A Rainbow of Aussie Adventure!

Adventure is a Rainbow … Adventure is Australia!
Adventure is a Rainbow.
Adventure is taking a twenty thousand kilometre road trip along red Red RED Outback roads to criss cross the biggest island on earth. It’s gazing towards Antarctica atop ORANGE cliffs on the southern edge of the last great landmass before the bottom of the world. Adventure is finding danger on a YELLOWsign warning of new and unexpected hazards in a tropical wonderland. Adventure is a crocodile shattering the shimmering GREEN of the reflections of lush green vegetation along a rainforest river’s wild banks. It’s looking up at the layered mountain range piled with shade upon shade of endless blue Blue BLUE towering high on the horizon and knowing what the view’s like from up top looking down. Adventure’s in the depths of INDIGO rolling through a pile of clouds before a storm front blows in to clear the air. And adventure is the shocking VIOLET reflections of a perfect sunset over a little lake in the middle of nowhere while another day in paradise sinks into oblivion. And it’s knowing that you get to do it all again tomorrow.
Adventure. A kaleidoscope of colour flashing from the beguiling beyond, an explosion of experiences shot through a magic carpet of memories.
Adventure is Australia.

What does ‘Adventure’ mean to me? This is my answer and also my entry in the Southern Cross Travel Insurance competition.

I’d LOVE to see how Journey Jottings, PreTraveller, Rocky Travelย and Go Campingย define ‘Adventure’ in words and pictures, but ANYONE can enter โ€“ just go HEREfor details of the competition!

But hurry! It closes 30 November 2013!

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  • Love the rainbow as a very simple and creative idea ๐Ÿ™‚ You should make a rainbow-themed series of blog articles!!

  • @Massimo – I look forward to seeing you downunder sometime, my friend!! But I’m also glad you are ‘visiting’ via my blog!!
    @eileeninmd – I’ve got a strong history of NOT winning! But we’ll see what happens …
    @diane b – Thank you! I can only hope the judges agree!!!
    @Vicki – I felt like this competition was just tailor made for my blog! BUT … we’ll see what the judges think!
    @Saucy – Some people say it’s because I have WAY too much time on my hands!!!!!
    @whiteangel – Thank you! And for the record, It’s worth a LOT!
    @Sharon – Thank you!! My fingers are SO crossed!!
    @wisemonkeysabroad – One does one’s poor best … thank you!!!
    @Beach Bum – It’s easy to write when you have such awesome raw material to write about!! I hope I’ve inspired you to visit one day!
    @Fun60 – Oh how I wish you were the judge with the most influence!!!!
    @TMWH – I’d like to think I had a chance … but even if I don’t win, I’m a winner with my readers – and that’s VERY important to me!!

  • @LONDONLULU – Thank you! It was SUCH fun to put it together and use the brightest colours I could find!
    @Andrew – If ONLY you were one of the judges!!
    @Journey Jottings – I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Pic Monkey!!!! That’s what REALLY made this collage sing!
    @Alessandra – Thank you so much, my friend!
    @Pauline – HHHMMMmmm… now THERE’s a thought!!! I’ll see what I can do!!!
    @Carole M – I thought I’d misread it when I saw 200-250 words!!! That’s MY kind of word count!!!
    @River – Well, if my faithful readers comments are anything to go by, then I already HAVE won – because your appreciation and support means everything to me!!
    @Dianne – Thank you!! One day I hope someone will tell me they visited OZ (or travelled in OZ) because of something I wrote!
    @Annie – Oh rubbish!!! Who really knows what the judges are looking for??!!
    @FruitCake – Thank you!! Strange how someone (me) who prides herself on her writing should consistently get more response from colourful photos!! There’s a lesson in there somewhere …
    @John – Haha, I sure hope so!!!!

  • What a clever rainbow you’ve made! Simply gorgeous. I fully expect you to win due to your magnificent creativity!

  • How can you fail to win with that magnificent entry.

  • That is an excellent piece of writing! Good luck on the contest.

  • Good luck with the contest. I think your explanation is very poetic and I love the rainbow collage.

  • Good luck, and I do like what you wrote for what’s it worth ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh that is awesome! How could you not win?!
    You really have captured Amazing Australian Adventures in a rainbow of images.
    Well done!

  • nothing to do , I have to come !

  • I think I am in trouble with this competition now. Its a beautiful collage.

    Best of luck, Annie

  • well as always, I think your answer is tops. It’s creative and you’ve given it a lot of thought. I just think you got lucky finding a compeition that wasn’t ’25 words or less’. Hope you win a great travel insurance package Red!

  • Ooh, that is a gorgeous collage – a real kaleidoscope of color and Australian adventure!:)

  • What a most clever post Red, presenting a rainbow of Aussie Adventure. I cannot think of anyone but you to come up with this lovely idea. Have a wonderful day kiddo ๐Ÿ™‚

  • A great entry. How can one compete with that?

  • Very cool collage and post! Good luck, I hope you win!

  • Yes, the collage makes for an excellent banner. Why don’t we see more such creative approaches and less of the where the bloody hell are you rot? You’re hired, Red.

  • Fantastik! This would definitely entice our far-away earthlings to visit this land of many colours.
    I really hope you win Red …. you deserve it.

  • Wow. If that doesn’t bring half the Northern Hemisphere downunder, I don’t know what will.
    I agree, you win.

  • You’d get my vote. A beautiful collage but what a wonderful collection of individual bookmarks those images would make!

  • I hope you win, good luck!!!


  • Think I’ll give up now!!
    That’s a brilliant collage – Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Very clever. You win.

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