a different number, you’re just not doing it right!  Try again!!
  • 5:  Australia Telescope Compact Array via Narrabri, NSW – also the site of Australian Scenic Public Toilet with the BIGGEST view (ie of the whole universe).  There are actually 6 – but the other one is several km away.  Besides, I’d already found something with 6!!
  • 4:  Turtle Cakes made by my awesome sister-in-law L!  Jealous?  You should be!!
  • 3:  Seals basking on SA’s Goolwa Barrages near the Murray River Mouth that stop salt water from the sea going further up the Murray River.  I don’t think the seals care.
  • 2:  I’m not sure of the correct scientific name for these orchids in South Australia – but down here we call them Bulldogs!
  • 1:  I’d like to think this was a Christmas beetle with colours like these!  But who knows?  Certainly not me!!
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